Alberto Sordi

Alberto Sordi

After the «Journalist of Rome», «Boom», «Teacher of Vigevano», «street traffic controller,» «key to success» — Italian films that took place in the Soviet box office — Alberto Sordi has acquired in our country increasingly popular. The actor and to this day continues to be removed. His new work — the film «All-in jail!», Where Sordi plays the role of an investigator. He has already addressed the topic of exposing bourgeois justice in the movie «detained pending trial,» playing the role of a man unjustly accused of fraud.

How did you become a comedian?

— I could not be anyone else. Nothing else I was not attracted. And nothing can make me turn off once and for all the chosen path. I’m an actor by vocation, an actor born. The four-year toddler when I am away on its own initiative, climbed on a chair and recited poems. You see what I experience!

First I dreamed of the role of the hero-lover, trying to play that way, but it caused the audience laugh. And then I quickly realized what my calling. The film «The White Sheik», shot in the early fifties, Federico Fellini, where I played a major role, proved to be both a film that gave the beginning of the «Italian comedy». I continued this line of comedy, and Fellini went the other way. True, we often discuss joint projects but never let them do. But who knows, maybe we did thirty years after the break once again make a film together …

-What Do you think, is the main purpose of a movie? And the comedy, in particular?

-Kino Ability to spread ideas. And, in my opinion, it does so more successfully than literature. As for me as a filmmaker it’s my goal — to bring people to benefit. After listening to a popular man carefully. And you can not deceive the people’s faith. I see my task was to make fun of the vices and weaknesses and to help people get rid of them. But I do not like the rhetoric and avoid reading public morality. My motto is to entertain, criticize that needs it. I think comedy is very necessary genre. It helps to change the world for the better. What I do in the movies, I see as a continuation of the modest neo-realist searches such great directors like Roberto Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica.

«Italian Comedy» — a satirical comedy of manners, a social comedy. Continuing the tradition of neo-realism, it responds to urgent problems of Italian life. In the «Comedy Italian» intertwine and grotesque farce and fantasy. But perhaps its most typical feature-tragikomediynost. Cheerful laughter and bitter reflection are closely adjacent to each other. And in this genre Sordi reached creative heights. The famous Italian director and writer Mario Soldati after the movie «Master of Vigevano» wrote: «… Sordi ruthlessly dealt with all of us in his» Teacher of Vigevano … «It is heartbreaking and tragic at the same time funny, noble and pathetic, stupid and at the same time a hero. Nothing could be more perfect, nothing more revolutionary. We can even remember Gogol and Chekhov … «

Directed by Vittorio De Sica: «No one other than Sordi, could well be described as the average Italian … Sordi was able to expose unattractive, funny side of Italian nature and was right on target … He is indignant at the sight of the vices and would like to, to make them disappear. So he rebuked them, with pleasure castigates and. although its satire pretty evil, it has moralizing impact. «

— It is often said about the «big four» of Italian comic actors, which along with you include Vittorio Gassman, Nino Manfredi and Ugo Tognazzi. Is there a rivalry between you?

— No. It can not be! We have great respect for each other. Of course, there is a creative competition, but it can only benefit us. Good stimulates, gives energy and enthusiasm.

— I recall Fellini’s statement: «Alberto has remarkable qualities of mime and could well create characters eternal mask-characters of Plautus, Moliere …» And so we know that you played in «Imaginary Invalid» by Moliere. Is this the beginning of a turn from the modern to the classic theme?

— No way. Modern theme for me is paramount. By the way, I transferred the action of Moliere’s plays in Italy. However, to save time. But it is there that it is topically today. So it can be said, a modern film that involves a very topical issue.

— You’re more likely to act as a director and producer. Going to devote himself to directing?

— No. I am primarily an actor. Previously I filmed a lot. Sometimes the film in a month. I was not directing. Now removes less. I can afford to do everything myself …

— You did not just come to the Moscow International Film Festival. This is probably not a coincidence? ..

— Of course. With the Moscow Film Festival I have connected a lot of pleasant memories. On one of your Look, I was even a member of the jury. And at the XIII Moscow festival I brought his directorial film "I know that you know that I know"Where, together with Monica Vitti, we play a major role. I am glad that I was awarded a special jury prize for his contribution to world cinema. I like the reaction of Muscovites on my films, their location to me warmth. Touching strong attachment of the Soviet public to Italian cinema. With my love to travel, I traveled the whole world, but only in Moscow, I feel at home. Such a feeling I do not have in any other country! I think Russian is very similar to the Italians. And only one thing causes difficulty and prevents a direct communication with the Muscovites — ignorance of the Russian language.

— On the last visit, you expressed your wish to play in the Soviet-Italian film …

— With this dream not leave

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