Alexander Leshchenko and Lina Veres tried friends

Alexander Leshchenko and Lina Veres tried friends

On the shore of the Black Sea held a grand Unique Dance Show — Annual Battle between the camps Terra Unique — «Kakadu», «Mandarin» and «1&Satra. » Each camp was casting assistant with famous choreographers, project participants rehearsed every day, doing new productions, creating dance costumes, and smote all the impressive performances.

Those became the most famous choreographers Ruslan Makhov camp «Mandarin», Alexey Kucherenko in the camp «1&Satra «and Makar Kilivnik camp» Kakadu «-

Although Ruslan and Alex work with ballet Lina Veres and Alesana-core Leshchenko «Foresight», the boys had to compete with each other. But Ruslan and Alex like real dancers are accustomed to competition and with great zeal preparing their teams. «The children were not compete hard, difficult was the rehearsal process of preparing for the show. The main thing is that everyone enjoyed, because it is also very important! Frankly, that the child had never been in the camps, so I was wondering, «- shared Oleksiy Kucherenko.

But the jury, which consisted of Lina Veres and Alexander Leshchenko was not easy, because the boys had friends try and remain objective. «At first thought, it would be difficult, because the very warm attitude to Ruslan and Lesha. With Makar met only, but he is also talented and interested in their work! But it turned out quite simple, abstract turned to 100%. This is shown and evaluation from 2 other judges who completely coincided with my and Sasha’s. I believe that the victory of Ruslan Macha — absolutely objective «- says Lina.

«I was refereeing in the past year. It was bright! But now the team’s performance and the work of choreographers simply a cut above! Another very cool that children in the camp have joined to dance, to the mass choreography and felt the team spirit! «- Said Alexander Leshchenko, after the competition.

But he thinks the winner Ruslan Makhov?

— Competed hard, but exciting! It’s hard to prepare for the competition, as it is necessary to combine and rest and rehearsal! We can not spend all your time at the rehearsal, as children come to rest and enjoy the sea. Personally, I was in the camp only as a counselor, missed the atmosphere of the camp! The emotions that I felt during the competition, incredible! Since I was mad nostalgia for the project MAIDANS! Once again, I have experienced all the difficulties of preparing massive numbers and again felt the charge of such a large number of open, pure hearts! It’s hard to convey the state, when you’re behind a team of 100 people, when they dance to the same rhythm, in a single breath, when they bring the audience something more than just dance!

It should be noted that the company Terra Unique has created a unique and the only system that allows each child to choose what he likes to do what he is closer!

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