Allergy — lady capricious

Allergy - lady capricious

Today dissolve the delicate foliage and the first to punch the flowers, do not rejoice just allergies. Yes, and it is difficult to rejoice on that body’s inadequate response, tears and sneezing, itching and nasal congestion plaguing not only the body but also the soul. And what is most unpleasant, in recent years the number of allergy sufferers is increasing.


To date, identified three main factors that influence the allergic reactions: bad ecology, food and cosmetics. A larger number of allergies found in industrial cities and metropolitan areas, due to the poor environment of these places. Emissions from manufacture, vehicle exhaust connected to pollen and forming a complex compound, cause allergic reactions. Products containing colorants and preservatives themselves are not dangerous, but the body’s immune deficiency can give

Beautiful sewn

Most allergy develops against the backdrop of very careful of the immune system, which protects the body against viruses and bacteria (antigens), but also reacts to absolutely harmless substances, perceiving them as antigens. This reaction has two phases: passive and active. When hidden — a reaction occurs in the body, the immune system recognizes and remembers just remembered allergen, without showing any symptoms. The active phase of the reaction can go even with small amounts of the allergen. Produced histamine, which causes redness, itching and other symptoms, and prostaglandin that affects the blood pressure.

Divide by three

All allergic reactions are classified into three types.

With air. Breathing (respiratory) allergy causing fine particles of respirable air — wool particles and dust, pollen, insect fragments. The reaction of the organism immediately — runny nose, tearing, hay fever, cough, angioedema, asthma or allergic asthma.

With the touch. Direct skin contact with an irritant causes a skin reaction or dermatitis. In most cases the body reacts to cosmetics, soaps, household chemicals, irritants are spring sunbeams and plants. Appears redness, rash, itching, burning, skin dries and cracks.

I’m shocked. Anaphylaxis — one of the most severe types of allergic reactions to insect stings (usually bees and wasps), foods, medicines (antibiotics, vaccines). The response affects the respiratory and cardiovascular system, skin and gastrointestinal tract, hence the symptoms are: swelling of the face and throat, choking, drop in blood pressure, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and in severe cases, anaphylaxis can lead to death .

Best sewn -napadenie

To save the body from allergies can determine its type and preventive measures.

Spring problems with pollen and poplar fluff can be avoided if you start to take a month before the beginning of flowering giposensibi lysing drugs (they accumulate in the body of the antibody-allergen), then for a week or two antihistamines.

A strong reaction to bloom, of course, better to wait on vacation or anywhere near the sea, in the sea air is much smaller stimuli. But if not, and still need to be addressed and the cottage garden, here are a few tips on how to move this time with minimal losses. At home in the garden is better to plant the plants that are pollinated by insects. Their pollen is breathed harder and harder. If the flowering period no one to leave the garden, vegetable garden, it is best to deal with them in the cloudy and cold days, but not in the sun, when the flowers bloom.

On the street is better to go with glasses that little eye protection from direct and pollen down.

But absolutely avoid contact with the allergen is impossible, so doctors are allergists recommend taking drugs:

• Symptomatic (act locally, have a vasoconstrictor effect);

• Antihistamines (decrease production of histamine and reduces the response to the allergen);

• leukotriene receptor inhibitors (a new generation of drugs for the treatment of allergic asthma)

• Glucocorticosteroid hormones (anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive action) are in the form of tablets, intravenous drugs ,, inhalers and ointments for allergic dermatitis;

• Adrenaline (anaphylactic shock);

• Vaccination (allergens in small doses are administered into the blood and protect the body from excessive response).

Win allergy!

Traditional allergist will ask you to get rid of the symptoms and learn to live with allergies, that is to take pills, wearing glasses and pollen down and give up most of the food. But allergies can win, sure, Ashot Khachatryan Papikovich, MD and President of the International Academy of Health.

AP Khachatryan, MD, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, academician of the New York Academy of Sciences and the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Inventor of Russia, President of the International Academy of Health

— Ashot Papikovich, what is rooted causes of allergies?

— To date, there are three main causes of allergies. Firstly, it is an allergy, ie substances that trigger the appearance of it. These may be food odors, and other animal fur. The second reason — immunodeficiency. And the third — the uncontrolled release of free histamine, causing an allergic reaction.

In accordance with this method of allergy treatment aimed at excluding any allergens or receiving immunostimulatory or antihistamines. Before prescribe treatment, the blood test to detect allergens that looks absurd. For a list of allergens can be endless. One of my patient is allowed to eat only gruel on the water, and oil-free. Such treatments can only relieve allergic reactions, but not on the most allergies.

— So you want to say that the root cause of the disease is much deeper?

— We have a large number of patients with allergy was identified pathogenic E. coli with gistaminogennym factor. What does it mean? Quite simply, some E. coli blocks an enzyme involved in controlling the content of histamine in the body, resulting in an emission «excess» of histamine in the body that triggers an allergic reaction.

— What kind of pathogenic E. coli? Where did it come from?

— The fact that during the evolution of a person in his body, more precisely in the colon settled more than 500 kinds of bacteria, the number of which reaches hundreds of thousands of billions. They perform a positive role in his life. Involved in metabolism, synthesis and metabolism of vitamins and others. One of the main functions of the intestinal microflora

— neutralization food allergens which exist in principle in any food product, as well as the formation and maintenance of the immune system.

Stress, eating large quantities of drugs and foods with chemical preservatives and fillers, bad ecology and others kill the good intestinal flora. Instead populated bad microflora.

For the normal digestion of nutrients contained in the foods they need to be processed, to split the state in which they are able to pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and reach the building material for body cells and neutralize allergens. However, the correct splitting of some products is only possible with the help of a certain type of good bacteria that inhabit the intestine. If they are not, or very little, then the cleavage does not occur at all, or it is not correct. Thus, the blood absorbed by allergens, toxic substances entering into the biochemical reaction cells, which, in turn, begin to produce toxins. There comes a general poisoning of the body, which triggers an allergic reaction.

And as a consequence — cutaneous manifestations such as dermatitis, rashes, inflammation, rejection of a particular food product and other allergic reactions.

— And why the immune system becomes sensitive to allergens?

— Many reasons make our immune system vulnerable, and one of them is a long, exhausting struggle with chronic diseases. Among them, and all kinds of parasites that destroy the body from the inside. The parasites have on the human organism sensitization (increased sensitivity to foreign substances — allergens) due to metabolic products and decomposition. These protein substance and cause immune responses and allergic reactions. Atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, urticaria — a consequence of the activities of the parasites, colonizing organism. It is in this sense parasites «infect» an allergy, that is the cause of allergic reactions.

The cause of allergies against parasitic diseases lies in the mechanism of interaction between the human body and the parasite. In response to worm infestation in the body produces immunoglobulins which play a crucial role in the development of allergic process. Moreover, during the life of the intestinal helminths are continuously injury of the intestinal mucosa, resulting in breach of its protective function, and thus penetration of the mucosa of large food particles, which cause an active immune response.

A weakened immune system (immunodeficiency), resulting from the reduction of a good intestinal microflora, as it is known, opens the door to any disease, including allergies.

Thus, the primary cause of allergy is to reduce the amount of good microflora of the colon, the emergence of pathogenic E. coli, which leads to the formation of excess free histamine in the human body.

— How to treat allergies in your Academy of Health?

— We have developed a new method for the treatment of various forms of allergies in both children and adults, based on the elimination of the root causes of the disease — an imbalance of intestinal microflora and getting rid of parasites. The method is patented in the United States and Russia, and allowed to heal completely (it heal and not learn to live with the disease) are many patients with allergies and other diseases, the basis of which it is -bronhialnaya asthma, atopic dermatitis and others.

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