Artashes Sivkov and Alexei Nemov — the importance of sport for the formation of character, success in business and life principles

The editor of «Big Sport», a four-time Olympic champion Alexei Nemov continues a series of interviews with his friends. The hero of today’s meeting — deputy chairman of the insurance group Allianz Artashes Sivkov, a former professional athlete.

In an interview with Alexei Artashes he shared his story told of how it co-exist just two personality: athlete and businessman. At friends had a lot of questions to each other, and they decided to continue the dialogue … in the gym. Artashes gladly participated in the experiment, try out the currently home to Aleksey element — gymnastics.

— Artashes, you are a man who literally made himself.

I know you are seriously engaged in swimming, today you are in the financial business. Tell me, how did it happen that the big sports you went in a completely different area?

Some special no secrets. Like many people, I did not have a focused strategy. The arrival of the business was a necessity, not some deliberate steps. After a career at sea for me to a new stage. We had something to eat, to build their lives.

Over time, of course, it transformed into a more substantial interest causing serious strategic development.

— That is the starvation — that’s the main ingredient in a successful career?

Do not argue with this thesis. I am sure that a man should seek in life all by himself. And, no doubt, each of us must constantly strive for something new and develop. Therefore, I believe the most important thing for a person -truditsya.

— Why does your sports career ended?

He completed it after injury. Sport was my life. Now you probably understand me. By the age of 10 years, the most severe punishment for me was not to go to the gym. Parents know how to put pressure on me (smiles). I am the last missed call in the school, because it was preparing for the championship of Russia. And then suddenly all this is gone.

— What helped to survive this time?

I just realized that I can not sit around. With this idea all started. Business at a difficult moment was the combination of a large number of important factors for me, but it was the example of swimming, I realized that I need to choose the case in which I can fully open.

— What happened?

And then really helped quench sports — the ability to be patient and work hard. Sport someone gives Olympic medals, someone — character, and someone both (laughs). But in any case, the effort is never wasted.

— And how you first got into the pool?

The pool has brought me mom. Like many kids, I was often sick, and swimming lessons were primarily needed for health. But I have since the first day, with the first practice there was a sporting interest. I saw the older boys, vocational trainees, and I wanted to — to them! As a result, I swam fast, though, and did not get sick less, but the character of hardened great. Sport really brings. By the way, about the character. We have long been familiar with, and I can say that such an open and friendly people, like you, Alex, meet infrequently. You are equally well applies to all, regardless of social status. How do you manage to always be positive, no matter what?

— Yes, I am (laughs)! Really, thank you for such a characteristic. I think my positivity — great merit mother, who once instilled in me the right values. And, of course, I absolutely agree with you that the sport — a worthy «educator» of courage and character. Of course, I’m not always so, but to cope with difficulties to help my family and friends. But back to you, Artashes, you started to swim in your own Pyatigorsk?

Yes, but then, to progress, had to move to Moscow, to CSKA school, where I was taken in by a group of trained and honored master of sports, silver medalist Marina 76 Pershin (Iurceni). Marina Vladlenovna repeatedly helped me in difficult situations, for which I am infinitely grateful, and, of course, had a great influence on the development of my personality. By the way, under her leadership, in 1998 we won the championship Russian team CSKA among soldiers in Petrograd. Was great! I remember! We lived in barracks — went to the toilet per kilometer, but it was a happy time! I am sure you understand me like no other. We moved to Moscow with his father. Dad always very attentive to my desires and tried to build our life so that I could realize what I’m really interested and like. Incidentally, he is very fond of swimming and visited possible almost all of my major starts. He was very upset about the end of my career.

— I think that your future business achievements were to brighten it. By the way, is it true that you defended his PhD in philosophy?

At some point I realized that the business is extremely important two things: first, mathematics — cold calculation, secondly, sociology / philosophy — a sense of society, the ability to build a business strategy based on future expectations of the people and, in the final Finally, the market.

Therefore, sociology, and philosophy -osoznanny choice. Generally, in principle, I think that the knowledge society is a key priority, and regardless of the scope of human activities, whether sports, business, the arts or public administration. I am firmly convinced that at the core of everything and always has to be a man, and all that we do should be directed to the person, it should be done for the man.

As for the thesis that I defended Bauman, and at first did not even passed overcurrent. Imagine, Alex, come with the board of directors of the largest investment company, all the important, in a tie, I report on your topic, and I say, «Go, young man, still to learn, do not disgrace the department.» As a result, a lot of time spent on it to bring everything to the end, but I do not regret — it was interesting. Although the degree itself does not have such a strong value either for business or for social status are more important factual knowledge and skills, which are now helping to do what has never been done. But, of course, again sporting interest was, like after three years of study still to complete the initiated, that protection.

— A first education do you coach?

Yes, I graduated from a sports (RGUFK) in «coach», so we’re colleagues, and, if desired, can teach children to swim, and you, if anything, can teach (laughs).

— You would be interested — coaching?

Why not? Maybe someday, but the coaching staff can not take, the sport still need a pro (laughs) … It is better to say, after you went up four times on the highest step of the podium of the Olympic, are there things that is sought ? What is important to you now?

— There’s always a goal to be pursued. Striving to be the best, to do what no one has done, and to do it at the highest level and never fall below one strap, which you once stood — these are my principles of life. Or, do good, or nothing.

At the moment, Alexei Nemov — the figure of a world scale, before you open the doors. As you yourself think, where you can do the most good?

— The main thing is that my activity was associated with the sport, as I understand it the best. — Human sport and my life forever associated with it. Yes, the sport is not so easy to leave. Here you even despite the change of scope of activities, sport continues to be present in life. For example, Allianz is strongly associated with the world of sport: it is a football club Bavaria Munich, and the stadium Allianz Arena, and race «Formula 1». When you choose Allianz, drew attention to sport a background?

The first thing (laughs). No, of course, the sport had no prevalent values. My choice was likely due to the fact that the company is a global and independent. But Allianz really serious about the sport. We support a variety of sports initiatives: Paralympic Games, racing, football … Thus try to choose those areas that are close to us in spirit and important for the society. It is important to really do something to assist. Besides big business to bear social responsibility, it is my belief. It is necessary to promote the sport to the health of our nation grew stronger in all respects. And that just for sports in my life, but now he is there 4-5 times a week in the form of boxing and sailing in general, but it is so — for yourself.

— Sports, Business … What’s next? Policy?

I’m still in business, many things are not brought to an end. In my opinion, the policy in terms of publicity — is empty. I do not want to offend anyone, but, in my opinion, is akin to business mainly executive agencies where there are specific areas of work. This is very important — to do something concrete. Do, do and do it again. And in this perspective, perhaps someday I will be interested in the executive branch, but it is too early to talk about it.

By the way, the change of activity. You, too, in addition to sports, time to try myself in other areas — publishing, as editor in chief, and in advertising. How do you feel in this role?

— I can not say that doing something completely new. The magazine covers interesting topics I concerning sport and take an interview. And I am filming in advertising since 1996! And, despite the fact that I have a lot of advertising contracts with various Russian and international brands, I am still very interesting to work in this field!

I like to watch the result: how are campaigns with my participation, how successful brand promotion. Tell me, whether you are in his busy schedule time for it to follow the Russian team? Ready to make a prediction for the Sochi Games?

Individual sports turns to look. Always updated with the results of the major championships and tournaments. Very worried about our children unconsciously start shouting «Hurrah!» When we win a medal. I like to watch fights Fedor Emelianenko, it is easy and kindness somehow all sends in a knockout. Something unique is in this. I like very much, as the fences, my friend Anna Sivkova, but always worried so look poluzazhmurivshis. Swimming stopped watching after the departure of Sasha Popov and Vladimir Selkova. And regarding Sochi, I just wish the guys, «the wind in the back», no matter how were — I do less sport and respect the athletes will not. You know, the Olympics do not make predictions. It is absolutely unpredictable and, therefore, the greatest competition. Just get to the Olympics — an achievement.

— I have another question for you about the coming Olympics. It is no secret that the government has spent significantly at her. Your opinion: these investments are justified? Alex earned and spent. How can so much and spend, the country did not borrow the money taken. Of course, where it was possible to act more effectively, but in everything you need to see the positive side. Well, we all have this Olympics, it is a great success in our country. I hope that the Government will continue to invest in the infrastructure of our resorts and sport in general. Now tourism in the country, the situation is tense, but after the Olympics in the south everything can change. And including therefore wish our athletes perform very well.

— You grow up children. Will you give them into the sport?


— What is your wish our readers?

I wish all the hard work. Work ennobles man.

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