Her home is her canvas. Artist Rouble innate sense of style comes to the fore in her warm living space.

Artist Rouble Nagi’s residence is a magical mix of artistic grandeur and romantic opulence. Thanks to a combination of subtle colours, vintage furniture and decadent lighting, the space looks warm and welcoming. But it’s art that takes centre stage. On the walls, the furniture, the centre table and the ceiling, art is omnipresent here. And why not, it’s an artist’s living space after all.

«I’m not much in favour of the spartan look. I prefer the layered look. I think that’s what gives any space its personality.» says Rouble. I know what she means. The house oozes character and resonates the owner’s artistic leanings. The magnificent wall mural right at the entrance leaves you spellbound. “It took me over a month to finish. I wanted to create a clever camouflage for the door that leads to our private spaces.» But what takes your breath away is the stone etching in the living room.

Etched in stone, yet so full of life: devoid of colours, yet so expressive…the birds, the butterflies and the flowers everything is so life-like. Such is the allure of her work… larger than life, yet reminiscent of everything you see around you. From paintings to sculptures, to stained glass paintings. Rouble’s home stands testimony to her versatility as an artist. «I’d feel stifled if I were to restrict my creativity to one medium.»

“Being an army officer’s daughter. I had the privilege of travelling. I was fascinated by the diversity of every state.» says Rouble with an exuberance that’s infectious.

Since this was the couple’s dream project, they decided to appoint interiors designer Nitin to help them shape it up. Nitin explains, «It took me almost three months to achieve the desired ambience.1′ This 4,217sqft apartment has been designed to incorporate two bedrooms, one guest space, an informal dining room and a lounge. In fact, the family lounge area makes for a stunning visual masterpiece. A six foot-wide passage was widened to lift to create a family zone that incidentally also connects with all other rooms in this home.

Speaking about the design. Nitin adds. «The furniture pieces in all the rooms have been accentuated with the use of wallpaper. The change hers have been customised by Klove Studio and the accessories have been picked from Furncraft De’Collage and the Chad has personal collection.”

«We cherish and love this space. We call it home. We’ve made the fondest and the most unforgettable memories here, with our family and friends.»

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