An Event Photographers Workaround

I have always enjoyed photographing events. Recently though, I have been forced to cover certain functions where the movement of photographers is restricted. Due to this, I am forced to shoot along with other photographers from the same enclosure. How do I avoid my pictures from looking the same?

If you are restricted to the same vantage point, getting innovative with angles can be a little difficult, but it is not impossible. Use focal length wisely… most event photographers stick to the tried and tested tight frames. Get a safe shot, but then experiment with a wide photo that includes the entire ambience (or even the other photographers). Alternatively, use a fast prime or super telephoto that allows you to blur certain elements and get extreme close-ups.

Whatever lens you use, timing will still differentiate you from every other photographer. What will also define your photos, also, is shooting unconventional moments. not just the expected action, but anything unusual or quirky that may take place during the event.

Finally, remember to shoot before the event begins and try to stay well after the other photographers have stopped shooting. This is usually the time when people are off their guard and interact with each other freely. If you are alert and ready, this may get you that elusive photograph that is automatically different from anyone else’s.

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