140 years of Levi’s 501 — the legendary jeans models, marked the beginning of the global denim culture

How did you start your career at Levi’s?

I am French, and in the fashion world have been working for almost twenty years. In Paris I started in local brands, and eight years ago, he moved to Brussels, where he joined Levi’s. First, we develop a general collection, and then I took away from its employees the model for the European market. Typically, a collection for all regions of the same ideas and accents, but may vary dimensions and materials: for example, to Asia usually sew smaller models.

What is most attractive about your job? Perhaps the earliest stage of the development of future collections, when the whole international team locked in a room for three days, and we begin to gush forth ideas. Of course, always nice to see then you invented things to passers-by.

What do you think, will soon be a new kind of clothes that will be just as indispensable and versatile as jeans? His ball predictions, I did not bring to Moscow, but I think that it will be no easy task.

Today, jeans manufactures many brands. As Levi’s managed to stay afloat? The secret is to remain true to themselves. We always pay great attention to our traditions, then to have the courage, challenge yourself and come up with something new. Our fresh idea: Anniversary Collection 501 in new colors — no patterns are sewn from denim. Many among us were shocked at first, but in the end we all agreed it was a good idea.

What attracts you most in the history of Levi’s?

I always liked how universal

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