And buy all pay and pay.

And buy all pay and pay.

And, it seems, will have to pay … or once again about the lifts super-economy class.

We people in general — nothing. Normal people. Only as far as we know, the housing problem we have a little bit spoiled. Nobody argues. By this logic, when the issue is acute and sometimes unsolvable, people deteriorate more, and when solved — and people will inevitably be corrected, become better and better, there are more smiles on the faces of more mothers with strollers on the boulevards, increasing labor productivity factories and offices, strengthened and blooms every single cell of society, and society as a whole, too, and after that the whole country starts to go leaps and bounds on the wide avenues of progress.

Again, according to this logic, than the person responsible, the better and, at times, self-sacrificing, he will strive to solve the housing problem. And often a person decides to «do anything, climbed into debt, but will provide a normal family apartment. That and spacious, and the air is clean, and the children in the school are not across the highway. Well, the most, the day of the oncoming and wind, to sit down in peace and comfort, relax, gain strength for tomorrow’s running around and twisting, and at the same time be kind and friendly. » Normal idea? It is quite normal that many be the meaning of life. Well, or one of the meanings. And there is now an opportunity to implement this idea. One possibility — district «Springs», in the village of Banner of October Podolsky District.

«In the district» Springs «provides high comfort apartments with a large lounge and a kitchen. The apartments are installed window units triple glazing (triple glazing) German company «VESKER» with plastic window sills. Breathe easy in such apartments, and heat is retained. Radiators German firm «KERMI» with thermostats — comfortable, beautiful.

It is no secret that the choice of housing is important middle ground between the proximity of nature (forest next to the house, and even better with a pond), walking distance to the major social projects (schools, shops, sports centers, and so on. P.) And a well-developed transport infrastructure. It is this balance was the basis of the project of building the neighborhood «Springs». The project is located in an ecologically clean northern part of the Podolsky District, near the forests, near the picturesque banks of the river Desna, 13 kilometers from Moscow to Warsaw highway and 5 kilometers from Podolsk, on the border with South-Western Administrative District of Moscow and Lenin district, Moscow region. «

Class, what else is necessary, not only to quietly meet old age, but also to spend the best years of your life? Live and be happy. Only joy was incomplete. And even flawed. Wife tousled head constantly hurts children in a luxurious school with deuces on three roll, lessons are taught, but not memorable, and indeed after the evening sitting in an easy chair watching TV in the morning not that good, and break all ready, what really nothing to run and twist for the family and the state.

For what? Why is that? !!

A noisy in apartment house in the favorite № 7. In all three rooms, in the lobby and kitchen increased comfort. And even, sorry, in each of the two bathrooms. Nowhere is there is no rest. «Oh — someone will say. — Well, it is noisy. Is not it tragic? «. Yeah, and how. According to the published report of the World Health Organization and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the 340 million adults in Western Europe since 2001, lost a total of 1.6 million years of healthy life every year due to excessive noise in the surrounding environment. The so-called «music» of the streets, as well as background noise in the house is not only spoil the mood of the people, but, according to scientists, in the truest sense of the word reduce life. From heart disease, in which develops stress from the noise, died 3000 in Western Europe each year. A cardiovascular disease in general, reduce the life of the people in these countries, 61 thousand years. And it is in civilized Europe, and what we say about the «we.»

«Pa-a-azvolte — say all the same someone. — And what about triple-glazed windows of the German company «VESKER»? «. And in any way. More specifically, normal double glazing. Double-glazed windows — they are for what? That’s right, the noise from the street did not fall. And he was there and misses. Even with the windows open. It falls into the apartment from inside the house. «A!!! Ravshan and Dzhamshut with punches !!! «. Yes, oh! Ravshan and Dzhamshut people too, a little bit pozhuzhzhat and rest. And only during the day, until all at work. A loud, in fact, the best friends verhozhiteley, pensioners and mothers with strollers — elevators that people who lead different lifestyles, needs around the clock. «Well, how many lift can make a noise?» — Again, tell somebody. And let’s talk seriously about how exactly these elevators can make noise.

The reason for writing this material became complaints residents of the house number 7 district «Springs» little village that the house noisy elevators. Complained mostly on the Internet, that is, all at once, and no one in particular. In the end, some of the residents appealed to located just five kilometers from the «Spring» Scherbinsky Elevator Plant: «You do have all sorts of cunning devices, come, please, if the time is, and measure — in fact, the elevators are noisy or it seems to us under pressure from the obligations under the mortgage. «

Plant experts identified the main service metrology instrumentation. All the same, it’s just the honor of lifting the community — to understand the situation. Together with experts on the subject and went to your correspondent.

District, in fact, impressive. Handsomely. Here, on 23 hectares, all 10 residential buildings of varied height (5 to 14 floors), secondary school, kindergarten, shopping mall, hospital, stadium, say, along with sports and wellness area, two swimming pools and a water park, and, like, it has a multi-tiered underground parking for one thousand cars and station with a car wash. The net area. At the door, however, a little dusty, but it is understandable — who colonized who makes repairs.

We go into the first entrance of the house № 7. Two elevators. One passenger capacity of 400 kg, or 5 people, the second — Utility, 630 kg, or 8 people. Lifts of RUE «Mogilev factory of lift mechanical engineering», Republic of Belarus. Well, I think, now experts are all measured, and put everything in its place. Only once we failed to measure anything. Elevators are on the first floor, the door wide open for both welcoming, the cabin illuminated. We go, we press the button and … nothing. Experts quietly left the elevator, but I hardened humanities, stayed in the cabin and ponazhimat all buttons again for five or six. The result is the same — nothing. The second elevator — the same. Leave this road, we go to the next one. Here the situation is slightly different. Utility, apparently, does not work (display is not lit, the call button does not respond), responds to the challenge of a passenger, the one on the 400 kg or 5 average person. Well, 50% result — the same result. Sunset: First came the second, the third. STOP! OVERLOAD !!! Well, probably someone very hearty breakfast. A little unexpected, but still at least two in five, or about 40% on-performance agree better than the clear and precise zero.

Specialist configures the device, and we are alone with him climb up to 11 floors. We go back down. I, as a particular maker in lifterstve, tell your subjective opinion — the elevator is really so. Loud, shorter runs. And door-knocking grind, and it goes with a scratch and some tinkling. And we came down — cabin poraskachivalas two seconds, then the amplitude gradually faded and the door opened. Whew.

Not to say that the first time such a sensation, met. There, you know, these elevators are decorated with brown plastic, and this multi-layer plastic graffiti that forty years of service accumulated. Thus, in those elevators roughly the same sense. But then something new elevator! Perhaps, in fact, that something is not right.

«Well, what is there — I ask the expert — that shows the unit?». He shakes his head, wait, he says, and says he has one more flight have to do without me, and I her nervous breathing confusing sensitive equipment. Well, we — for accuracy, we do not need to schlock. One way alone.

Went specialist with the unit, I was with two of his colleagues stayed at the bottom. Overhears a professional conversation: «It is a chain rattles?» — «It seems that the chain». — «And this is? Rattle … shoes? Something much … Cast iron, what? «.

And I explained to civil language as a new elevator for the period, like as, set the iron running shoes, got used to guide. Cast iron, of course, very noisy. Then they are changed to plastic, from which the noise is less. Thus, there is hope that people, at least in part, can soothe, in terms of their noise flour may be temporary. He returned in the meantime with a specialist unit. Explains that the data obtained, but it is not a techie, and I would like to be unfounded, the data need to be processed, analyzed, and then they can articulate. Well, then — so then.

Anyway, these data can not be considered entirely objective, because it was not possible to explore all the elevators in the building. We walked five entrances, and found only two working elevators, one in each. The two — passenger «chetyrehsotke.» Thus, data on this home, I’m sorry, incomplete. After labor, those others, elevators, in theory, they can be completely silent, even whisper a secret favorite of recognition, accidentally turned away at one of the corners.

And then we talked to the head of the site MUP «Podolskliftremont» Sergei Mikhailovich Burilinym who runs Electrician, serviced by a lift in the district «Springs».

— In this neighborhood, which houses set Mogilev elevators?

— Just this. On the other lifts are no problems, and from these I already shaking. Persistent problems, one thing after another. Although the elevators very, very new.

— And the installation of elevators, too, is your organization doing?

— No, we are their only Serviced and provide routine repair. Well, and that the installation? Installers its otmuchilsya elevator collected, passed — and all. And we have to deal later.

-We All entrances bypassed, and only two elevators working. Not all the lifts still run?

— Why? All started. Just stop. Freight cost — immediately is now settling into the house goes.

Ship furniture, doors kept — they «fly» and are elevators. Then, still in this feature of the elevators. If Russian elevators enable loading the elevator, if left alone, due to the «podpolnika» after some time he comes out of this mode. And here it is necessary mechanics, fifty or sixty years old boy, run to run to the top in the machine room and the lift manually to withdraw from the regime of loading.

— We are standing by, listening — lift rides and rattles. What is thunder?

— I do not know, should look. There is much that can rattle. And we check and lubricate several times.

— Cast-iron shoes out there now, lapping cost?

— No, the plastic has. In general, the design of these lifts some bad. Door lifter force necessary to open y our take, it is necessary to spread and opened. And then all the way down, between the ruler, you have to be an acrobat to get. Mikrikov, in general, any plastic. Limit switches on the doors such that we are already 50 units bought, changed, and still break down and break. Installers once said: «The children — purchasing. Very useful. » And they are so thin …

-And What’s broken?

-What Am I, God, or x-rays? Do not allow contact — and all.

-But This is just a knot of security … the opening-closing door is provided.

— Well yes. With lighting still problems permanently. There are fluorescent lamps. Slightly shaken cab — waste and do not burn. So you need to come and electrician to correct the lamp. Then, here is the «skiing» between the rollers at the door. Hardly any gap — and all flew.

— And on the plant treated — well, there, to fix, to repair, replace something?

— It is for these, the elevators — not yet, but, I feel, still have time. And I used to «rise» worked in the 4th district. Well, seven or eight years ago, it was the replacement of the elevator. Already populated in the house, that is, repair, and other extreme situations for elevators in building, was not there. We put there the Belarusian elevators. Almost immediately the problem began, including shafts in engines, and in general, lifts sboili. We wrote to the plant, even the designers came to us. We showed them everything, a lot of questions asked. They are all written down and left. So it all died down. Then on the phone saying: «You Rostekhnadzor allow operation? That operate, and what are you to us? «. That’s such an emotional conversation was.

Such are the impressions from the maintenance service from those elevators. And the next day it was time to have a quiet talk with the engineer service of chief metrologist «SCHLZ», which was directly involved in noise measurements and analysis:

— We’ve all seen that with these lifts a lot of problems. But I can only say the noise, and the rest — not my area. Noisy elevators. Highly. We did an analysis of the measurements of the two elevators. Remaining at the time not worked. And from these two working elevators in only one movement of the car down satisfy noise. Of course, you can try to explain this poor-quality installation, but if they wanted to, for the installation of all can not be attributed — the same chain that blared from the assembly does not depend.

— Well, and what are the objective facts?

— Sound level meter, spectrum analyzer SVAN 943, we measured the noise in the machine room of the elevator. Noise in the elevator car in the upward and downward and noise when opening-closing door. Completely satisfied with only the noise level in the engine room — he was in the middle within the normal range. But it was immediately obvious that the noise does not winches and lifts themselves.

— Even measured the noise in an adjacent room to the elevator shaft.

— Here, I just want to make a reservation. Measurement of noise in an adjacent room — it is not our diocese. We made measurements there, but these figures are for information only. We did not accredited to measurement noise in an adjacent room, unlike the above measurements on other parameters. We have liftovikov such thing as noise in an adjacent room, no. It SanPiNovskaya rate (SanPiN — sanitary rules and norms), we just checked out for yourself. For the measurement of noise in an adjacent room has its own methods, its own rules of measurement, but, nevertheless, from our measurements and some conclusions can be made. So, the noise in the rooms adjacent to the elevator shaft, made at a rate of 46.5 decibels during the day 40 (at night time, this norm is 20 dB). That is, the real noise is considerably greater than the allowable. Now directly on the elevators. In the first lift entrance requirements satisfied only when driving down other parameters — no. Data for the fourth entrance. Here elevator on any parameter is not passed, the lift is not fully meet the requirements of the noise. When you open the door the noise level was 647 dB, and the maximum value of 60, while moving up — 63 dB at the maximum at 55. Down the smaller, 60 dB, but it’s still quite a lot. Of course, noisy elevators. About noise in adjacent rooms can argue that there are Building Regulations that the house should be a corresponding sound insulation and so on. But the fact that the lift when driving noise by 8.5 dB more — of course, it affects the level of noise in the adjacent rooms.

— And, well, ordinary, normal elevators, they make noise at work on the verge of rules or there is some stock?

— The usual budget-good lift domestic production of works in the 2, 3, 5 decibels below the standard.

And if we talk, so to speak, of my subjective perception, in fact, of the Mogilev elevators I had a better opinion. Yet, Mogilev factory of lift mechanical engineering built in the Soviet Union as the largest exemplary Lift company, which collected the best experts, the best technology and equipment. Even today, at exhibitions Mogilevtsev show such patterns, which can compete with many foreign brands. But what we really saw — it’s not even in economy class, and some super-duper-super-economy. The situation in the «Spring» — is doubly surprising, because it is, let not the elite, but a very decent and not a cheap housing. Someone here of something flawed. Rather, he reworked in terms of cost. Podpolniki not work, post orders sloppy, worse than the Chinese version. Plus, as a master site serving organization said — burning limit switches. And these limit switches are part of the security unit are also reviewed here, in Russia, and the high voltage and current. In the current trial exceeded eleven times, and they checked a million cycles. After all, this piece gives a command to turn off the elevator door. And when it burns, it may be very serious trouble. Too carried away with savings in Mogilev. After all, the same lot of noise that affects the manufacture and installation: the quality of the materials and build quality and sound insulation and manufacturing quality, and accuracy of the installation guide, and quality of installation. And in these elevators, apparently, very much we saved almost everything.

Here, with all the ease of my style, I do not even know what to say. How you made? Who is allowed? !! In short, who is to blame and what to do?

But seriously — how is it that in Russia, where only in the Moscow region, three major and some minor Elevator Plant, Bratsk fall lifts, yet another country? Our plants can not cope with the flow of orders? Their bank accounts cracked, unable to recycle revenue stream? And in your own country is no room for additional tax revenues generated from the elevators? But how it would not be so. Lift Capacities of Russian plants are loaded on 50-70%, they work four days a week, due to a lack of orders. The effects of the global financial and economic crisis, the Russian finally lift manufacturer has not yet been overcome, do not have enough funds for modernization, introduction of new developments, the creation of new product models. Not stuck shorter.

Well, how, why, in that case, the Belarusian elevators come to Russia? Here is what on this subject says head of sales department of one of the Russian lift building plant:

— According to various schemes fall. From elementary to the more or less complex. Mogilev factory of lift mechanical engineering exports to Russia lifts through its dealers, delivers a very low price. In Mogilev in Russia there are many trade missions, in nearly every region of 3 to 12. This is a simple scheme.

And more recently a new trend has gone from Mogilevliftmash. As is known, Russia replacement exhaust standard period lifts occurs when the co-financing (in fact, in the financing) at the expense of the State Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services. And the Housing Fund and the Ministry of Regional Development sent letters to the regions, in accordance with which the replacement of elevators should be preferred production of the Russian producers. This is a completely fair and neobhodimayamera aimed at supporting domestic producers in crisis, and the money of the Russian budget, in this case still remain in Russia. To work around these recommendations, «Mogilevliftmash» began to actively create psevdoproizvodstva in Russia: Nizhny Novgorod, Khabarovsk, St. Petersburg. Why is «pseudo»? Because there is really almost nothing is done — there gradually comes Mogilev lift, mounted on a local label — that is, in fact, the entire production. Lift is provided with a passport that psevdopredpriyatiya and goes to our market already as a Russian product. It is clear that it does not produce, but just hitrozakamuflirovannye trade missions that give so large, literally dumping prices that just break the market, but are called at the same time a loud word «Russian liftoproizvoditeli.»

— Interestingly, in the «Spring» builders once were, based on the use of Mogilev lifts or choose between our and Belarusian?

-I Think, in the «Spring» was the same as on other sites — builders offer their products, including the Russian plants, but as a result of the unfair competition of the Mogilev colleagues won the bid.

— And how much cheaper Russian, Belarusian elevators?

— In some cases the difference reaches 20 or even more percent.

— Is it possible? 20% — is an astronomical difference. Production margin of 4-7% — in lifts a very good indicator.

— This is a complete set of specific elevators using cheaper and, consequently, lower quality materials. Still, all this does not resolve the issues. It should be borne in mind that the Russian and Mogilev manufacturers are not exactly equal competitive conditions.

— You mean the government support?

— Russian plants — a joint-stock companies, and «Mogilevliftmash» — state-owned enterprise. It turns out that Russian entrepreneurs are forced to compete with the state. Weight categories are not comparable. Russian companies are working on the basis of market mechanisms of competition, Belarus — on the principles of state regulation. The salary of the Russian workers in the three to four times higher than their Belarusian colleagues — and the level of wages in our country, by the way, is monitored by public authorities; the land on which the work of the enterprise, we have a much more expensive, as well as other overhead costs. But it’s all — components of the cost of production. But Russian companies employ Russian citizens and pay taxes vrossiysky very decent budget, and the money gets Mogilev Liftmash go into the coffers of another state.

Well, of course, the actual quality of Belarusian elevators significantly lower than similar Russian. In «Spring» still relatively normal elevators, but those elevators that Mogilev manages to put the program of replacement of obsolete lifts generally meet only the minimum requirements, you simply have to be a stretch to put a tick in the «Fit for exploitation.» And as far as this elevator is comfortable to use, in the service? Could he, in general, set to work 25 years? Question. There were, incidentally, is not isolated cases, when Mogilev elevators after 8-10 years of service, dismantled and changed to Russian.

What really turns an ambush? Comment on the situation accepted General Director of the Russian Association of lift SA Chernyshov.

— Sergey, who in Russia welcomes the use of Belarusian elevators? Who is interested?

— Interested primarily Mogilev plant and its owner in the face of Belarus. In addition, legal barriers to the penetration of these elevators in Russia today do not exist. Trade with Belarus is almost open. Accordingly, Mogilev Plant holds here its marketing policy. Another issue is that the basis of this policy are elements of unfair competition, which are expressed in the conquest of the market by dumping.

— That is, in Belarusian elevators interested people who want to pay less.

— You can make an unambiguous conclusion that those who buy Belarusian elevators, want to save, including on quality and service, and further exploitation, and, ultimately, in fact, on the quality of life and safety that will ride on these lifts. However, to save on future operation and maintenance — the prospect is very hazy because less high-quality product is always more expensive to operate. But it is another question. In fact, there is a great responsibility, including human, because the developer, getting cheap lift, must understand that this is to lift 25 people to carry. And it should not be any noise or rattle — it should work properly.

Non-market relations in Belarus allow manufacturers to artificially low wages to employees. Unfortunately, they can reduce the cost of their products is also releasing lifts obviously lower quality. All this gives them an opportunity specially to dump on the Russian market.

But Mogilev lifts only when purchasing cheaper. The service they receive more expensive, because the problems are not solved systemically parts, spare parts delivery are transient, some warehouse database, available in an expeditious manner, in the territory of Russia.

We should not forget that today in Belarus devaluation of the Belarusian ruble. Talking now about the fact that as the supply of spare parts and elevators themselves are timely, rhythmic, it is impossible.

— Does not contribute to the spread of Mogilev lifts system in Russia, in which the builder is only interested in how to install the elevator, but he does not care how the lift will then work?

— In fact, today it is not so. Now the people are becoming more active, united in the HOA, HBC, through management companies begin even at the stage of introduction into the house, at the stage of repairs to pay attention to the quality of construction, in particular, and the quality of the materials, equipment, and the quality of the lifts . In accordance with applicable law, builders are the warranty on your product. They are responsible for all the identified defects. For many cases, both in Moscow and in the regions where residents are treated with claims against the builders. Regulations defined decent enough period of time during which the developer bears warranty.

In matters related to elevators, residents should not hesitate. If the house is equipped with low-quality Belarusian elevators that continually fail to make noise, it is necessary to require the developer compensation, he repaired to the lifts properly, and perhaps even change them. Such cases are, by the way, was when the tenants forced the developer to change the already installed elevator.

It is very important to see the project documentation. To sell an apartment, often advertise one thing and in fact sell more. Perhaps in the design of the house was laid Karacharovsky or energy-efficient elevators Sherbinskaya increased comfort, but in fact the builder saved and bypass design documentation set lower quality belorusskielifty. Someone on this saved, and tenants have to suffer. And residents have every right to ask the court to lift the documentation that must be kept in the control authorities and transferred to the HOA, to reveal this deception, this substitution, and to require them to replace the elevators.

— This applies to the commercial sector. And in the budget?

— In the public sector the Russian elevator association identified the following problem. When in the framework of the 185th law «About the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services», co-financed by Russian budget, changing elevators, choosing the right new equipment available to management companies, HOA. Consequently, the people themselves can choose what they want to lift. Here, we have identified the situation regarding the violations and by the people themselves and the companies that promote foreign elevator. As you know, the Ministry of Regional Development, Housing Reform Fund in the framework of budgetary co-advised to use Russian elevators. The basic cost estimates pawned price of certain domestic elevators, depending on the configuration, which at the time of formation of the application satisfied residents. Some have chosen the standard lift, others — improved performance. Some companies and organizations purchase cheaper overseas elevators, which are different schemes available here at dumping price for profit. In this case, the difference in price between what the people planning to buy, and what they actually delivered will not be returned to the budget, but funds are allocated in accordance with the application. There are already visible evidence of theft of funds, and it falls into the category of crimes. At the heart of this criminal activity is clearly linked to corruption, namely elevators are foreign (Belarus) manufacturers. It gives the opportunity to create a dumping ground for corruption, embezzlement and withdrawal of funds abroad.

It should be clearly understood that in the framework of the budget programs, if there was a desire to save money, if you suddenly want to buy elevator is cheaper — it’s your choice, for whatever reasons, has been bought cheaper lift. But the difference must be returned to the budget. And then the motivation to buy cheaper, but lower quality disappears. It is necessary to prevent management companies, heads of municipalities, the Ministry of Housing of the RF subjects that need to take control of the situation with the purchase of elevator equipment, limiting the purchase of foreign elevators. It is necessary to seriously monitor the entire scheme of the procurement of equipment such as the likelihood that these schemes is the theft of budget funds by Belarusian dumping is very high.

Russian lift association, for its part, has acquainted with this situation the state bodies, the State Duma. Based on our information, parliamentary inquiries sent to the Control Directorate of the Presidential Administration. Thus, the situation is under control, and must undergo appropriate checks in order to identify evidence of theft of funds and their withdrawal abroad.

In general, all of these comments should be concluded that the avaricious pays not twice, but three times, four times, and will pay more and more. And, perhaps, the only way — to raise consumer culture, to explain that cheap good does not happen, sooner or later have to pay for all the very real market price.

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