Vladimir A. Andrey always informed us on how much and where he was going. He returned from the shooting, immediately called: «How are you?» The last call was the twenty-eighth of February. «I leave, — he says — from Simferopol.» And the silence. Mother worried: it would be necessary to go to him, certain that something had happened, but twirled in business and did not go. A sixth of March I called our friend from Togliatti and said …

Anna G.: I am went to the market every day I go, even if they do not have anything — for physical education. On the way he met an acquaintance, friend. As always said hello, but I feel they look at me in a strange way, the other way. Everyone in the neighborhood knew, the whole country knew about the death of Andrew, but I did not dare say no. From his father he heard when I came back. Throat nalilos like lead, legs became cotton, mist swam before his eyes, and I fell …

Since then, I have everything inside like trembling. But the father did not talk much. Even with me. Curtains zadernet and sits staring at the TV, and the sound is turned off.

No more of our Andrew-shek, was killed … I know. Gene Rusin whispered that the big money was taken under the name of his son to produce the film. Substituting it … It is often said: «I am not a businessman, I’m an artist.» I shoved somewhere not there. Russia has always talented people were shot. Our country is this: not to live in it for a long time smart people.

Andrew was lying in a coffin does not like the dress up as much, and seen such a big hole in my head was that it was necessary to put the patch. On the crown of his bald head, and he for some reason, hairs stuck and even brown colored.

Andryusha a hair were white …

Vladimir A.: Killed, killed — what a difference now? For the state, society may be, it is important to punish those responsible, show that in the country there is a law. And for me — no, it does not return his son shall raise him up from the grave. I go — I think about Andrew, get up — he was again in the head. Any thoughts about it. After his death on TV began to say what Panin talent. And me and it’s all the same. I had a son — whether genius or the common man — and now it’s gone.

Anna G.: It was fun. He loved to come here, my loved cooking. Now I write that drank. If you have never happened. Neither I nor his father had never seen a bottle. Eat delicious — is another matter. Sometimes, an hour before the arrival of calls: «Let’s go!» I ran to turn the cutlets, mashed potatoes cook yes crush — favorite food of his son. Wrap all piping hot in something warm and waiting. Andrew goes: «Here it is, the food, right in the coat!»

Immediately takes the plate and puts out more chops, of course, the potato — about five or six. And the children repeat after him. Senior Sasha can eat four burgers at once. Natasha House of controls to avoid overeating, weight kept. And we have to command her uncomfortable, and she breaks: misses frying pan with fried potatoes and mushrooms, grab a spoon zacherpnet — in the mouth. He says: «I know that we can not, and can not resist!» Follow the figure — the artist! Bread none of them ate. Andrew thought of it fat. Sasha sometimes asked, «Grandma, give me a piece, while my father did not see.» And we have no bread can not be seen because nagolodalis in due time.

Volodya parents exiled Kolpashevo — is in Siberia. Fists considered a few acres of land. They brought with other such «well-off» on the boat and threw them into the taiga — survive as long as you want. Many died, and Panin in his dugout wintered due bag of crackers, vision gathered in the way of my future mother in law. Rusk yes grass — all their food was.

And I — a Cossack from the Volgograd region. Too hard to live. In eleven years he has worked on the farm, taking care of collective farm hens. Two hundred chickens gave me, fed them waste after threshing grain, husk and seeds across. I, along with chickens ate it. I go home — sprinkle a handful in his pocket. They could, of course, and put behind the theft. But hunger is not my aunt, my mother’s six of us, the father at the front. Sometimes the water is boiling in the pot on the stove all day and throw it there is nothing. Come, shake the grain in a pot — that’s the soup turned.

Then the Germans came. Pozabirali recently … I remember running around with Fritz Sapper shovel — could not catch our chicken. My mother is a breast younger little brother in her arms, we are holding around the skirt. He is angry that fails to catch, he jumped up and how it lifts his paddle. But his mother took his hand so sharply and continued to be a living reproach, but for this a German and could shoot. Then pals helped him all chickens overfishing. Thank God, the cow did not take. Thanks to her, we were able to survive the war.

But our soldiers, when they began to attack — a cow was taken away! At our house we lived a few fighters. Mom cooked them. One day someone came parcel — sweets, bread … So he ate everything, we, the children, did not give any crumbs unlike Fritz, who had been billeted and treated saccharin and biscuits. I am your child umishkom concluded that not all Russian good and not all Germans are bad.

Vladimir A.: We met with the mother of Andrei in Tomsk. I graduated from university with a degree in engineering physics, Anna studied at the Teachers for a physics teacher. Fate brought us together in the fourth year, at the wedding of a mutual friend. Love it, we got married six months later, and after another six months went by distribution in Novosibirsk

Anna G.: Andrei was born there. Large — fifty-one centimeters, weighed three kilograms six hundred and fifty grams.

Born son was silence. I think, what is it? All the children shout, but my — no. The doctor slapped him once, twice, and he just snorts! And then, when brought to feed a single peep out of print. Rodd shaking goes from screaming babies, our well — nasosetsya milk and sleep. He consoled himself: «Father we have one more taciturn, perhaps it went.»

And Sasha, the eldest son Andrew was born, was silent, like a guerrilla. Natasha Po-gozhkina, his mother, thanks, «As well, Anna G., what you told me this story, and I would in the hospital mad with fear!» Andrew heard our conversation and put in my two cents: «Why yell something? Well, think — was born, my event too! «

Volodya transferred to the hospital to untie the knot — and there colors: bright yellow, the lights are called, in the woods narwhal. They were lightly battered and I that my first bouquet immediately put in cold boiled water. During the night they blossomed — beauty! Nurses go, saying: «On the whole ward is only one real dad!» The others do not have guessed that your wives do. Volodya, however, was not very spoiled bouquets. But my husband is a very decent man, reliable, never changed, did not disappoint. I have always considered myself a happy woman. As long as Andrei did not happen …

Vladimir A. Son lived for nearly a month without a name — for joy, we forgot about it. My father did not suffer such disgrace, he says: «When Maltz would call?» And I went to the registry office and recorded the child Andrew. In honor of Andrei Bolkonsky).

From Novosibirsk we moved to Chelyabinsk, and then in Kemerovo. First, I huddled with my parents. But after three years of work gave me a separate apartment.

Anna G. When Andes ryushe was a half years old, I left him to five months in Novosibirsk Volodin parents. And they brought it, and I’m standing on the platform, they look out. I saw that coming. Andrew the handle with my grandmother, startled looks around at the sides. Volodin mom saw me at once, but his eyes made a sign that I first did not show himself — wanted to see whether my son remembers, learns his own mother in the crowd or not. And then Andrew cried out to the entire station: «Mommy! Mommy! Why did you leave me ?! I love you waited so long !!! «I ran up to him, took the hand — he grabbed my neck stranglehold and all the way to the house is not let go. Very worried, it turns out, our parting.

At two years old we hired a babysitter to sit with the child, old grandmother. It is six months later refused to not keep up with the shuttle running around the yard Andrei was afraid that you will not follow. And I had to take it with you to work at the school. Preclass’ll put her son under the teacher’s desk and say, «Andryushenka, sit down, please, quiet voice not to file as though you are not here!» And imagine the little boy sitting under the table with a toy pistol, and was not put out all the forty-five minutes! Once the director came to listen to the lesson. And we must train to happen, that it was in his presence, Andrei, apparently, was so tired that popped up from under the table and sent the pistol at students in the front row!

After the lesson, the director called me into the office, I had to explain that the garden is not allowed, because Andrew has no three years, and to leave his house not with anyone. And a week later issued a direction to the kindergarten. Stories Andrei and Chelyabinsk befall many …

Vladimir A. We — Siberians. I still like vacation home food and I do not regret that at no time was the sea. No Crimea taiga does not compare in beauty. The most favorite pastime since childhood was to climb cedars: girth of trunk legs, holding up his hands, and so gradually higher you go. Upstairs tryasesh branch and cones full of nuts, hail syplyuteya to the ground — only manage to fill backpacks! We went by — eight to ten people. We spent the night in the forest to pitch a tent, light a fire. Of course, mushrooms, cranberries and walked.

But Andrew did not like the forest, it was a purely urban. He liked to draw. In the Kemerovo apartment his artistry decorate the walls. Little else was, meter with a cap, and a friend has come to him with a request: «Andrew, I draw the kingdom!» And Andrew puffed and tried. And it turned out great!

Anna G., who is even as an adult, he continued to paint, but its image is discarded. We sometimes with his father picked up and stacked in a folder — so it was nice and unusual. But his passion is not seriously perceived, maybe wrongly, viewed in the son of the artist’s talent. We decided that it is necessary in music school — to learn to play the accordion, the guy was in business. Andrew went to school, but two years later went on strike, began to play the guitar. He also sang well.

Vladimir A.: You told him that he does not sing, and meows. Wow such a blurt. After that person immediately any desire to sing disappears.

Anna G.: Oh, I do not remember this. But you’re his «stump» called. He studied the son of their own, because his father’s explanation was not enough patience. He starts something and cram in a minute boiled, irritated by Andryushkino slowpoke and dullness. One says. «Son, then we, the mother, a stump!»

Vladimir A.: And a day or two we went to pick mushrooms and see — the tree cut down. Andrei went to the stump:

— Dad, what’s that? I told him:

— Stump

So several times he walked around and asked:

— And what do you mean?

I only then realized that my words hurt him. But he restrained himself, nothing else did not speak. I laughed only.

Anna G.: Actually son was good, «four» and «five». He had a great memory. Tutorial will run diagonally through the eyes — and have all recounts without hesitation. The map could any city, country or river instantly find. «Deuce», however, slipped, but rarely. Sometimes comes home with a song — purrs something under his breath — well, I think, «five» was. I opened the diary — «two»! And he that water off a duck — Fixed said. Never out of the estimates do not worry.

Curious was very — all wanted to try it for yourself to experience. Boxing takes up to ten years in the event went. Then he became interested in wrestling and karate. Often had bruises, but inquiries replied: «And let them not climb.»

Andrew liked school, thought it is now fashionable to say, a leader. They accepted into the Komsomol one of the first, but once and ruled: after a fight Christmas at the bus stop — got involved in the elucidation of the rules of good taste with some bullies.

A year later, he expelled from the Komsomol, as if nothing had happened elected Komsomol!

In the summer we went with him to my home for Volgograd. On the Don’s son was at ease. From early in the morning — I was still in bed — is worn on the bank of the back and forth: it pulls on the bar, then jumps skipping.

I go to the river with a drag-net — net to catch fish, and he was there. Once we caught a huge catfish: forty-eight kilograms. We fed the entire village. Andrew was so proud …

Of course, he loved to read. «Master and Margarita» — excitedly. Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gogol — the toilet did not go without books. But his hands really could not do anything: to nail a nail, hang a curtain, a plumber) ‘repair, to conduct electricity — this is, or father, or wife Natasha. But wash and pokuharnichat — it please, could easily serve themselves without mamok-nurses

When the boy was the father of the huge baskets) 7 mushrooms from the forest will bring the bag of cucumbers from the farm. I have it all in the bath falls out and asked Andrew to clean, with a toothbrush, gently, so as not to remain a single speck of dirt. He meekly to work. Once washed cucumbers, and then showed up friends — called walk. And the son said so seriously:

— You see — I am very busy! Exact bath cucumbers need a change! Then there was sterilized jars, cover and boil the garlic, fennel crumble.

Of course, nothing he has ever done, but to impress seems to really like. The boys begin to settle on me:

— Anna G., well, let him go for a walk!

I tell them:

— How to eat cucumbers — so give me a big fork and how to wash — so take a walk?

Andrew theatrical assents with a pained humility:

— Yes, I — the biggest fan of cucumbers, and therefore forced to wash them now …

Of course, it is not long enough. Half an hour cleans — and headlong into the yard, only heels sparkle.

Became a little older, there were other interests — fell in love with a classmate Marina Arkhipova. Beautiful girl will not say anything. Her mother at the parents’ meeting came to me:

— Oh, I do not know if they go to college. If not, let us do that?

And I answer:

— Do not worry — we got married and babysit grandchildren!

Marina unlike Andrew exams failed. I took her lab to his office physics. I hoped would help: will wash the flask, put things in order, to explain everything. Certainly not reset after the lessons from the table devices in one box, and begin dismantling the next day. But I have not expressed their dissatisfaction — why spoil the relationship? They itself once it was over.

Andrew entered the Institute of Food Science at the master chillers This is my father insisted — would like to have a son was stable profession, he always kept saying: «I for the life of a clown!» Could anyone to portray, even a crocodile. It’s still in the kindergarten started. We lived then in Chelyabinsk, in a communal apartment. And to his son quickly put to bed included tape. We have a huge tape reels, had a lot of different stories recorded. To put it, for example, «Humpbacked Horse», he will take you by the hand and listen, listen. And the next day in the garden shows in the people: the Skate, the Ivan the Fool, the king. The teacher Alexandra really loved him for it. When it was time to move on business, she left Andrew in the group in charge. Returns — silence, listening to all the stories.

She’s with him no problems. The only time he scared us all. Some of the children brought to the kindergarten blestyavdy metal ball, the children began to play with him. Andrei at some point, to not give the ball, put it in his mouth — and swallowed. I went after him, and excited Alexandra says: «Ahead of the weekend, karaulte son, let alone walk on the pot If the ball does not come out, will have to carry the child to the hospital.»

Saturday was held Sunday — the ball does not come out we started to worry. Only on Monday night to hear the long-awaited knock on the iron pot. «Well, everything!» — Said the son, and went on to sleep. I do this ball still have.

When leaving from Chelyabinsk, directly Alexandra cried: «You have the main narrator take away that with the team will be without him?»

He liked to recite at school for his roles. Come to the board with the fable «Hare when he was drunk,» and the voice will give a drunk, «Yes I lion, but eh I fear him?» Of course, everyone laugh: and the children and the teachers loved him.

Yet he was the joker in the eighth class suddenly released long hair. We scolded him, told to get a haircut, and he said: «Well, you give them porasti! Without already left, «- and looked pointedly so in the bald father.

Probably, all the same fate he was to become an actor — soon of food institute Andrew expelled. Stupid some history happened: after the third session of the son of friends went to the rest home «Miner». And there, at the dance club, a fight broke out. They called the police. Local somehow escaped and students pohvatali and was taken to Kemerovo. The Court was even, I went there. The record read: «Panin Andrey danced with a cigarette in his mouth, ignoring the comments of the organizers of the cultural evening.»

— What, — I say — a cigarette, it is a non-smoker ?!

— No, — I insist — smoking.

All were given fifteen days, and Andrew — twenty: he is in jail someone managed to get nasty. After the judgment was handed a rake and son went to serve his labor service, clean the riverbank.

From the Institute immediately expelled. Andrew was glad: «All that is done — for the better!» Began to prepare for the entrance exams at the Directing Department of the Institute of Culture. And suddenly received a summons from the recruiting office. I — in a panic, while in Afghanistan, one after another came foby zinc.

Andrew the army did not want to. Our father, when the TV watching was worth scolded Party policy. I could not listen to her husband: the teacher, I spend political information, and at home — all across this saying. Therefore, I am hiding in the closet. But Volodya was a minute and came back.

He is knocking: «Come out, I can not swear, I want the audience!»

I was terribly afraid for their children. God forbid, Andrew and Nina at the school at least something of what he heard to blurt — arrested as Volodya! Thank God, not blabbed. But the protest against what they say in the news, Andrew is still transmitted. Already this ulcer grew, his words never climb. In general, he was not going to serve and came up with a way to hang: painted before draft board and psycho hundred sent for examination.

I began to worry: «Andrew, maybe better in the army, God forbid, suspect a trick — even be put in jail!» But nothing happened. Commissar called me and sympathetically, as if some of the trouble, said: «Your son is not fit for combat. Alas, it will have a military ID with a yellow stripe. » A Andryukha that right!

Then, when he was in Moscow at the Moscow Art Theater School, I found out that all his classmates somehow derailed by the army — who helped the parents who twisted himself. The course was the play to go to Hungary, and Andrew until the last moment did not know: take it or not take — suddenly «loonies» to officially diagnosed are not released abroad? I decided to recognize the master course of Oleg Tabakov. He came into the reception and from the doorway slashed:

— Oleg Pavlovich, I’m — you fool! — And told about the psychiatric hospital.

A Tabakov him:

— You’re a fool? Then show me who’s smart!

Son went on tour, no problems.

Vladimir A. Andrey, of course, well done — he just made, though with adventures. I remember went out to take the written examination in literature — this is when done in the Institute of Culture. Suddenly calling me at work, «Dad, I forgot to record book, slammed the door, and the key is not present. What should I do? «He asked his colleague — he was in a car — to go home with me for the record book. Just imagine all polsochineniya already written and only son came in and still managed to «four» to get! It shone like new samovar. «Apparently, — he says — Dad, I’m not really a techie, and the humanities.»

The Institute liked it all again: Andrew led various events, discos, the DJ was, in modern terms. With his fellow classmates then life kept in touch, and they came to the funeral. But new friends in Moscow much he has not appeared.

After graduating from the Institute of Culture, Andrey distribution was in Minusinsk Drama Theater, under Abakan. From there I went four times to enter the Moscow Art Theatre School.

Anna G.: The first time went — all passed well, but forgot to house an important document. The second time, again no luck: Chernenko eve spoke with some report and Andrew went to that question, but he could not answer. In the third — he was unwell before the exam. In the fourth year he has learned all the examiners. Only one hitch left — Andrew has not prepared a dance. But he quickly found out. «I see — I said the son — girls-abiturientki front of the door, where there was an exam, dance. I’m near one of them stood up and began to repeat the movement. And when the dancers entered the office examiners leaked with them, and the one for which the movement is repeated, at some point — op! — I picked up on the hands. I praised and missed the next round. » In general, they took him at last in Moscow Art Theatre School.

After high school, Andrew studio planned to learn more and directed the movie, but then changed his mind: «Enough brains to dry.»

At the funeral of Andrei’s Oleg Tabakov he approached, embraced:

— Two urchins left behind, I have, therefore, not in vain lived. The main thing now — to raise the grandchildren.

Oleg Pavlovich I said:

— Thank you for all.

He did a lot for Andrew in the studio taught, then took the Moscow Art Theatre. The first apartment of the theater in Chertanovo helped acquire and Natasha then sold it and bought a new bedroom. And the second bedroom on Balaklava, where he was killed, Andrew himself later bought.

My father never went to the premiere performances and films with the participation of Andrew does not like public events, and I’m still looking. It is like the play «Marriage», where he played the son of one of the suitors, but so great that thought, even if his bride had chosen! And it said Andrew. He laughed — truthfully, then played.

I also remember, looked next series «St. Petersburg secrets», where his characters sneaks for darkroom gloves, and then show the funeral — someone killed. In the morning I went to Moscow for a pension, and went to the apartment of his son. He was going to leave, standing on the doorstep with a briefcase. Do not stand it, I ask:

— Confess — you killed ?!

Andrew’s eyes widened:

— Who killed ?! What are you talking about?!

— About the movie — I say. He answered so important:

— Look, mama, on the plot!

But I felt satisfied — so authentically portrayed the villain, even if I believed it. A picture of Ka-Rena Shakhnazarov «Poisons or the World History of Poisoning» on a horse galloping. Then he asked:

— Mom, how is passed? I laughed:

— As the bag!

Well not passed as expected Cossack. He considered himself a Cossack. Nothing, not offended. Not that the film «Grandson astronaut» who has put himself son. I do not really like it. I could not resist: it was necessary, saying saped do. Andrew broke out: «I, too, found a critic!» And since then, never again my opinion about his work was not interested.

Once arrived, sitting in silence, she eats.

— What — I ask — shoot?

— Bastards — is responsible. I was taken aback:

— Who are you swearing?


— The film is so called — «Bastards.»

I used to think: Well, the actor and the actor — earns a living enough, okay. But it turned out, was an outstanding artist. He has many awards — and «The Seagull» and «Nicky» and some other, all in the closet in a row stand. Movies with it now all look. Father can not: only sees his son on the screen immediately switches the channel. And I’m going upstairs — there still have two TVs — and a good look at Andrew can not …

He was a good son, never any dissatisfaction we do not expressed. Always everyone was happy, I from it, in contrast to the younger daughter Nina, in his life did not hear a single complaint or claim. She’s younger than Andrew for eight years, and the nature of her harsh, quarrelsome — so divorced from her husband. In marriage, it is important to submission or search for compromises — we only have so Volodya fifty-two years together. I Nina, for example, scolded: «Something I doubt that you give me a mother, so unkind as a stranger.» And in our old calf tenderness we were not welcome. My mother was the same. I remember running with sisters and brothers from the fields to meet her. All women hugging their kids, kiss, and ours — like the Snow Queen, do not caress, not prigolubit. And then I say to sentimentality whether she was — all thoughts about what we have, six, feed, whereas in fact no pensions, no benefits for children was not, and his father died at the front.

Andrew, my harshness not embarrassed — he is caressing the calf is always the first to embrace, kiss on the cheek. Although he loved to joke. Once he left to shoot for a long time. Call:

— I returned. How are you?

— Yes, still alive — is responsible.

He’s laughing:

— Why?

Like, zazhilis something is promised to die soon.

Andrew kept asking, «Mom, Dad, tell me what you need, I’ll buy.» Bath and I wanted to build a new one, and close the roof, and trips offered — to the resort, the sea, abroad. Once I decided to hire a housekeeper to the house and in the garden helped me. «No, — I say — she’ll do anything as long as there is power, and it will then someone underfoot confused. Do not worry, son, we do not need, just enough! «But he still bought a new kitchen set, the old had already had thirty years — we Kemerovo apartment brought.

Sister Andrei somehow not very sought help. «I myself have earned, that you earn!» — He said. Between them special closeness and tenderness did not happen. But as a child, he cherished it very much, it was engaged in music. Ninochka our share, too, fell hard. When she was twelve years old, they went to my niece fifteen bathe in the river. And passing by a strange man, a maniac or something. He killed his niece, Nina grabbed, but she broke away and ran. Long then I hurt: Eye twitching and spine was damaged. Houses slept on a special hard couch. The killer was never found. Andrew That summer he worked in construction team, even if he was not even married.

Tanya Frantsuzova, the first wife of Andrew, lived in Kemerovo with us in the neighborhood. Very beautiful girl and not a simple one, her parents belonged to the Communist Party leaders of the city. How much they were against this alliance! Especially my mother. I am struggling to embroil them. And Andrew came up with Tanya kidnap of the Eastern tradition. Sitting dinner, suddenly wake Future Swat

— Andrew House?

— No, — I answered.

— Well, then, they are together! — She demanded.

Andrew brought «stolen bride» and the threshold stated:

— Tanya will now be with us live!

— While she’m not your wife, to live here would not — I replied sternly.

A day later we pulled Andrew to woo. His future mother-in-law and Tatiana immediately went to the kitchen — peeling potatoes. I then took a moment and looked back. I see Tanya tubers cleans as pencils — knife away. Well, I think, Andrei, she will feed you! But out loud, of course, said nothing.

We sat at the table, as it should be, agreed to the wedding: celebrate decided in the dining room, the costs — in half, the young and the money did not exist. Andrew even had white shirts, tank tops and T-shirts worn. Lend someone a shirt, and she was with guipure lace. The son did not want to wear it, but — I had to.

After the wedding, it was found out that Tatiana terribly jealous — could make a scandal out of nothing. Even in Kemerovo invited Andrei us with her on her graduation performance «Alpine Ballad». They played a loving couple classmate. The moment of their proximity showed very nice: the actors stood behind the screen, and a spotlight flashed only shadows — that are entwined hands, touching lips … Seeing this scene, Tatiana jumped like a scalded and rushed home. I thought, as you live it will be? Caught up with her and began to exhort: «He’s an actor, he will have to play and love. You have to understand that it is his profession, and not tricks. » She did not answer me, and Andryushka such a beating at home staged!

Then he had this terrible accident. Andrew Tanya rested with friends in Jurmala. Noted someone’s birthday. After the restaurant went to the hotel. The car drove a friend Jura, next to him sat his wife. Andrew and Tanya — in the back seat. Andrew was so drunk that then questions the investigator really could not answer, could not remember. Or maybe he forgot everything because of amnesia. «I’m not a driver, I do not know» — he insisted. Andrew had not sat behind the wheel. He was not even human. The machine does not fit into the turn and crashed into a tree. His wife died of Jura. The only one who was injured, — the driver!

Tanya broken leg, and Andrew got a severe concussion. In Kemerovo telegram I arrived, and I immediately flew to Jurmala. They lay in a hospital. Tanya, poor — all in plaster bandages, with pins stuck in his legs. She then long treated at Dikupya aligns legs, spine stretched very afraid, do not give birth, but, thank God; bravely endured all the operations itself gave birth to completely healthy Nadya.

Andrew came to Tanya from a neighboring chamber and amused her with his clowning — he was not discouraged under any circumstances. But the son also underwent major surgery under general anesthesia: a cracked skull from a blow sealed steel plates. Doctors banned forever to do sharp movements, to dance, to perform dangerous stunts on the set, worry — though it is these recommendations never followed. After the accident, my son is allergic to smells, wool and much more on that. I could not sleep on feather pillows, a quilt, sweaters had all been made of synthetics.

We have always lived cats, and two hours before the arrival of their son, we began to hide in the basement. They sit there like prisoners in the peep hole, and Andrew glances at them. Sasha shouts once:

«Grandma, and I saw my father looked at the cat, now with the pope will be?» Andrew just leave the machine zagudit, cats have claws scratching — understand what you can get out. First one cat died of old age, and last fall, another new start, we did not. Thought for the son less of a hassle. Now that’s a cat there, and Andrei’s …

And Tanya are a few years after the accident broke, I think, to a large extent it is the fault of Tiffany. She Andrew disliked from the start. It is believed that the daughter could find a game better. Beggar actor it was not necessary — no connections, no money. All the while dreaming that Tanya him leave.

But first, they were divorced from necessity began to live in the capital, Tanya needed the Moscow registration, and Andrew could not do it — he lived in a dormitory theater. And then she fictitiously married Muscovite. After the divorce, her husband went to a fictitious car «Zhiguli». We have her daughter with her parents to buy a purse. Tanya got a room and a residence permit. It meant a lot in Moscow. «My husband,» Tanya really liked, and he called her a long time. Said Andryushka:

— Call-ka my wife. Andrei terribly angry:

— I’ll head unscrewed — Give him a wife!

In general, the granddaughter Nadia was born already out of formal marriage. This pretty much like the Andryusha. Tanja gave birth to Kemerovo, to be near her mother. She always huddled up to her mother, in all her listen. Rodd was not far from us, and I went to visit them. Andrew remained in Moscow. After some time, and Tanya went to him and Nadia left. She immediately took the nurse — Tanya’s parents are still working. As the charity asked to sit with her granddaughter — it was already retired! Not allowed. And the cottage to us not let Nadya: «Well, the baby’s hands will go ?!»

In general, Nadia lived in Kemerovo with his grandparents, Andrew and Tanya in Moscow. Sometimes it took a daughter and drove in three Pyatimorsk to my aunt Natalie. There Andrei Nadia taught to swim, ride a bike. She loved him very much. Then the first class of Nadia Kemerovo brought to the capital, and Andrew and Tanya left. And since then, Andrew could not talk to my daughter only through his ex-wife — she handed her the phone. The first time I was visiting her granddaughter, always brought home something delicious. Their cat Tommy rushed to my knapsack and Nadia yelled «Baba, he is now all my goodies to eat!» Then I was forbidden and granddaughter to see, I just called and congratulated on his birthday. When she was fifteen years I have been asked:

— Do you even remember us? And she answered:

— I remember every single one! Never have I privacy son did not interfere, so all the reasons for their breakup with Tatiana do not know. But I think the main role played by lack of money. My father always said, «Son, learn even a lifetime, I’m still alive, I will help you financially,» but Andrew never anything we have not asked for — he was trying to make. Fartseval Volodya Mashkov. In Moscow, they bought jeans, sneakers and carried for sale to Siberia. Even vodka traded, but, apparently, not very good, just throw this business. I remember, I came to Moscow — Andrey and Tanya live in her tiny room in a communal apartment, brought seven hundred rubles. It was then a lot of money. Andrew notes spread fan.

— Get in the purse — say — or at least hide in the locker.

And he:

— Give Mom, I Love Enough to them!

At the funeral Mashkov told about their poverty-stricken youth: «What a life! A bottle of vodka is, and a snack nothing! «So they Andrei caught street pigeons, like roast, but then, they say, took pity and let him go. And I suspect that nowhere they did not let go, and ate with hunger for a sweet soul.

Of course, now it can be fun to remember all of this, and then do not think they were laughing. And Tanya is not easy to have to — because the young: the need to get dressed, and temptations around, and our mother muddies the water. But still I love long held them together with Andrei. Maybe if a child once born, everything would have happened differently. And so — and Nadyushka not saved. It’s a pity, of course. Daughters convey not only the appearance but also acting talent Andrew. She very much wanted to go to the theater, but categorically opposed Tatiana: «In this profession one talent is not enough! While probeshsya, so much grief hlebnesh! Look, your father is only thirty-seven years began to shoot. «

Nadia first entered the Faculty of Journalism and is now studying at the Academy of Art in New York. She already has a boy, whom they began dating back in Moscow, and together went to America. Study pays mother. Tatiana can now afford it, she has her own business related to real estate. And her husband was present, too, not a curse. They’ve been married for ten years, there is a common child.

Andrei solution daughter to study in the US has approved: «Well done, than before to go, the better you will become independent, independent from their parents.» Through friends, actors, living in New York, found an apartment, which Nadia with her boyfriend removed. In recent years, Andrew has already talked with her daughter directly: ringing constantly, text messages, they were moved. But still he regretted that so long been deprived of communication with Nadia. I think that Tanya was not to blame, it was her mother egg. I visited Swat in oncology Kashirka. Lay emaciated, only her eyes still living on the face. Then already, and Andrew had another family, and Tanya new husband, but I asked out of courtesy, as the former daughter-in fares. And Swat, even on his deathbed not to retreat from his, he said: «Finally found myself decent!» Andrew, it turns out for her as dishonorable and stayed.

Tatiana was not at the funeral of Andrew, later stayed with us. I cried very much. And Nadia was unable to fly from America …

Vladimir A. Natasha Rogozhkin was Andrew-bus student at the School of the Moscow Art Theater, where he led a master class. One son called — we are still in Kemerovo live — and happily reported that the theater gave him a one-room apartment. I went to Moscow to help Andriy build his new nest: furniture assemble, screw sockets, he himself is not very good. Tor da for the first time and saw Natasha. She sat so young — still fourteen years younger than his son, pretty, scarf darned. A woman like a woman, like Andrew — this is the most important thing. She confessed to me then, as he before meeting egg: you father do not pay attention, it is the nature of man sullen, will largely silent.

This house we found a son

Natalya after he expressed: «What do you slander the pope lifted? Vladimir A. — quite normal, a very sociable person. » Our families became friends, in the spirit of simplicity, we were similar. Natasha’s father Sergey older brother calls me.

After the funeral, Natasha once came — drove Anna Georgievna the grave of Andrei. Most can not be working. Mother to them, too, just for once Congress. We do understand — Natasha have to come to, to resolve issues with the inheritance, to issue any securities. She often calls us: «Do not worry, I will not give up.» And we’re not worried. Recently asked the cook-Andryusha us photos and pictures — in my opinion, he wants some memorable album is released. I’m here and I touch them now like to relive our life …

Anna G.: I do not remember when I first met Natasha. They got along well with her son, never swore, because there was such an order — the main family Andrew and all must obey him. And so he said, there are only two opinions — and my wrong. Before we bought a two-bedroom apartment they lived a long time with Natasha’s mother and grandmother, so that the entire economy and education of children lay on their shoulders. I once came to him, Sasha was still a small, two years old. Natasha and Andrew were going to leave, and the child did not cry, did not ask to handle. I say:

— Something Sasha says parents.

— Yes, even though the whole day is not necessary — and not notice — said Natasha’s grandmother.

Sasha, she mainly brought up. But then she began to strike — it was hard with the child sit all complained: «What a saint to pray to them to leave soon, give me a break.» For us such happiness was when us guys all came together!

We moved from Kemerovo in 2000 to be closer to children. By that time, my daughter and moved to Moscow. I spent a year looking for a house: Private house with land — we did not want the apartment. But not that. The son then waved his hand and said, «I will do everything himself.» Eye on the cottage, and soon we moved here. His money is not enough — Andrew added.

We live well here. Neighbors all intelligent, friendly, we are respected. That’s right — a fine man, engaged in the construction, over the toilet something like a windmill made in the wind turns. Andrew is very cheerful, looking at a miracle. Look look and exclaims: «Tell me what he grinds out there? What is the final product? «One word — merry.

Once he was told that a neighbor toying favorite buried — a huge tent built for this. «What is this, — immediately countered Andrew — my mother-in-law is dead friend, so the funeral broke two accordions.» He loved to joke, and then see how people react. And he Artist — knew how to influence the public. Once he blurted out: «It would be nice Russian convert to Islam, and allow them to have several wives.» And most of all my life there were only two marriage — Tatiana and Natasha. On another occasion, he said: «I am a believer.» Yes, he was not a believer ever!

Natasha us here forever dragging a pile of presents. Even those around dispensed, such as the birthdays of their sons. The boys here expanse, ran until dark on the outside. Andrei relaxed. Breakfast porridge — he cooked. Then necessarily, in the bath, which my father for him drowned. Three times a day went. In winter, the snow bury after the pair. He was not afraid of the cold. Come in all kinds of weather windows pootkryvali — Natasha gradually accustomed not froze, though the sun did not like. Back from the south, and I say:

— Something you do not tanned wife.

And Andrew laughs:

— Mom, yes to the same red tan does not stick!

Dacha our son loved. He pulled on the first thing that comes to hand: Fathers sweatpants with extended knees, galoshes old jersey — and let the street children to pace. I was ashamed of him: «You’re the actor! Get dressed nicely, people look at you! «And he laughs!

Andrew at all in real life trying not to stand out and really do not like being recognized on the street: wears black sunglasses, a cap over his eyes and goes nadvinet. He said: people are different, some like privyazhutsya and not otvyazhutsya.

I remember sitting at the airport, flew somewhere. It was very hot, we Natasha moved to the snack bar for water. We go back and see from afar: Andrew took off his shoes and socks and hung them out to dry on the battery. Sitting, buried in a book, with bare feet for all to see! Only has to approach him, to shame as a young man in front of me and poked he asks:

— Tell me, Andrei Panin you?

— No, you are mistaken, — answers the son.

At this point I could not stand and say,

— Why are you lying? After all, you — Andrey Panin. A man came to you with a sincere heart, and you deceive him.

— All right, — says Andrey him unwillingly — come sign for — and gave an autograph. Uncomfortable, perhaps, I was in front of me.

To understand it, of course, possible — he was very tired. And from work, and from the people. So I it to us and shill — hoped, even here, in the country, rest. Where there! Phone overlaid, and he was calling every five minutes, call without end, and he is responsible. Once I go to her son’s room — the TV yelling, but he was asleep. Turned off softly, and Andrew suddenly said, lying with his eyes closed, «Why shut down, I want to sleep.» That is, it lulled TV needed a background.

Seven his son loved to distraction. Children adored him and were jealous, if the role of the father of someone loved. I remember watching on television «Last Armored Train». Andrei there sex scenes with Marina Alexandrova. My eldest grandson, Sasha, saw and said:

— Dad, but it’s not my mother!

— Yes, — said Andrey — not my mother.

— But you’re in bed! Andrew laughed, patted him on the head:

— Here is a movie, my son! The boys he taught the sport to grow up strong and healthy. Not that the Moscow apartment was hung with a punching bag, he is still poke them where possible. Guys are like the balls were flying around the room — this is the game they were such. I was afraid — the baby’s neck can collapse! One really Got Game: Sasha went a few weeks with a neck brace. Oh Natalya and cursing! But children are still only envy the father shouted: «Let’s play like we attack you!» In the garden Andrei horizontal bar set — constantly tightened, and his sons after him. No they did not make, just opened it was: just the father said, so it should be.

Still, Andrew is very worried that the shooting leaves often boys grow up without him. Believed they lack male education: Of course, yes babysitting grandmother around. Yes, go home and deal with teachers — in music, mathematics, Russian language. Once said to his son:

— Wash the Sasha — Excellent.

And he answers:

— How could I not been an A student — as tutors!

Gene Rusin, a friend of Andrew, a senior in the summer is going to take yourself to give it a masculine education, — he says Andrey so wanted. Gene often to us with his son came to the country — it has a good son, picky. Our sit down at the table — not all have to be, dill soup will find: «Oh, a woman, that is — mote?» And he is not piknet.

Relatives of our orphaned without Andrew. In Pyatimorske lives my sister Zoya — such good people in the world no more. Here too they Andrei were soul mates! They sit together on the steps all night long and let it slip! Zoe many years headed the local House of Culture, and the life she had a difficult husband-drunkard died early, his daughter too personal fate failed. Recently, on the experiences Zoe ill. So Andrew brought her to Moscow, showed the best doctors, got the most modern medicine — and Zoe recovered! They agreed this year to celebrate birthdays together: her twenty-seventh of May, my son — the twenty-eighth. No chance. Until now, waiting for him to visit and note the woman — my mother’s sister. She was about to knock a hundred years. Andrew promised to come on the anniversary. To conceal from her the news of Andryusha’s death, and he will die soon! Oh, very much in love with him.

Yes, a lot, he did not have time to do. That’s his house is not completed by the Naro-Fominsk. He said there is a good forty acres, pine trees directly on the site grow mushrooms. And no neighbors nearby. Could not we go there with him.

I do not know how we live now. Vaughn, the father-all pants — his heart sick. And doctors do not go. Even the pressure of the measure does not allow.

Natasha is a pity — it would be to raise the children alone? Andrew once asked eleven Sasha:

— Tell me, dear friend, who you want to be? It is time to reflect on this topic.

And that with a straight face: — What do I think I — the son of Andrei Panin!

Andrei so taken aback that for a few seconds of speech lost. Well, the boy is now going to do without a father? Although he no longer my mother’s child, but the youngest, five-Pete — Dad’s, even without Andrew did not go to sleep. Sometimes, children will begin to lay Natasha, and he did not calm down, calling his father. While Andrew did not come, not lull it into a crib, Petenka not fall asleep. He does not know that the pope is not, everything goes through the apartment with the Andes-ryushinoy photo. Walks and kisses her …

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