Are wifeys the new smug marrieds?

From in-jokes to Instagramming each other, are loved-up BFFs the most annoying social-media trend of 2013?

YES says Rachel Hills

It’s hard not to feel envious of Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne. The two plaster each other’s photos over Instagram, sing one another’s praises on Twitter and call each other wifey — the new cool-girl epithet for ‘BFF’.

They’re not alone. Whether it’s celebs forming platonic partnerships to rival the passion of Brangelina, or acquaintances Tweeting about the fun they’re having with @PersonWho’sNotYou, friends are the new social-media status symbol — the cooler and more photogenic, the better. And yes, the fallout is that wifeys have now become the new smug marrieds, and you’re left wondering if you’re the only one whose social life looks more like an out-take from Girls than Sex And The City.

Of course it’s great to appreciate your girlfriends. But the love you profess should be about her, not about how it looks to everyone else. So next time, skip the Twitter brags and tell her via text — or better yet, in person.

NO says Laura Jane MacBeth

Wabby is the best! I miss you. Kitty xxxx: No, not a loved-up text to my boyfriend, but a message to my friend Anna. She’s been Wabby to my Kitty ever since we clicked so hard at a party that we started planning our joint birthday immediately. Because when it comes to wifeys — those super-intense, instant BFFs -there’s no holding back. And why should you?

Wifeys go beyond normal friendships; these are the people who totally get you, share the same ridiculous sense of humour and have your back, whatever. So if my friend Dee and I want to tweet entirely in sickening acronyms, try not to judge us. We’re just overjoyed that we’ve met someone who shares our personality DNA.

Most of us have wifeys — whether you choose to post every comedy selfie and cryptic in-joke or not. And if you’re still eye-rolling, remember: wifeys don’t always last forever. A new boyfriend, a mad job, an actual child, gets in the way, and then sadly it’s time for a divorce-y.

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