Art attack

Abstraction is easier than you may think.

Vincent Soyez wasn’t thinking about getting arty when he pulled his rental car into an automated car wash at the end of a vacation last year. Seated behind the steering wheel, as a chain-drive slowly pulled his car through the wash, the French-born, Brooklyn-based music, fashion, and advertising photographer looked up at the windshield and saw a picture.

With its intense colors, the repeated S-curves of the waving n sponges, and the lines and 8 shapes formed by descending g soap bubbles, the scene had all I of the visual energy and tension of a great abstract painting. He grabbed his camera and took this shot before the rinse cycle kicked in.

The trick to serendipitous abstractions, says Soyez, is to:

• Always have your camera with you. Preset its exposure to the prevailing light.

• Be alert. Train yourself to grab a camera whenever something both visual and unusual occurs.

• Know your gear. These opportunities can be short-lived, and if you are fumbling with buttons and dials you will miss out. Soyez had only a minute to get this beauty.

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