Arts, vernissage, AH, vernissage!

Arts, vernissage, AH, vernissage!

Exhibition of children’s drawings — a strong incentive for the development of children’s creativity. And their audience always find children’s drawings.

Therefore, we in our kindergarten decided to make the exhibition area comfortable, beautiful and mobile.

In a small, well-lit lobby, the walls hung with stands of different sizes and shapes — from square to an elongated rectangle. They are made of plastic material of two colors — white and yellow. On the white stands hung brightly colored works — paintings or graphics. This stand is the perfect setting work, so do not waste time on the mat manufacturer. A yellow stands serve to place figures on which the large white field. Yellow organically combined with the children’s works where sunny colors. Stands are separated from the wall by five centimeters. This creates interesting shadows and allows you to place them well and volumetric work.

Additional equipment exhibition area — a few colored cubes and trim table, which also posted three-dimensional works. The drawings are attached to the double-sided adhesive tape stands, the remains of which after the dismantling of the exhibition can be easily removed in an environmentally sound means of «Cleaner».

On installation and dismantling work it takes not much time and effort, so we frequently changing exhibitions. Each new exhibition — an event not only in children but also in adult life: adults take part in a variety of our projects. For example, at the «Moustache and Scratchy» viewers saw pictures of children and cats and cats related to mothers and grandmothers. And before the discharge for the annual ball, which has become traditional, the exhibition brings the works of our alumni. Senior our graduates already 24 years old, and recently — for 8 years.

Graduates of previous years dedicating his work graduates this year.

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