Arunas Sakalauskas: «I immediately realized that I throw Ingeborg»

Arunas Sakalauskas:

Meetings and partings with Dapkunayte I had a lot. A wedding is only one stood out. But symbolic — in the hunting restaurant. Place the groom, which is located under the bushy deer antlers. And when I got up to make a toast, they are right on top of me. Perhaps, like many artists, I often pay too much attention to what I look like from the outside. And I let live. Compared with classmates he felt «swineherd»: the visitor from a small Lithuanian town. And as I was going to become an actor, even when the shy to talk to a girl? Old parquet in the Theatre Academy has always waxed … Now if I light a candle as a familiar smell hits the nose and flashing before his eyes the image: at the end of a long corridor handful of students. And one itching to do — jump and jump … in a chair on the windowsill … A broad smile that blooms here and there … laughter. Not a boy and a ball! Butch, corduroy pants on skinny legs tremble, beige shirt … boy is not a boy — and Elf! I stared at it, fascinated fluttering, like other classmates … I Ingebor- gi if the spring inside — can not speak in a static position, all the while dancing … I think I vtyurilsya even before knew me not a fabulous creature, a charming girl. I instinctively fell in love with an elf …

For the first time, thanked destiny that is not enrolled in the theater department of the Lithuanian Conservatoire first time. The actors I was going to a child, which caused my parents, ordinary workers, good-natured laugh. However, I studied very mediocre, so to get to the other institutions would have been even more difficult. For all I solved a number of matches. After the first failure in the cast, I went to a technical college: with honors and then you can immediately enroll in higher education. However, I have not asked for and was awarded at least give me a recommendation. And when they apply to the conservatory it rolling, though it was against the rules. By listening treated lightly not even prepared a fable, but with me just talk. After the second round did not see his name among the contenders. I pretended to be dumb and ask the master: «Since I was not in the list, it’s time to exit?» Suddenly he begins hotly indignant: «How not? You’re sure to be there! «Allows the last stage — the music. And I sing loudly — and by notes. Members of the committee ask the accompanist: «Tell me, he generally has a hearing?» Silence, which will be remembered for a lifetime — and the verdict: «The rumor is, but is not developed!» And by some miracle, I enrolled, although the competition unbelievable — 15 people in place.

Still I am feeling a head shorter than classmates. My friend Saulius Balandis had already starred in two films. Ingeborg was dancing, went to the most famous drama club in Vilnius, where almost all arrived at the theater. In addition, she was fluent in English — up to this time to live with their parents -diplomatami in Sri Lanka … No one would doubt that Dapkunayte take. And she never said that the receipt was given to her great difficulty. I am painfully aware of how unworthy Inga, and all day thinking: «What shall I do, what the hell?» After all, I could not study, I forgot why did here: just watched it, as of the beautiful butterfly. Instead of lectures was drawing flowers with her blouse, she kept a diary of secret sighs. But his feelings show could not.

And happy is the fact that we have to have a common company Ingeborga — Saulius Balandis and Tauras Chizhas. The Three Musketeers and a lovely lady, which joined a common sense of humor, easy attitude to life and the learning process … Dapkunayte a course called Gaga — apparently, for the abundance of the letter «G» in its name. More used to cleave any image from the sketch — and then from him otvyazheshsya. And all that invented Inga, was original and funny. For example, it shows a hungry pig, who spent two weeks without food: very skinny, ran across the stage on his elbows and knees … and then I remember her long «skinny pig.» A graduation performance Ingeborg played the hero with ugly extended jaw face contorted, it has changed completely — it was not found. Then Dapkunayte all welcomed this way: «It’s great rotische!»

Somehow our master asked to write a script and put it on a small scene. The story was given a long time, and then the despair we bought Lithuanian liqueur «Benedictine» on the label which was painted the old monk. After a few glasses of this character come to life … «Marry prohibited Benedictine church, but he fell in love with a young parishioner, sinner, — playfully threatened bottle finger Inga. «And may he always be a fly!» — We laughed. Master, of course, the next day did not appreciate this drunken delirium and shouting at our hungover heads: «What a stupid Benedictine? What line he is? «

And in our first film in 1984 with Ingeborga we played together — it was a picture of «My little wife» Raimundas Banionis. Dapkunayte first tried for the lead role, but was given a minor. Inga terribly offended — just the end of the world! It was the first film and the son of the famous Donatas Banionis, so he actively helped the studio artistic director Vytautas Zhalakyavichus. Ingeborg and predicted: «This role is a hundred times more profitable than the main! She’ll open up! «And the truth — then it filled up the proposals. Including himself Vytautas.

The nature of Zhalakyavichusom was difficult, and when it came to shooting, we immediately tensed. If he did not like the footage .Material, Vytautas shouted: «I do not know anyone here who fuck ?!» — and all the muscles of his face twitched at every word. He could at the meeting to shake the actor’s hand and not letting her turn — to start a conversation with someone else. And you and you stand on a leash … After 10 minutes you notice the director again: «Oh, are you still here?» — And condescending decompresses «trap».

I do not consider any Zhalakyavichus with beginners or with famous actors. In the studio I went stories about Adomaitis, who immediately after the shooting at Vigasa had to go to the theater. A director does not let all: «Just take! Another double! «Assistants timidly asked for a car from the studio. «Who? Adomaitis? The car? Give him skiing — how to play, so let the rides! «- Said Vytautas. Though actually Adomaitis played the scene perfectly.

Selfish director could easily break the novice actor, but we kept on covenants nasheyu master course: «If you criticize — do not take it personally, blame everything on the character.» Balandis also got the role, and he is experienced and taught us to Inga. When I started in the frame speak loudly and with expression, as in the theater, it cools my ardor: «What uproarious? «On the movie!»

I think our friends Balandis with Tauras were also a little in love with Ingeborg. It was impossible not to fall in love! I suspect that our master and her uneven breathing. Once even chastised at all aware of, «Do we have only one woman? What are you surrounded Dapkunayte? «Inga in response only covered her innocently mischievous smile. She kept to herself understood perfectly.

We knew that after playing it accompanies some guy. Then even met him. I looked at him in admiration: it is the one who Ingeborg reciprocated! What is he better than me? Yes, everyone! Above, prettier, smarter, and even artist … When someone spoke ill of her boyfriend, and it hurt my feelings — they were both dear to me. And I myself have sometimes turned out to be close to that, to repeat the feat of unrequited love with Ingeborg: say, unfortunate cut my veins right on the doorstep of her home …

I held back my feelings of 2.5 years. The dam burst unexpectedly — under the influence of alcohol. Scourge corridor Conservatory slightly drunk and goes to meet her smile! Caught up, I say with affection: «How is my love doing?» — And I go on without waiting for an answer. And in the morning I wake up, burning with shame, «as shown in the institute? Will she talk to me? «To get a class, barely dragging his leg cotton. And in the same corridor — Inga again! He grabs me by the sleeve, brings to the bench, «Sit down and hold on tight! I love you too, jerk! For a long time! «

But I was able to lose its mystery, like a stone from the soul, as Ingeborg complicated my life again, «Let no one will talk about us!» And more than four years we had lived, like the heroes of a spy novel.

Man she soon left her, inventing some reason. I was even sorry for him: he scowl paced the courtyard conservatory, Inga wanted to return …

About us no idea, even the best of friends. On my birthday Ingeborg came to visit me to a safe place. And then under the windows of the choir Mr. ryanul congratulated classmates’re sewn to arrange a surprise. We arrived without an invitation — with cake, bottles … «Do not let them!» — Tells Inga, hiding under the covers. I appear on the balcony, like a real pig, talking to his comrades:

— Guys, thank you to remember, but I do not invite!

— Most ofigel? We have come to congratulate you!

— I know nothing! — Shrug and retreat from the balcony.

Resentment was blood — half those friends then did not communicate with me. And after a while when I admitted that I had Inga, they just do not believe: «Even funnier invent an excuse!» Could not imagine that we had already met. So, all cleverly duped!

More than that, some time living in our close-knit quartet together in one apartment. Almost not separated: the institute studied from Monday to Friday, and the weekend went to work in Kaunas Drama Theatre. First, we slept in the dressing room — Inge- Borge gave the best sleeping bag. And then friends allowed us to live in his old mansion, which was empty. The four communal rooms, with Inga our door was opposite. In the evening, we missed on the bedroom, and then secretly met her or me and were quiet as a mouse.

Speaking of mice: one zahazhivala to us at the light. Once in the living room playing cards, and the little animal ran around the table on a clear trajectory. At one point Inga covered her bag and graceful feline movement raised her hand with a catch: «Yeah, horrible!» There was something of a pretty darling girl, another girl would raise a squeal!

In the conservatory were hiding in the corners. Once shut in the audience began to kiss … And suddenly crashing through the door: «Open up, I saw you.» Looks classmate and measures the squint our eyes, «kissing … Probably, not just … do not think it felt?» We laughed it off: «Well, of course! You’re spoiled us, go away! «

Meanwhile, my girlfriend’s career gained momentum: Ingeborg became often leave to shoot in Russia. I have long endured without it … I remember a weekend flew her to Moscow, and on Monday morning with the aircraft ran to class. And he could tell his friends that a few hours ago with Inga walked through Red Square.

Apparently, our master course without Ingeborg too bored, so let it go each time did not want to. We walked in the course of persuasion, and sometimes she ran, slamming the door — so try Refrain!

One day we were with Inga at her house (her family took a historic mansion in the center of Vilnius). Suddenly a knock at the door. She looks out the window — there is a master course: «Ingeborg, I would like to discuss with you the script!» Then in vaudeville: we simultaneously open the two doors — it penetrates through the entrance, I slip out to the back yard, standing in the rain .. Soon Ingeborg smekaesh how to sneak out — call a taxi, «Excuse me, I need to go urgently to my aunt.» Master puts the student in the car, she toured vokrut house and stopped on the other side — in front of «my» entrance. In the eyes of Ingeborg jump merry lights: «What the hell is he pinned?» — And she is clearly happy with their antics.

We came up with a secret sign language to talk quietly in front of strangers. If one talks too much — the second pulls the earlobe. I doubt in the words of the interlocutor — scratched his nose. It is necessary to change the subject — straightens the hair …

Ingeborg liked to hide. She would have died from a kutey if we were one of the sugary couples strolling arm in arm. It seemed that the whole game drags her even more than the loved one. As if we had some became heroes -What a strange play. I can not help feeling that it is necessary to lower the curtain — and our relationships can crumble. Gradually, what happens when we started to work together in the theater, our romance has become more difficult to hide …

It is said that a male actor — less than a man and a woman-actress — more than a woman. It was necessary to have the ear of the composer to capture a range of intonations Inga from gentle and soft — for steel tone.

A minute ‘before she was glad ivory bracelet that I had brought from St. Petersburg, gladly tried on it on a thin wrist. But it was necessary to mention the girl-saleswoman, who advised him to buy as Ingeborg started playing a scene of jealousy: «She was pretty?» — With the smile never left her face, and her eyes became sharp. I never realized that she really jealous of me for the tone or in a relationship?

To be honest, in my youth I myself was not a gift: not admitted that his girlfriend can have their personal affairs. For example, Ingeborg called for a date, and she said: «I can not, have dinner with his family.» I was offended, «How is it, do not come with me? I refuse! «And in their home such dinners — the tradition when we married, twice a week, went to visit my grandmother and aunt (they were the closest people in Vilnius, Inga, because her parents were living in Geneva). However, when we fought, I felt bad and was the first in a hurry to ask for forgiveness.

Inge If something did not like, she was not going to tolerate. Always he talked about it on the forehead of a man waiting for the same courage.

I was almost at all the rehearsals in the theater, gave advice, and Inga graciously listened. She often battered clumsy strange role that Dapkunayte was very organic. For example, playing Zarechnaya, came on the scene with a huge bouquet of dried flowers and keep them on the shoulder. When turned — squatted other actors not to get it in the face with a broom.

With humor belonged to small punctures. During the rehearsal of «Antigone» by Jean Anouilh all the actors sitting on a stool with his eyes closed — each slandered your text. Ingeborg was emotional to say: «Why can not run with the wind until the fall? Why can not eat all that I want? «Lithuanian» temple «- is» all «, and» enclosing «-» chicken. » Inga made a reservation for a couple of letters, and it turned out: «Why can not you eat chicken?» Everyone burst out laughing and then pinned, «Inga, let’s go have a chicken! Nobody forbids! «

Of course, in the theater, I could not look at the beloved objectively, would not criticize it at all. And if Inge did not like someone’s game, I did not have the moral right to even argue with her. Otherwise I saw the pained face and silently leaving a Woman ‘. And that then long could harass me with their heavy silence!

Especially eating and it came to the game rival — and at the undergraduate competi competition between the two girls has been a sharp. By the way, I do not remember that at all Inga had girlfriends — she surrounded herself only guys.

The profession Ingeborg acted tough. And of Kaunas Drama Theatre, she then went on principle. Our master detail discussed with her the script of his next film, Ingeborg offered the lead role … And then vdrut took another actress — the main rival to the course. On the same day Dapkunayte stedutoschy wrote a letter of resignation — this she could not forgive. Without work, of course, not gone: it immediately invited me to the Vilnius Youth Theatre director Nekrošius.

In the meantime, we have worked together, the halo of our secrets gradually began to dissipate: whispering behind his back. The ratio of propane nerve remained unsettled at home. But the main thing — Ingeborg build a career, and I marked time. She always went to star, returning with a lot of new experiences — from people, from the film-making process. And I really could not keep the conversation about the movie. We both felt: there has been a rift between us.

The crisis coincided with the relationship I left the army. I was then 24 years old, and I could hang, but if it got into a madhouse. However, this post would be restricted to travel abroad — and farewell to the tour! The barracks was the same kind of theater, where people played their men’s games …

Ingeborg once visited me there. Are you missing a long time talking, sitting at the checkpoint and did not notice the dark. Meanwhile, there was to be no necessary. Suddenly, through the half-open door to see the colonel, who yells at Uzbek, then grabs the scissors and begins to shave his fierce … It seems that in the eyes of Ingeborg then even flashed fear for my life. All year and a half … we corresponded between the lines, however, the last letters came through the chill.

When I returned, once realized, she dumped me. At a meeting Inga behaved indifferently: on the neck are not rushed. It does not become a bustling and rapidly proceeded to an important conversation, though he gave her hard. But if Ingeborg chop bond, sharp and sure: «Everything went …» I already knew that our love will not stick together. But my sense of inertia continued to live like a train, which rushed on the go «stop-cock».

Especially since we saw each other every day in the theater. It was painful, embarrassing … Inga had better be: seeing her cheerful smile, I felt that she did not care about me. From experience began to fall apart, he behaved ugly: throwing phrases into the air, for which then was ashamed. For example, playing in the play, where all of the actress appeared on stage in tight suits and behind the scenes he said: «Look at how many women have — and no beautiful neck!» When Inge. I felt much to beat, so we knew each other. She is especially sunk in memory, then Ingeborg I often recalled: «Oh, beautiful neck on him there — go look elsewhere!»

But that’s when we started dating again … two years spent apart, and one night after the performance vdrut Ingeborg says: «Come to me.» Even now, I do not understand, why all started again, I could feel the heart that we have to fix it will not turn out. But Ingeborg apparently thought that the last time we have not switched to a more serious level. In general, I do not remember how decided to get married but I do know that I have not made an offer …

Somewhere save the video we introduce native. Even camera transmits tense atmosphere nicely furnished living room in the house Dapkunayte. Grandmother Inga knew me for a long time and has always taken a friendly home: although we are hiding the relationship, certainly guessed everything … Her family of so-called pre-revolutionary Lithuanians — respected in the city. Impeccable manners aristocratic grandmother raised a cup of tea with two fingers, the speech uttered, without raising his voice … She worked for many years manager of the opera theater, where Ingeborg literally grew up … And my mother out of the ordinary people, very worried and to defuse the situation, indecent remembered the story of the heavy labor everyday life of its meat processing plant: «When there was a shortage of groceries, we stole the meat!» And in the details: how they hid and carried — pants, sleeves! Like, get educated in-law … What a shame I experienced at that moment! Grandmother Ingeborg felt my embarrassment and decided to rectify the situation:

— Yes, there were times difficult … We also …

«Also stolen ?!» — I almost cried.

— … During the war with her husband went to the village to buy meat from farmers, — she concluded.

I have a domineering mother. Once it offended relatives of the groom of my sister, then she said: «Do not come to the wedding.» And won the floor. Ingeborg my relatives squinted with suspicion. And when we parted, they sighed in unison: «We knew that this would happen.»

Inga’s parents arrived from Geneva only at the wedding. And then we have them twice went to visit. They took the choice of his daughter: «You have to live with it.» My father made a generous gift to the wedding — cool at the time BMW …

Grandmother Ingeborg wish we were married in the Catholic Church. We go with the bride in the sacred chamber and walks on it echoed obscene language, «the priest scolds old woman who asked him to come to the dying man:» And if he often went to the church? No?! So how I was going to die — once thought of the Lord? «We looked at each other and ran Ingeborga there.

We found an acquaintance of a young priest in Kaunas (he is now famous Bishop). Tor said to me: «You have to come before the wedding to confession and communion,» I agreed — and so has flown! I came out of the booth it all wet! As the priest began the interrogation: «watching bad movies? A married woman was? And how to protect themselves? «She tore me properly. By the way, according to church law Ingeborga us never debunked …

The wedding took place with all the traditions, congratulations on reading the paper. In the entourage of hunting restaurant. Bride — an elegant white suit, sewn in the studio, the groom — with antlers on his head … That same evening Ingeborg had to go to the shooting in Minsk. Only four of us we came home — with the very Institutskiy friends — his wife said: «I have to get on the train.» I took Ingeborg the station, but we were too late. I had to go to Minsk directly. I just came back in the morning. I went to the apartment: Balandis with Tauras sleep in our marriage bed. Here’s a ridiculous wedding …

And we have held Ingeborga new status only a year and a half. They lived in a rented apartment in Vilnius, tried to play in family life. My wife loved throughout the procedure: to put all my stuff, but I can not ‘find. If all scatter — get a scolding. Sometimes Inga prepared, but often we went to a cafe — the yard was the 90 th year, and prices were still Soviet, on the life we ​​have enough.

Inga has matured, become more serious if a student, she was a magic fairy out of this world, now she began to worry about all household items. We were invited to various events — Ingeborg decide where to participate, what to reject. Before the release of the strictly instructed me, «Take this tie!» — «I’m more comfortable without it.» — «You’re like a sucker! Put it on, or we’re not going anywhere! «My parents sent her to import stuff from Switzerland — Inga tried to have a wardrobe of at least one expensive dress.

The relationship we were able to find out not — if something is wrong, begin one-man show. Once I stayed late. Ingeborg terribly angry. I go: sitting in the kitchen in a tragic pose. Open pack of cigarettes mine, each a little tan and immediately extinguished — all neatly stacked pile in the ashtray. Like, wife waiting for her husband sat and smoked, smoked, smoked …

In this latest attempt to save our love, we stumbled on the same mistake — the two are constantly at work: I followed a master course joined the Lithuanian drama theater, Ingeborg Nekrošius have played, but most of the time spent on the set, on the road. She has already appeared in «Intergirl», «cynic» … And I was her anchor that dragged on the bottom — tried to bind to one place.

Once she came back from the tour, we went to bed, and the bedroom we had a very dark. Inga middle of the night jumped on the bed and anxiously asks, «Who’s there?» — «I am …» — «Who — I ?!» And she started to beat me — I already fell out of bed! It turned out she had a dream that on the road someone entered the room. So unaccustomed to the house.

Then director Simon Stokes invited Ingeborg America — wanted to use it in his play «Bug speech», where the main role was played by John Malkovich. To go it was necessary for six months, though Inga foresaw that can not go back, and laid cargo solutions on me: «I will do as you say. If «no» — stay here, I will sit at home, can establish a child … «And for me it was the most difficult choice in life: we could finally become a normal family … But I love Ingeborg and understood what she strives with all his heart ! What would she do now in Lithuania? It would be a pitiful sight — this actress need space. I watched the picture «Burnt by the Sun», «Morphine» … It is not easy to see Inga on the screen, because I know what it can do. And I think that she has not received her best role. No wonder that I then said to her: «Of course, go, dear! It’s America that chance! «

We have often called up, then I went to the premiere in Chicago and saw a very ordinary performance which in Lithuania would be the critics simply erased in the powder. After the show we were drinking beer: Malkovich, Ingeborg and me. John then asked me: «How much film you starred?» — «Ten.» He said: «Wow — the power!» I chuckled to myself: «But the public!» Malkovich alone «Dangerous Liaisons» immediately made a world star!

Ingeborg had to stay, I left. And soon she called me back and said she loved another. I yelled into the phone: «Who is this — Malkovich?»

— «No». — «Who is he ?!» — «… Directed by Simon Stokes.» They all began to turn even during rehearsals … Then he confidently said in an interview: «As soon as I saw Ingeborg knew immediately that she would be my wife.»

The next day I was supposed to star in the title role, but he could not recover. I understood that in the final general logical, but to cope with the offense did not succeed. At that moment, I killed not even have preferred that the beloved wife of another, and as I say this familiar … And yet again, will laugh at my horns — as our wedding …

There were and are people who poured mud at Inga. I was surprised that they were many. And they are so stupid: show envy of a man who loved his wife.

In the theater dressing room met an old Lithuanian actor, he sighed: «I heard your left you? Very good! «-» What’s good? «-» It is you in a piggy bank! «Then I understood: experience needed in the work of the actor.

When we parted Ingeborga, my career really took off: I finally remembered why he studied at the actor. Now I work in five theaters, a lot of touring, appeared on television six times nominated for best drama, the role and the three got it … now understand very well the former spouse: Popularity

— Heavy cross, you’re always in sight and have no room for error. But I was wrong many times …

Two years after the divorce, in the hallway of the theater I saw a girl

— She stood back to me. And this view seemed incredibly attractive: figure, though carved from ivory. He said a compliment, she turned around — and, as they say in the novels, «their eyes met …» Then we played together the play «Night Gelver»: there are only two of the hero — and the mentally retarded girl, who took him out of the house of mourning. On posters all means the same two names: «Sakalauskas and Dapkunayte.» Yes, no wonder theater actors joked: «Look, do not step a second time into the same pit.» And if you think that Lithuania is a common surname — are wrong. Dapkunayte Other than those two women that brought me life, I never met … With Jolanta we have been together for 20 years, but never painted because the institution of marriage, both were disappointed. And you know, the nature of it is very similar to Dapkunayte №1. The same independent, self-confident and at the same time subtle, mysterious …

…Immediately after the divorce Ingeborga we go to a restaurant and she said: «Yeah, well, we lived together.» And for some reason I remembered the anecdote as a man sitting on the tram rails to the severed leg and thinks, «No shit myself went for some bread!»

Then she came to Lithuania together with Stokes. Already then I took a separate apartment in Vilnius, but the furniture of life there is only the table. Ingeborg rang and asked her for two chairs, it’s easy to agree: «Take it, of course.» Stokes my appearance amused: includes former husband and carries two chairs. I cast a spell angle «rival in love» — ​​he seemed to me somehow pathetic, small … And when he divorced Ingeborg still pitiful, perhaps, was the … Then I know it well. And Stokes has not held up its level: the director is not the very first theater in England …

In February this year learned from the news that Ingeborg third time married. And it is not surprised: charming woman is not left alone. After the break, I sometimes think: Is Inga with the same intonation to say another «love»? Really gave someone the same smile? I never guessed her game. Now I can only be glad that it happened to me.

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