Atoms in 3D

Atoms in 3D

In 2010, based on IT service NCCP Novosibirsk opened its first branch «Greenatom» — multifunctional shared service center of the state corporation «Rosatom» — MF SSC, which began to provide comprehensive services in the field of IT, from customer support and IT infra-structure of the plant to local telephone services. In parallel, «Rosatom» approved the program of transformation of the financial unit and IT. Under this program, from 2010 to 2013, the plant is involved in corporate projects.

Based on the experience of the projects Autodesk and SAP, what were the main challenges you are facing and ways to solve them?

The main set of problems — people who are known to solve all. The first and most important issue — learn to speak with the owner of the business in a language he understands. In 2005, the abbreviation PLM, ERP, and so on. N. Boredom aroused business, misunderstanding and irritation. And the word «profit», «cost», «efficiency», in turn, causes a toothache at the «IT people». By 2008, after the introduction of ETC ASU all have understood: PDM means eliminating any loss of working time on non-productive functions of the design documentation (search for a document in paper archives, «pedestrian» harmonization of technical documents, search the hard disk of the original electronic document). If this is translated into the dry figures of statistics that can be calculated on the basis of information from the ACS ETC, the effects become apparent.

For the first six months of operation were identified concrete workers, who had a low efficiency in the system. For each such employee a detailed analysis, and given its opinion on the advisability of leaving the state. The result — the optimization of the number of staff by 25%, and this gave an annual effect of 4.5 million rubles. Only salary. Other benefits more difficult to assess in rubles, but shortening development and approval of drawings to three days due to the standardization of rules and introduction of a single software became apparent to all, including to business owners. This was achieved after a series of measures, but I want to warn that there are no universal methods. First of all we must clearly understand the purpose of specific business processes and their leaders.

Many argue that the purpose of balancing the different managers are not always possible.

Of course, this is difficult, but not impossible. After the conflicts (if the situation requires) through the methodical work should bring together their positions. If the goals are not formulated or inaccurately stated their need to formulate or clarify.

For example, in our company the task of reducing unit costs for engineering services is worded as follows: «To ensure the minimum time for the development and modification of the design documentation.» To solve this problem it was analyzed and identified the major loss of time during the preparation of documentation. Designers spend a lot of time to search for the original electronic document on the hard drive (now in the single electronic archive is the second); it accounted collation with the current copy of the document (currently all previous versions with the history stored in the electronic archive); receive «blue» signature on the script (currently only requires three physical signature appear in the rest of the ASU ETC as electronic signatures). Thus, from 25 to 70% of the time lost in the archives of designers, they roamed the departments, rechecked and altered electronic originals …

In the pyramid of corporate objectives IT elements must permeate every layer and be clear to top management, management and supervisors at the level of its key tasks. It turns out a kind of «IT Network»; whether it flexible and strong, so effective IT manager.

Learning to speak in terms of costs, profits and economic effects, it is necessary to move to a common understanding of the words «innovation» and «leadership». Even then heard a word about the need to strengthen and expand technology leadership in the market of fuel for nuclear power stations across the board, including in terms of engineering. Autodesk Inventor was the target software for LP-designing in TVEL. Now under the leadership of TVEL elaborate on the transition to paperless technology in all business processes, while the search for a new platform PLM.

Typically, large industrial enterprises, there is another powerful force — people …

If in the course of implementation, we focus only on the perpetrators, without changing the operation of middle and lower-level management, the main measure of success would be a performer, but in most cases the name of the artist does not understand and does not accept automation. There was a case when the performers with the acquiescence of one of the leaders in the consolidated group and so «brain stem» to his leadership that automation works were suspended, and only the value of the already incurred costs was the decisive argument for top management to move to a new solution.

Therefore, an essential element of IT is becoming a management tool providing management processes. For example, as a result of the implementation of PDM leadership to understand the situation with a particular document changes are not required to carry out «interrogation» of performers — the system can be easily and quickly find the desired information.

Now the process of implementation in our company based on the «key» users, as are workers who have a number of unique competencies — driven, ability to learn and teach others who have the desire to change and to change others to withstand the design loads (even with complete detachment from continuing operations that often happens) having high internal motivation to result. Key users should be cautious, gradually cultivate functional areas. They — the conductors between business and IT, real power, ability or implement any project, or kill. How successful they will find the term solution as thoroughly and deeply give their knowledge and skills in the learning process to end-users, how well can provide «zero» line of support — so effective is the project.

But do not make them unique specialists, without which business pro-cesses freeze, and the rest can only shrug. Require them to continuously improve. If they do not have on the suggestions for improvement, it is a signal to the manager that there were problems.

I have a special attitude to the young professionals. They do not fall into the psychological trap of life and job experience, many have a fresh look and nezatumanenny. The main thing is that they are not «burned out» and did not stop after the first bad experience, both technical and emotional. It is necessary to help them learn how to interact and achieve the desired result.

And how important a role in the production process can be played by consumers?

With regard to the sales process, the 3D-technology generate a whole layer of the most interesting solutions. Now producers are in «one click away» from the consumer. Current capabilities allow consumers to engage in the processes of design and consumer properties of the products — directly in the product design, and the «non-contact», based on the analysis of user behavior during the execution of search and purchase goods. At the same time, it is possible a virtual extension of the productive line of products and services from almost any requirement of a solvent.

What are the common approaches to the selection of enterprise IT solutions?

My personal position over the past five years ranged from denial of the Western-oriented solutions and Russian producers to understand the role of technological leadership overseas vendors.

Often come to the fore is not functional, and the economic and strategic approaches. For example, in February 2012 it was announced that SAP is seriously engaged in developing its own MES-system, it has become a serious argument when choosing a solution. From the standpoint of logic, building corporate management systems is obvious functional advantage of the implementation of ERP and MES on the platform of the vendor.

The question naturally arises, what to do with the remaining functionality. Industrial enterprises remain PLM, and in my understanding (many with me may not agree) is not only and not so much to the life cycle of the finished product, as the idea of ​​virtual manufacturing in which all elements of the industrial complex are considered in the form of a digital model of a classic four-dimensional space. Ready-made products — only one of its elements. But there is a clear understanding that, moving from several sides, global players in the software market is gradually converging.

You mentioned moving the company towards digital production. What is it? Fashion trend or inevitable future?

Let’s try to look at these processes from a human point of view. Now the growing «digital» generation of children. To them, the language of three-dimensional games, LP-film — the standard perception of information, and social networks and chat rooms have become the dominant mode of communication. Unlike the older generation (digital immigrants), they do not know what is needed, for example, an archive of paper originals and copies recorded.

They live under the new requirements, and use the most simple ways of perception and information processing. They can understand: why read the instructions on the formulation of foreign passports, when there are many videos on YouTube, in which all told? They do not understand how we can plan the schedule of the production area on the paper, surrounded by even a copy of the schedule preventative maintenance, copy shifts, schedule the delivery of special equipment and accessories.

New people require new methods of work. It is already clear that the industrial companies need imaging processes as the most intuitive and easy way to process information. The game continues, but instead of «shooters» and «brodilok» people moving production lines, said the timing of deliveries of materials and conduct regular preventive maintenance. That is why the flat drawings so quickly replaced by technology 3D: they are clear and simple terms of human information processing.

Now the company held a series of research works on complex software Autodesk Factory Design Suite. Given the scale of the work to transfer production «figure», the concrete results still early — both in terms of effects, and the cost and timing. By 2014 the company plans to select a solution for digital production. It is possible that by 2015 we will have laid the groundwork for a new generation of games — the actual production planning solutions with Autodesk.

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