August Production

This year was a turning point for me. Our creativity heard Ivan Okhlobystin wrote: «What steampunk!» But in parallel with this our administrator Dan phoned the girl Zhenya, which eventually became our director, asking rearranged hymn «Doctrine 77». Make it harder and add a male voice. And he told her that he has a great guy for the job. So we met and became friends. It helps us a lot, believe in us. I have since the time of the script «DMB» a big fan of his work. Six years ago, when I served in the Army, Ensign our conversation just as Dr. Bykov.

A father thinks that all what you do — it is a kind of devilry?

Well, not exactly, of course. Just — mrachnuha. That’s all he did not close easily. I generally try not to advertise his name. Because it is a completely different experience when you just listen to the concert of a certain group «StimfoniYa» and Philip Augustus, and when you listen to the song’s son Oleg Mitiaeva. Father a child I drew, helped. He wanted me to do something normal. Some educated, profession. I went to «Driftwood», but did not graduate. We had to study a lot, read a lot of literature. Laziness, rock and roll and drinking not allowed to pull the tails of their studies.

But you will agree that the new people unfamiliar to you know, reacting it first on who your father is.

In different ways all respond. Therefore, it is better to listen first, and then, to find out who I am. For an objective judgment about the work it is necessary that the people are not distracted by my name. So I took a pseudonym. There is still evil tongues, who immediately begin: This dad helps him, promotes, all of it does. It’s not really his theme. The only thing in our musical tastes and creative touch — is Yuri Shevchuk. Here we stand in solidarity with him. Well, even — Brodsky.

And where did it all begin?

Group officially just six months. Although, actually, I have already prepared a couple of years and wrote material for the plate. But I did not show anyone especially for the reason that all of my friends and comrades were trying to roll out my other lyrical compositions in the spirit of Roma Beast. Qualitatively, all done, harnessed, the clip I filmed with a budget of almost half a lemon. At the same time I have not spent a penny. But no matter. I told them — guys, I can not guarantee that I can write songs like that. It’s not mine, it’s miscarriage in favor of someone else’s request. That material «StimfoniI» — that I present. Only Curiosities. And then I have, on occasion, has shown its Oleg Nesterov. And he said — so there is cool that Curiosities. Who told you that you did not put it all expended energy and resources into this material would not have been the Russian version of Marilyn Manson?

Rather, joint performance with «Agatha Christie» would benefit the cause, than participating in various summer festivals, where you will be «another» a passing team. I’m almost a year trying to get to the tidy brothers Samoilov. By Gleb R. I came on his birthday club «B2». And I think it is necessary that he gave me in a drunken stupor forgot somehow, to make a decent gift. And he brought the present battle sword. I came, as expected, 30 minutes before the concert, a sword wrapped behind me checked for protection. And what’s that? — Ask. I say — a sword. Gift Gleb R.. Ahh, so you’re at a birthday party. Come on then. And I calmly walked to the sword, got up, went straight to the dressing room. But that did not help.

You are hopeless texts: people without a soul, pop has reason people.

We soon such a mixture of Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton and «Agatha Christie», well, I think. I would say our texts — instructive fables. Each song is hidden grim morality. We do not eat babies call, there is no hint of the dark side, a feed-gothic grim. This inspiration gives life itself, strong emotions. If you fall in love or, conversely, leave. When there is something very good or bad. On the basis of these events the most iconic songs are written. Ideally, I want to turn the group into a great show in the spirit of Rammstein. We would like to someday perform with them on stage. Vyacheslav Butusov, by the way, the site of the «U-Piter» see «under the wing» placed our song that’s very flattering. That I can do — to find any serious names, then to give a good reason to information.

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