Automated system «ORDER — CONTROL»

Automated system

In the Saratov Higher Military Engineering School of chemical protection on the basis of a personal computer developed the automated control system of execution of orders (ASKIP) «Order — control.» It is intended to inform the performers of upcoming deadlines of orders and instructions, and command — of violations of subordinated fixed time limits. ASKIP focused on users who do not have special programming knowledge.

In pursuance of control placed orders, given to school officials and higher authorities; decisions of the Academic Council of School; documents that must work in accordance with the sheet of urgent reports (for brevity, all placed on the control will be called by the order).

The system of «Order — Control» provides an automated input of initial data, their long-term storage. and the formation of the necessary information.

As the initial information the data recorded in the accounting and control-ing official card that puts the order on the control. In particular, it indicates the unit where is the artist, his military rank, name and initials; incoming document number; the date of leave-taking and execution of the order; its summary. Furthermore, fixed the rank, name and initials of the controlling entity, the timing of issuing reminders and mark the implementation of the order.

All information coming to the input of the system is recorded in the database in either the introduction of new orders, in either existing corrections. The output information is displayed on the output device (display screen, a printer apparatus) in the form of appropriate tables and references. Its formation is carried out on the basis of the requests. In addition, the system provides the sort of output information by any combination of parameters included in the reference, for example, it may be information about completed on time and late orders.

Working with the system is organized as follows. Along with the statement of the problem executor (orally, in writing, in the form of a resolution on the document) controlling fills accounting control card and transfers it into the computer lab of the school. The operator enters with her original data into a computer. Every day at the specified time, he tells the system the current date. If the period of issuing reminders indicated in the card coincides with the period remaining before the order automatically to the printer, a message in the form of certificates reminder that is sent to the executor.

If the order in the time specified is not executed, the system will «report» about the controlling entity in the form of a message, which indicates the rank, name and initials of the Executive branch, the incoming number and a summary of the order, the date of his return and the completion date.

The order is removed from the control (regardless of whether it is made in time or not) only after the controlling will verify the completeness and correctness of its mining. The reason for this is the only accounting and control card with the date of actual implementation of the order and signature of the person performing the test execution.

After removing the orders to control the information about them is transferred to the archive, stored na floppy disk. Moreover, information on the timely execution of orders are stored separately from the data on overdue. The system provides the possibility of obtaining the data available in the archive at any interesting topics.

Operating experience ASKIP shown that it is advisable to keep a record of the implementation of orders by individual artists or school divisions for a certain period of time: monthly, quarterly, annually.

The introduction of «Order — control» allowed to create real conditions to improve performance discipline in the school and to ensure effective monitoring of the implementation of both external and vnutriuchilishnyh orders and instructions.

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