V. Oleinik, head of the Moscow MOUTH Bekasovskoy distance road

FG barium, barium EA engineers Computing Center of the Moscow road

Bekasovskaya distance is not «great length — about 80 km away, but there are functioning almost 30 thousand different signaling devices. Accounting and registration of the replacement and repair of devices assigned to a senior electrician repair process area. To perform these activities further involved scorekeeper. Time spent many, but mistakes are possible — expired during the relay test, uneven loading, the extra transport costs. The absence of even one employee in charge of accounting, resulting in malfunction of the mouth.

These shortcomings are largely absent due to the introduction at a distance of automated information system planning mouth. It is organized on the basis of ES1022 computer operating system ASUSS station Bekasovo-Recycling.

Currently, the system provides support for reference data (INE), modeling of technological operations RTU replacement and integration of signaling devices. The system provides information for planning the mouth for a month, making monthly, annual and long-term plans, as well as current information on availability of equipment on site and in the exchange fund mouth.

Software Computer ES1022 done in assembly language and maintained the disk operating system DOS version 2.0. To store the information used magnetic disk ES5261. Entering data is performed with F1100 or teletype machine display «Orion 1001».

Information is given on the teletype machine, alphanumeric printing device (alphanumeric printer) or the display «Videoton-343», depending on the desired form of payment.

To solve the problems of modeling and planning, taking into account the profile of RTU distance defined specific location of each signaling device. , A table (Table. 1) separate sections signaling (central post, pushing the post, station, exchange fund, etc.), As well as the installation locations of specific units in the facility: Article, relocation, and other signal point.

The names of objects reduced to two characters (the central post — CPU, Stations of the Cross — the Kyrgyz Republic, and others.), And the location of the numbered (Article — 01 signal point — 13, and others.).

Standard-reference information (NRI) consists of two main arrays: an array of device types (ICC) and an array of specific equipment for the installation site (MKPMU).

The system operates a group of models to enter, adjust and control the issuance of the NSI. Input messages are used several types: basic, remedial, canceled. Key messages will be added as the NSI in the magnetic disk (LDR), the correction is used to change the data and correct errors in the information previously sent messages phrases.

Correction messages are transmitted in a conventional manner. They may be presented as a supplement to change indicators at a certain value or to replace the values ​​of the indicators.

All messages received in a computer, come on sizing and logic control. In this control are both office and phrase information messages. For each error message displays information about the nature of the error. Recommendations to the operator about the order of correcting errors contained in the instructions. You can insert and delete rows and replace them. Adjustment of initial messages can occur at the initiative of the user, if the message is from the perspective of the computer is correct, but the user will notice a few bugs.

We describe the main arrays NSI. An array of device types (ICC) includes (Table. 2): the name of the device (up to 15 characters) — Ml, VD62, SP62, etc .; type of instrument — pin (C), contactless (B), the piece — (III). These types of due process unit RTU relay groups and non-contact instruments. The category of the piece includes all devices having no serial number (fuses, AVM, etc..). Their records are maintained individually for reducing the amount of reference; the frequency of this type of instrument repair (060-60 months, 120 to 120 months, and others.); standard time to perform scheduled maintenance (11-06 — 11 hours, 06 minutes, 06-12 — 6 hours 12 minutes). These figures do not take into account the time spent at the company receiving the unit.

Due to the different operating conditions the same device have a different period of replacement depending on the installation location. For example, during a replacement device YASH59 set on a hill, 3 years, on another subject — 5 years. Therefore, in an array of the ICC have a device 1YASH59 with a term of 5 years and a replacement unit 2YASH59G (D-hump sign) with a term of 3 years replacement.

The array of instruments on-site MKPMU includes: a coded address of the device {eg, CPU 01 347P184 — central post, articles 347, 184 Regiment; MT 27408 — shunting position, track circuit 408); the name of the device (up to 15 characters); serial number of the device (up to 5 digits). For devices boxed category in this column indicates the number at this place; date of last inspection. Before the beginning of the calendar month for each segment and the mouth in the request computer operator issues a certificate (Table. 3) the replacement of the instrument. It contains the address, type, serial number of the instrument, the date of repairs, standard time to repair the appliance unit. In the final line of the reference output totals of the number of devices and the total repair time on sites that allows Senior electrician RTU allocate and plan the work. This calculation has confirmed the need for signs K, B and W (see. Array ICC Table. 2).

According to this certificate and receipt of equipment on the objects to the specified addresses are replacing appliances. Exhaust equipment is in exchange fund mouth. RTU, a group of non-contact devices as perform routine tasks contribute to the end of this month adjustment to NSI, the shot goes into the equipment exchange fund automatically. If the operator, for whatever reasons, are not corrected certificate of instruments, the next month will give the computer in the first place information about missing devices last month and then by date.

Senior electrician RTU upon receipt of the finished product against the device number in the certificate wrote the new number and date, and then enters the data into the computer memory.

In ready devices create a cover sheet or plastic tag, which indicates the place of installation.

Electrician of the neighborhood, getting equipment, set to the specified location and operation records in the journal.

Later at improving the system of electromechanical signaling will be released from the obligation to keep a record of the instrument.

Tasks scheduling and operation of the instrument are resolved on either the month and the quarter of the current year, shall issue a certificate on the amount of work on any object. For help, you can make the correction in the work plan of the mouth.

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