Barrels big and small

Barrels big and small

Acoustic Beauty Jake Bugg and mud Icelandic folk Of Monsters And Men Bushmills Live festival in Northern Ireland lyrics Boris Dal

Every year in Northern Ireland, about an hour’s drive from Belfast Bushmills distillery holds an annual music festival which gathers close but the spirit of the artists playing «needlework music.» Selection of the idea of ​​responsible actors in the past year in the local noble barn, converted into a concert hall, sweeping the show rolled band Snow Patrol. This year’s headliner was no less attractive: Icelandic folk-rock band Of Monsters And Men, whose logo is a month after the event even decorate the label limited edition of Irish whiskey. The festival took place directly on the distillery, where the events took place between the two scenes: the artists with the powerful sound of a barn occupied Cooperage, as musicians, are betting on acoustics, took the stage Still Room Bar in 1608, before which could comfortably accommodate people dvesti.Glavnoy local celebrity at this time Springsteen was a charming Northern Ireland — barbel Foy Vance, has in the arsenal of lethal power-ballad «Janey». shrill rich voice and a group of musicians that rumbled like a symphony orchestra. This year, Vance went on tour with the red tolstyachkom Ed Chirac force maudlin songs that captured and America, so it is possible that the sublime and quite a vibrant spirituality Foy country rock sound and the United States.

Headlining the breakfast program was the British wunderkind James Bugg, which makes Soldiers-outs in large halls of the British several days ago and is one of the most popular people at the Glastonbury Festival. On Bushmills Live Bugg left the audience with his guitar, and in the final part of the speech he was joined by another hero of Northern Ireland-AyenArcher. Despite the fact that half of the songs buggy decorated to broadcast the majority of radio stations of the world, during his concert pay attention primarily on the vocal performance of Jake. Its soft and slightly nasal voice had seemed drenched in whiskey and a very strong stoned tobacco — like effect in the high rock voices can be determined except that Marc Bolan. And that’s why people are quite serious age singing cheerful songs caustic buggy with enthusiasm.

The grand finale was the performance OJMonsters And Men, which at the time made Cooperage in the space station: it seemed that Saraichik established contact some higher power. And this applies not only to the already popular hits «Little Talks», «Dirty Paws» and «King And Lionheart», but only time set Icelanders, who were born to rule over the stadiums. Since the show, as well as the festival, held in a friendly format (tickets on sale have been received, the audience consisted only of friends Bushmills), ohms even hinted what may be their second album: Room «Yellow Light» and Show And Steady » , filled with a furious and a little out of scale events enthusiastically showed that today Icelanders go to battle with the Canadians Arcade Fire, who is about to release another disc. What will race on the high spiritual folk music of our times is clear: in the long term at ohms Award «Grammy», the stadiums and the glory of the heirs Sugarcubes (athame who knows: maybe Naina and Ragnar start successful solo career, and in general will become global celebrities, data- i.e). You’re just the best way to dispose of the moment.

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