BMW 3-series, «Gran Turismo»

BMW 3-series,

The relative failure of «Gran Turismo» fifth series is not repulsed Bavarian hunting to continue experimenting with this type of body. They have high expectations of her younger relative who settled in the little family «treshek.»

multidirectional wishes

Be sure to ride the Altai and admire Chui tract! It’s natural Austria: smooth asphalt without the usual waves and joints, clear markings, profiled turns. Even in the mountains serpentine coils for the most part most flattened so that they can be held at a decent speed, without forcing the brake.

In this way it would be a sin to go to some rydvane. Yes, definitely — there would not prevent rapid car, obedient, easy to drive and comfortable at the same time allowing to fully appreciate not only the quality of the coating, but also the local beauty.

Reflections on the couch

In truth, the upcoming introduction to the third series of «Gran Turismo» I expected with sufficient skepticism. Previous experience in this genre Bavarians, he built not very folding «GT-five», it is hard to recognize the best. However, they have seriously worked on the bugs, and the new car I immediately liked. Proportional silhouette with clean lines not lost inherent 3 Series swiftness despite significantly distributes figure.

«Big tourist» above the sedan by 81 mm, but 200 mm long, so it does not look awkward or razdobrevshim — on the contrary, in his appearance there is some roast inherent well-trained predators. Feed the car does not droop heavy rump, like «five», and quite gracefully completes the drawing board wedge something like a shank with a groove under the boom bow. Although the windows without frames and smoothly dropdown roof, GT correctly can be attributed to the «third» family — just look at the shape of the hood and headlights, corners suitable close to the «nostrils» branded grille, or lights. The only completely original dash — boomerang cutout in the front wings — not the fruit of designer fantasies irrepressible and thoughtful aerodynamic element, reducing turbulence around the wheels.

Interior met me familiar comfort of home: the front panel, seats and door clearance to the smallest detail reproduced the familiar interior «treshki.» That slavnenko — from good, as you know, is not looking good. Let landing at the wheel is clearly higher, it does not become this «commander» (as in «Range Rover», for example) and retained in full the inherent BMW comfort and sportiness. The Germans claimed that due to such «lifting» improved visibility — but there is nothing specific I can not say, because to her, and the sedan complaints I had.

But behind the situation has improved most dramatically! Complete 3-seater sofa with a virtually flat pillow is very hospitable, and sitting in the middle of the passenger will not feel a slice of ham Intermedia two buns in close sandwich. A car meanwhile parted wide only some 17 mm. Of course, the central tunnel continues to get in the way, but such is the traditional dress of the rear-wheel drive.

Usually travel in the second row are torture for me, and I have them in all ways I try to avoid. But «more tourists» I had to pass on the couch more than two hundred miles away, and I must admit that it is not experienced with the slightest inconvenience. In the front seat imposingly sprawled colleague considerable size, and I have stayed at this place quite a substantial margin, quite enough to throw a leg over the other — that I am not without pleasure, and did. And I tune out the back of the couch itself, which is controlled by the angle — bliss!

Incidentally, this is the back — a multi-purpose weapon. It allows you to not only sit back with maximum comfort, but also slightly increase the already huge amount of luggage. After all, «Tourist», which is a hatchback offers an impressive cargo compartment — he is 25 liters capacious wagon In the same series! And so at night, do not lose orientation in the infinite space, it is illuminated LED bars.

roll on the stern

Familiarity with capabilities drayverskogo car I started right off the bat, without hesitation climbed into the most powerful version of the 335i — this car will appear at the Russian dealers later. Inline «six» twin-turbo capacity of 306 liters. from. did not disappoint this time: the car with this motor accelerates so that the best and do not want! However, the extra half hundredweight, a heavy burden fell on the transmission, together with the grown dimensions deprived GT turretless enthusiasm that characterized the sedan with the same engine. However, that and say, worthy competitors on the road at the Bavarian and in this situation there are few.

The two-liter diesel (he also gets to Russia at once) left a slight feeling of understatement — it has some kind of veil of thought. Of course, and more than enough power for any eccentricities, but call me hurricane 320d language does not turn.

Suspension keeps excellent turns, although barely noticeable marks them roll. Car confident screwed into the most steep turns, but with remarkable care to protect passengers from the road surface flaws regardless of their size and frequency of exposure to the wheel. Yes, Chuiski — not the only way in Altai there in those places and routes easier. Or take, for example, Seminsky Pass: constant cold winds and deep snow made the perfect winter this stretch of asphalt highway into a kind transaltayskoy grader. But «Tourist» flew at him quite calmly, and I did not even slow down. The only thing that did not like, so it is aerodynamic mirrors that send rain flows directly to the side window — and it is in that area that displayed the situation behind the car.

If the sedan 3-Series can be considered pure driving machine, then «GT-treshki» clearly marked bias towards passenger comfort and cargo capacity. At the same time, its proprietary chip — maximum pleasure from the process of driving — the Bavarians almost never do. They managed to create quite a utilitarian vehicle, almost perfectly behaves on the road. Honestly, leave the car I absolutely did not want. Arriving at the final point of the route, from where we had been followed by the helicopter, I was given a hint that I was allowed to go back to the GT. But — alas: the rules have regulations.

brawler in the family home

The family of the Bavarian car brash newcomer fits, apparently, not without friction. The current basic version of the GT by 165 000 more expensive sedan with the same engine, and 110 thousand — the wagon. Sedan immediate danger seems to be no threat because the buyer had a very different, but the sale wagon have all chances to be affected — especially when you consider that this type of body in our country is not too popular. It is likely complications in my life the most powerful version of the «five», which «Tourist» is almost not inferior to the comfort and roominess of the trunk will give serious handicap.

In general, the car was very interesting and harmonious. Following the path laid by BMB-5GT, he nevertheless managed to avoid those flaws in design and construction, which have prevented the older cousin win wide popularity.

What we do not have

So far, that the GT 3 Series sold in Russia with two petrol engines of 2 liters capacity of 184 and 245 liters. from. Last modification of a mechanical 6-stu-stage gearbox, and the base — 8-band «automatic» ZF. However, the tradition of the Bavarians always adhere to the appearance of the most interesting versions. And now they promise that in the near future in Russia will be the top model 335GT, armed with 306-horsepower tvinpauerturbo volume of three liters and two diesel «Gran Turismo»: 318d capacity of 143 liters. from. and 320d, in whose motor hidden 184 «horses». In addition, mandatory and all-wheel drive vehicles are a proprietary system «X-Drive».

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