«Bodice Solana»

Many Chinese cars are still perceived as exotic. A «Chinese» with «machine guns» and does can be counted on the fingers.

Twenty years ago, «Solano», perhaps, it would impress me: in those days, when the sweet carrots do not try, and the accomplishment of simple Soviet man was «twenty-fourth» «Volga», any «nezaporozhets» seemed a real car . But today, when the «spacecraft» not only travel through the universe, but also go on the streets, it would be desirable in a modern car to see something really modern. Three years ago, I remember, we ride on the then completely unknown little animals on behalf of the «Solano» and expressed their creators fi machines, point them to a number of shortcomings. We did not like the rotten and characterless engine, we found lapses on the part of the suspension and noise isolation cabin. And what?

It is sad, but at this time absolutely nothing has changed. Also, unfortunately, the price is increased by 54 130 rubles. Interior is still decorated with a ridiculous imitation of wood, which is supposed to be ennoble interior designers, and actually performs the reverse function. And when did dare to take the driver’s seat, then fully feel the brunt of the steering wheel that maneuvers during parking requires considerable effort.

Yes, but for now, finally, the Chinese were honored to equip your car stepless variator, which should make life easier for the driver, eliminating him from the tedious process of shifting. Well, thank you! Maybe now, «Lifan» go better?

And again — alas. The new box is not graced the old «Solano». The first impression — the car does not go, and rolling. A feeling that you do not drive a car, and try to adapt to it. Something like trying to stir the drunken: the reaction to the actions of the accelerator is very sluggish, also more or less adequate response comes with significant delays — even fully pressed the gas pedal to the floor, I could not achieve the expected acceleration. The engine spins up to 4000 rev / min, and the car continues to roll slowly, tearing the air heart-rending cries of the motor — so much so that as many pedestrians turn! But even actively pedaling fails to stir «Lifan»: set speed is extremely phlegmatic, and there is no way to intensify this slow process.

I tried to play around with different modes of motion. The position of the selector gear selection, marked by the letters S, the matter does not help: it turns out, is not a «sport» and «snow». Another button marked with letter E, activate the eco mode. And, frankly, much of a difference between the settings I felt. And no other options — manual mode, the transmission is not provided.

Not surprisingly, the authors and performers in the specifications tactfully silent information on the acceleration to a hundred. And fuel consumption is traditionally the Chinese do not like to advertise. However, you have to be an incorrigible optimist, hoping that the new box will add the «Solano» vital signs.

As for the cost of improvements … Price variator has not yet announced, but if the engine is 1.8 liters requires a co-payment of 50 thousand, the CVT will cost no less than 20 000 rubles. But then the question arises — can add another 50 thousand and buy «Solaris»?

We decided

CVT certainly saved the driver «Solano» the need to change gears. But to say that the car has become easier to manage, it would not be entirely correct.

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