Botanical Reference

Botanical Reference

Motherwort five-blade — a perennial herb of the family Labiatae, 50-150 cm tall. Stem erect, covered with long hairs, slightly branched. Leaves are dark green above and grayish below, soft-fiber. The flowers are small, pink, collected whorls in the axils of the upper leaves. It blooms from June to September. On loamy and sandy soils on the edges, glades and clearings in coniferous and mixed forests is increasing all over the country motherwort five-blade. There are also other views -pustyrnik heart, which is different from motherwort five-blade with bare stems and smaller size flowers. Heart grass for cattle poisonous.

A useful composition

Grass of Leonurus cardiac contains organic acids (malic, tartaric, citric, vanilla, etc.), tannins, sugar, vitamins A, E and C. Rich in plant micro and macro. All of these substances in combination cause a positive effect on motherwort cardiovascular system.

We collect and store

Gather at the beginning of motherwort flowering tops nazhinaya sickle stems and branches. Dried grass in the shade at its sprawling burlap or paper.

The use of traditional medicine

Drugs Leonurus similar in action with drugs lily of the valley and heliotrope, but their action is much superior to them, especially in the treatment of cardiovascular neuroses and other heart diseases. The infusion and tincture of motherwort normalize heart rhythm, increased

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