Phil Tippett (Supervisor dinosaurs): We started with the scenes with brachiosaurus. It was very difficult because we have to learn a new technology. We wanted to show the undulation of the flesh. Therefore, when the lizard down the leg, you see the trembling of his muscles.

Candi Dean (director of photography): To remove plucking leaves, we hitched a rope to the top of the tree, and they delayed the first branch, and then abruptly released to branch straightened. Then animators erased wire and painted lizard.

Dennis Muren (Computer Graphics): We’ve been looking for a suitable landscape and finally found some beautiful ranch Lucas — no relation to George. We hastily photographed it, and then returned after the hurricane and found that all the vegetation is destroyed. So for landscape scene with Brachiosaurus we drew on a single photograph, the remainder of the first visit. We took photos of everything except water. I shot the water on the lake at the ranch Skayuorkera Ewok.

Laura Dern (Ellie Sattler): When we were with my 11 year old son watched the 30 version of the film released on the twentieth anniversary of the premiere, the first time I realized how many «park» touching scenes. For example, the first appearance of Brachiosaurus. When the picture was shot, we were looking at a piece of paper with a cross.

Sam Neill (Alan Grant): I remember I told Laura that we probably need to pass out from the magnificent spectacle that the audience will see on the screen. That’s why Alan Grant in the scene give way feet. Acting worthy «Oscar»!

Kandy: When Sam Neill children climbed a tree, we have fixed head Brachiosaurus at 12 feet (3.6 meters — approx. Ed.) Pole to pole and trailer dolly so that it can be moved. The children were easier to play, looking down, rather than a tennis ball.

Michael Lantieri (special effects): We had a few devices sneezing and emission of mucus. Steven called them «snot.» So he shouted, «Turn the snot!» Our device for firing metakrilom sneezing with green dye. Steven told us: «They sneeze cold. Hence, their snot — green. «

Ariana Richards (Lex Murphy): After the «Park» in every interview I asked, «How did you feel when you sneeze Brachiosaurus, and what have been made snot?» Well, how much can you talk about it! Tired already!

Gary Rydstrom (sound designer): Sneezing Brachiosaurus — a combination of a whale exhalation (great sound for the loud sneeze!) And enable the hose to the fire station Skywalker Ranch. I’ve been looking for the right sound for «singing» Brachiosaurus. In the end I slowed down and pulled a donkey braying. It was very nice.

Tippett: I remember we went to the mounting Michael Kahn, to see the first scene to the brachiosaurus. Installation was completed, but the music was still rough — think of «Henry V» Kenneth Branagh, an episode of a speech before the fight. The scene looked great. I said to Stephen, «You did this crazy son of a bitch!» He replied: «These are the words from the movie!»

Lantieri, God, Trike! We had enough of hardship, even when delivered him to the shooting.

John Rosengrant (puppeteer studio Stan Winston): Initially, Spielberg was going to shoot the dinosaurs in the halls, but then decided to remove the triceratops in Hawaii. Excellent solution — a dinosaur once fit into the landscape. Hawaiian dust and dirt made it more realistic.

Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm): This was the first dinosaur, which we saw during the shooting. He seemed to be a real beast. Lying, breathing, blinking … stunner.

Kandy: Stan’s team dug a hole and hid under the triceratops eight puppeteers who move it. When I stood next to him, I was amazed at how realistic it looks. If I did not know the truth, I would have thought it a live lizard. In our profession, it is a rarity.

Neal: He had a door in the ass. During the break, we get out of it three or four healthy boys.

Dern: His face was like the face of an old man. Glassy and watery eyes. I was amazed that she felt his breath.

Joe Mazzello (Tim Murphy): I was a little disappointed. The script had a lot of scary scenes, and we were brought to the triceratops, who just lay there and die. I would like to act with Tirex that could come with me.

Rosengrant: We were going to build a little triceratops. Lech had a ride on it. However, this scene was too long. Probably, so it cut Stephen … We shot the kid in the sequel «The Lost World.»

Rydstrom: I found a child’s toy, called Zube Tube. It’s a long cardboard tube with a spring inside. When I recorded the breathing triceratops, I breathed through Zube Tube, to add deep overtones. My colleagues were engaged in visual effects, pushed the limits of cinema, and I blew in spring.

Goldblum: I will never forget dinonavoz. Fortunately for us, it did not smell. He was a fake. But just now there is an ST version of the film, then maybe make smelly option. I’d like him to smell!

Dern: Dung was made of clay, mud and straw. On top of his anointed with honey and sprinkled papaya juice that flies hovered around. To me for twenty years, children come and ask: «You — that aunt who was digging in the poop?»

Kathleen Kennedy (producer) Steven says triceratops — his favorite dinosaur. Because the three horns are better than one.

Rosengrant: Tirex was huge.

We had to raise the roof in our workshop to fit sculpture.

Lantieri: It was as bad as a real Tirex. She quickly became a full-fledged hero of the film.

Goldblum: I grew up in Pittsburgh and went to draw a circle in the Carnegie Museum. Every time I walked through the exhibition of dinosaurs, I stopped and stared at Tirex. It was magical, mysterious, almost fairytale. So I was delighted when faced with him on the set.

Kandy: They ruled with the help of Waldo, a small copy of Tirex. Robot repeat exactly everything that is done with Waldo.

Rosengrant: The only problem with it was that it did not work in the rain. Engines robot were designed for a certain weight, and the water it overloaded. So in between takes we were running with towels and wiped it. We had a whole team of people that at night it was dried.

Martin Ferrero (Donald Gennaro): If it was not completely dry, he began to shiver and shake, as though awakened with a hangover.

Neil: When he attacked the children, he sometimes lost teeth. The roof of the car was littered with them.

Mazzello: They’re twenty minutes trying to glue the lost tooth, but he could not. The «Park» is a frame with Tirex without teeth. You can find it using the «pause».

Dern: It was so huge, that work with him was as hard as a «star» actor.

Rosengrant: We had a briefing on safety at work with T-Rex. It weighed 12,000 pounds, and engines had been very powerful. When we started, we’ve included flashers to members of the group have been particularly careful. He was dangerous and clumsy, like a bus.

Tippett: Every scene with him was spelled out in a separate line in the budget. I remember we took a couple of takes with a lawyer in the toilet, and I said to Stephen: «It will be great if we show how Tirex Man rips to shreds.» Cathy said: «No, no way.

We do not have the money for it. » And Stephen said: «Let it take off. We will find the money. «

Ferrero: That I proposed to Gennaro praying in the closet. I stole this part of the second «Godfather». But my other idea failed. If you look closely, you will notice that I have in the shot pepper spray on his belt. So I suggested to Stephen: «Come on, when dinosaurs me pull, I sprayed him in the face with gas?» And Stephen said: «Interesting idea, but no.»

Rydstrom: We zvukoviki know that sometimes, to create the sound of something big, you need to slow down the sound of something small. So I wrote down my tormented Terrier Buster toy to finally get the sound Tirex that kills gallimima and lawyer. Buster also given me a moan, which emits in «Terminator 2» guard the hospital, when T-1000 pierces his eye.

Dern: When we were shooting the scene with Tirex Stephen instead roared into a megaphone. I will never forget, as we have with Sam and Jeff laughed at.

Goldblum Steven growls than just decent. Steven growls impressively.

Tippett: Some paleontologists at the time said that Tirex ran at a speed of 50 miles per hour. I thought it was incredible. These dinosaurs were too big, so fast to run. Their bones would not sustain the load. So we did the calculations and found that Tirex ran at a speed of 25 miles per hour.

Muren: I then said, «Stephen, the warning» Objects in mirror are closer than seem «should be the driver’s side, and we have it on the passenger side.» He said: «It does not matter, so come down.» Indeed, while no one noticed.

Goldblum: The scene was parodied in «Toy Story 2»? Cool. We need to look.

Rydstrom: When the film was released in rent, a Japanese scholar said that I sounded wrong Tirex. They say that according to his research, they do not make no sound except the rumbling belly. Can you imagine five-hitter Rex, who growls and purrs? Here’s the difference between science and art.

Muren: It is unlikely that these Tirex behaved in the same way as our Tirex. They certainly were not as aggressive. When the bears stand in a threatening posture on their hind legs, they can stand in it only six or seven seconds. Tirex probably tired faster.

Jack Horner (Consultant paleontologist): These Dilophosaurus were larger than in the film. And there is no evidence that they had folds on the neck and they spat venom.

Rosengrant: This character born in pain. I think it decreased to distinguish from the raptors, and not to force it to compete with Tirex. The result is a lizard, which is not taken seriously. That terrible scene where it turns out that he is deadly.

Wayne Knight (Dennis Nedry): My character deserved such a death. I did not like is that I was dead behind the scenes. In the book, it was a bloody scene. Dino Dennis opened his head, we reveal how we can.

Kandy: Initially, it was assumed that Dilophosaurus walk. The scenery has been cut by half the trench, and to put the puppeteers. However, it seems plausible that the transfer movement of the lizard is very difficult. Therefore, Stephen decided that Dilophosaurus will suddenly appear in the frame. For example, to look out from behind a tree. In my opinion, the film is benefited. Dinosaur turned frightening and unpredictable.

Lantieri: I remember Steven shouted: «More water!» He wanted to keep the water and gushing from the hill. We ran all the fire hydrants, which have only been in the studio. More water was not. And Stephen all shouted: «Not! We need more water! «Then I said to one of my boys,» doused it with water, so he felt that enough water «Steven is still at every meeting tells me:» After all the water had to be more. «

Knight: Filming the scene was a nightmare. I always slipped, all has got dirty, soaking wet, weighed five billion pounds and barely walked. Full thrill!

Richards: Neither one of us during the filming did not see Dilophosaurus. So when we first saw the film, he became a surprise for us. And I’m glad that I did not spit it!

Rick Gelinson (the designer of mechanisms): We used a paintball gun to shoot poison in the ground. Saliva was made of methacryl and intimate soluble lubricants with added food coloring. We built a marker at the head of the dinosaur. Our lizard could spit really.

Rydstrom: When it thunders collar, it is, of course, the sound of a rattlesnake. What could be worse and more dangerous? When Dilophosaurus seems pussycat, he kurlychet like a swan.

Richards: We were shown a picture of a gallimimom, then we were taken to the hills of the island of Oahu, and there we ran, ran and ran.

Neal: We had no idea how it will look this scene. I could not even imagine it. But Stephen was a big megaphone, and he cried when we were doing something wrong.

Mazzello We looked around, and then they drew dinosaurs there, where we looked. So we took the decision, not the artists.

Tippett: Stephen improvise with the actors tried to improve the stage compared to what was on the paper. I suggested that when a flock of curves to the right, Joey shouted: «We are now potopchut!» Stephen said, «No, it’s indecent.» So he changed the replica on «See, they run here!».

Lantieri: We had to set the explosive caps at all points where the dinosaurs stepped on fallen trees.

Richards: We hid under fallen trees, and team members behind the scenes of their sway. When we later filmed a scene where I hold a spoonful of jelly, one of the members of the group held me by the arm and shook my hand. After the first take, I asked: «Can I myself will shake his hand?» They thought that I can not cope with this!

Mazzello: When was supposed to be T-Rex and eat gallimima, was replaced by a guy with a long stick to which was attached a picture with the head of T-Rex. The film worked so many talented artists, it would seem, they could draw the most terrible and the most realistic Tirex in the world. But no — the head was painted as if it drew a five year old child. I then wondered how Ian Malcolm: «Well, when this film about dinosaurs will dinosaurs ?!»

Rydstrom: Gallimimov voiced horse. I recorded the mare. I said, «It sounds interesting issue, when we give her stallion.» So grooms led the stallion and mare shrieked. Stampede gallimimov — it is the sound of running horses and cows.

Tippett: Since gallimimy — the ancestors of birds, they do not just run and follow the rather complicated procedure, as the birds in the flock. For example, parents of small gallimima surrounded on both sides to protect it from predators. Such details enhance the scene, because they affect the subconscious mind of viewers.

Horner Velociraptors in the film — is not so much velociraptors as deynonihi. These colorful and velociraptors were feathered. But we at the Museum of the Rockies have compelling evidence that deynonihi hunted in packs.

Richards: The scenes in the kitchen, probably — my favorite. We have two weeks of filming, and velociraptors were almost always on the court. Sometimes it was a guy in a suit.

Rosengrant: In the famous scene where the raptor growls at the door into the kitchen, dressed as I was. Sit there could be no more than 15 minutes because I had to play, bent double. It is very hard physically.

Mazzello: On my birthday we were shooting the scene where I’m hiding in the refrigerator. Raptor was on wheels, someone pushed him. In one of the doubles are not calculated, and the claw hit me on the head. I felt bad and I fell. When I came to myself, Stephen decided that the entire crew should sing me «Happy Birthday!». I received a gift hit on the head by a raptor.

Rosengrant: In the scene where the raptor claws snaps his feet, I ran. Complete madness. On the one hand, haytekovye video effects, on the other hand — I go, putting his feet paws raptor.

Goldblum: I filmed a raptor-kid, but I have not dealt with by adults to «Jurassic Park 2». I missed all the fun.

Samuel L. Jackson (Ray Arnold): I was supposed to fly to Hawaii and effektumeret in the frame. But the storm passed and destroyed the scenery. So I do not depicted death of Ray Arnold. It was assumed that I would kill raptors. I really wanted to play it!

Dern: I really enjoyed filming the scene where the raptors attacking us in the tunnel. I guess I just like to yell. Maybe because of this I have often laryngitis.

Rydstrom: I had no idea how should sound raptors. So I just picked them interesting animal sounds. For example, an underwater recording of the excited young dolphin. He made delightful scream when sensed a female. Nothing like the cries of Flipper. When the Raptor sizzles on Muldoon, is furious hissing goose.

Muren: I said to Stephen, «Come on in the scene where the raptor jumping over Lech, the computer will replace the face kaskadershi Ariana’s face to show the audience that this is supposedly not a trick?» Previously, this has not been done. In our film we had a million innovation.

Richards: The scene with the fall of the ventilation shaft in 3D has become even steeper. It starred mileyshaya tryukachka of Cirque du Soleil, but sometimes I’d love to say it was me!

Tippett: The scenario was that in the final edge of the skeleton T-Rex breaks through a raptor. Then he had to drop the jaw and kill the second raptor. I thought it was a complete mess. As a result, one of our art directors John Bell, Dennis Muren and I have the courage to come to Stephen. We said, «We need to come up with a better ending. This ending is terrible. » He could we say, «Let’s go to hell, it’s my film.»

Instead, he asked us what we offer. Then one day he called us and said, «I came up with.»

Lantieri: Spielberg knew what to do. He realized that the film should finish Tirex.

Rydstrom: I am often asked why we do not hear as Tirex taken in the guest lounge. Somehow, no one asks how he got there. There are in fact no door through which he could crawl.

Richards: All members of the group were presented with a signed model raptor Stephen. It’s pretty scary, so I keep her home to frighten visitors. She’s sort of the gatekeeper, or sentinel animals.

Goldblum: I have almost no Movie Memorabilia. I do not like to hoard things. I’ll distribute or rent a wreck, so as not to clutter up the house. But raptor I have is in a prominent position. I really appreciate it.

Dern: I put my model in his son’s room, next to his crib. When he was a little older and began to understand what is happening around him, he saw one night raptor. I had never heard such a scream. So I gave raptor deposited. But I hope that in time they do make friends.

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