The task of increasing the efficiency of rail transport requires the improvement of work organization. The most fully meets the modern requirements of production brigade form of organization and motivation, which is soon to become the main economy in the signaling and communication of railways.

Who distances networks created and successfully operate about 4.5 thousand. Brigades, which employs more than 36 thousand. Man. Experience of their operation has shown that the team can improve service quality and reliability of the device, increase productivity, improve the organization of work with subcontractors, to create conditions to improve the professional level of employees. The brigades of the new type are opportunities to further improve the organizational and political education work, strengthen discipline, allegations true team spirit, mutual demands and comradely mutual assistance.

Experience of implementing the brigade form of organization and stimulation of work on signaling and communication network was dedicated to school, held late last year in the city of Vladimir.

Many distances network teams have been working for a long time. However, the growth of technical equipment, the introduction of industrial methods of maintenance and repair of equipment led to the transition to a new type of teams — the integrated, complex, running at a rate of labor force participation.

As pointed out all of the participants spoke of the school, the organization teams is preceded by extensive preparatory work — carried out the transition to standardized schedules and assignments, justified loading crews in accordance with the instructions, technology and standards of the time, developed measures to reduce loss of working time. An important element of the preparation for the introduction of the brigade form of organization and motivation is the development of regulations on distances, which is determined by the composition of the teams, planning, valuation and accounting of their work, are regulated by issues of remuneration and criteria for calculating the KTU.

Before the transition to a new form of work is necessary to bring the device serviced in excellent condition. And, of course, should be carried out psychological training staff, explaining the advantages of Brigadier labor, careful selection of team leaders.

It is from this position suited to the organization of teams of leaders, party, trade union and Komsomol organizations of distances, where he successfully implemented a new form of work. On Vladimir distance Gorky road teams combine for more than 70% of operational staff at a distance Gomel Belarusian roads — more than 80%. It is planned in 1985 to translate into a progressive form of labor organization all teams.

With the introduction of new forms of work many distance go their own ways, different ways to solve problems. One of the most sensitive issues — the stimulation of work in teams, the creation of material incentive funds, rewarding team members.

In Gomel distance compensation of employees teams conducted in accordance with the current tariffs, rates and salaries. Bonuses teams teams performed in accordance with standards designed to distance the company «Encouraging employees distance for ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of high-quality devices.» During execution of the set volume at employing members of the team are set to co-pay tariff rates and salaries.

On the establishment of such surcharges used payroll savings resulting from layoffs, compared with the staffing, drawn up on the basis of the number of industry standards. When released one employee on surcharges use 100% of his salary at each subsequent release — 50%.

In view of the KTU in the Gomel distance distributed all kinds of collective bonuses, and the salary fund savings resulting from the release of personnel and unused for other types of collective payment.

Proper use of material and moral incentives played a significant role in the success of the implementation of the brigade form. Head of the Gomel distance L. Bogomolov gave two examples to illustrate this situation. 2-3 years ago it was not in proper order radiotsehe at the locomotive depot. On the hill was a large mechanized turnover. It was decided to combine the ALSN and radio crews at the depot, creating a single 4-replacement brigade. This reduced the staff fired careless workers who did not want to work at full strength, it remains to determine the normalized tough job and established a supplement of 25% of salary. As a result, increased productivity, its quality, increased real wages and productivity growth outpaced wage growth.

Different distances are solved on the issues of education fund bonuses. Due to the different sources fondoobrazovaniya — fund the salary and incentive fund — and different categories of workers (electricians — workers and electricians — ITR), there are certain imbalances and difficulties that are often an obstacle to the spread of a new form. Apparently, the General Directorate of signaling and communication MPS, labor management, wage and safety standards should be in conjunction with the USSR State Committee for Labor and Social Affairs to comprehensively discuss the issue, to legalize payment of bonuses Electromechanics and Senior electrician payroll, authorize payment of allowances Electrician for the management teams and Senior electrician.

During operation, the school network, the participants talked about another issue — the planning productivity performance signaling and communication. Network-wide standards for this indicator are not available, each branch of the road planning productivity «his» race. As a result, even within the same road targets of productivity at distances vary greatly. This means that businesses are not in the same situation, often almost the same distance from the technical equipment have different plans for labor, wages and others. Creating common standards will have a positive effect, will create stable foundations Brigadier implement cost accounting. The solution of this question — in the hands of planning and economic management, industry cupola.

Signaling and communication, implementing a new form of organization and motivation can be called pioneers. Specificity of the economy does not allow entire teams to transfer the experience of organizations in the industry. Therefore inevitable difficulties, problems and mistakes. Held the school network has allowed experts to exchange opinions and identified issues that need to be addressed. Much like the experience depends on the local initiatives, a lot has to do cupola. Only joint actions of employees at all levels — from the management to the Main Control — you can extend the use of progressive forms of work.

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