A car with comfort

Garage with a pit, rack parked motorists … Who does not dream of such a comfort? And while it is not true, we spend a lot of time under the car in the uncomfortable position Now — progress. Dmitrov Excavator Plant produced the first commercial batch of lifts — tilters. A major event! Model US-79m is for cars «Moskvich» and VAZ (except 2121). Consists device (s. A. Number 716968) of two similar lifters, linked by a cross-beam, adjustable feet, the safety devices and the bar. The construction weighs 95 kg, it can be transferred in parts (two seats), allows the machine to tilt 90 degrees and rotate during maintenance. It is worth 96 rubles. To learn more of the operating instructions.

N. Kirichek, bureau chief of consumer goods plant Dmitrov, Moscow. region.


Phone with stethoscope resistant against theft

The handset can substitute for cheap constructions like stethoscopes. Comrades of Home Phones MANAGEMENT USSR Ministry of Communications! Would not your interest, this idea!

In Smolensk, according to a local newspaper in 1980, 867 stolen phone and microphone capsules (mostly together with tubes) from 7S0 urban payphones. The tubes are cut off not only in Smolensk — a worldwide problem. Inventors constructional tricks are trying to protect the microphone and earpiece from theft. In the US, for example, set up a payphone, recessed niche in the wall and closed metal shield (where they steal the whole apparatus — together with coins), and the tube is made of steel. Her weight, however, is that the women had to hold the phone to the ear with both hands.

There payphone with a reservoir containing the «indelible» ink. They sprayed those who break or a bite wire cutters. But nervous people in the city a lot, a little carried away in conversation, became excited, pulled the wire — and win mark for ten days.

In 1969, I filed a request to the State Committee, I think, a crucial issue.

I thought, so as not to steal the mic capsules and phone, it is necessary to remove them from the tube and place in a massive, is securely attached to the booth housing. The tube is made empty within it there is nothing, so it does not need anyone.

The idea has prompted a stethoscope: the sounds of the heart and lungs are transferred to it by a rubber tube well. Checked — Connect to the handset home phone rubber tube with a watering can shower. The conversation is quite clear, no loss in sound speech virtually none.

Unfortunately, experts Sokolov, M. and B. porphyry Khilkov idea invention is not recognized — referred to the request of 1962. I looked application — it built-in microphone and phone directly to the body of the aircraft, and no tube. The tube I think is one of the most important signs protectable offered me the machine. (Also opposed to the application, it appears, too, was not recognized by the present invention.)

Over the past from the date of application of my 12 years in the country spoiled by a million payphones. Ruble each to repair — and that.

Forced, bypassing the State Committee, apply directly to the Ministry of Communications of the USSR and especially in the management of Home Phones: Do not be useful to you, fellow communicators, my application number 1297774 / 26-9 of 16 January 1969? The essence of it is clear from chertezhik and technical details is ready to announce the first request.

D. Demchenko, the inventor of Smolensk able

MY TRACTOR Screening

Ten years of working in the garden I designed a tractor with a range of accessories. UD-2 engine, transmission, suspension and hydraulic controls are located at the rear axle and the body — on the front. Such a scheme is possible to reduce the overall dimensions of the machine and increase the capacity of the body. The eight forward gears and two — back let you select the desired speed and traction and PTO — hang tools such as a mower Potato movement speed of about 18 km / h, load capacity — almost a ton. Another design feature: the hydraulic linkage allowing to move the guns up and down within about one meter and the transverse direction — up to two meters. This increases maneuverability. The car was so attractive that it has shown in 1980 the Belarusian TV is ready to share with readers some of the secrets of the structure.

E. Kurds. the foreman of the farm «Pastavy» Vitebsk.

This has not been

If I am not mistaken, motorists such a machine is not yet revealed. Her feature — a hard convertible top. In 30 seconds the roof retracts hinged to the upper part of the trunk and takes just half the usable capacity. The length of the car almost four meters, width-160 cm. The engine of the VAZ-2101. Rolling her 1971 year, mileage 97 thousand. Km. Those who wish can report design features.

B. LITOVCHENKO fitter Donetsk skillful

Everything is fine!

Letter complaining about the fact that by the self-made motor vehicles to find fault with the inspectors in the wording is not uncommon. We think that the publication of this material must configure the traffic police more sympathetic REGARD to at least non-standard bodies.

The idea was born unexpectedly. We sat — head of the traffic police, the chairman of the propaganda section of traffic rules in schools and combatant-car inspector — and discussed one of the «eternal problems» as mladsheklassnikov inspire respect for road rules. Sat. One of us, the owner of a motorcycle with a sidecar, lamented that again until get to the house, get wet to the skin. «What kuzovok not make like a wheel scooter?» — Was asked rider issue. And here we come to figure out how best to do anything else. Scribbled sketches. After some time, and he produced a body.

The cabin consists of a motorcycle frame, trim, windscreen, soft folding canopy with side windows and rear window. The frame manufactured from steel angle 25X25 with special flat footrests 8 mm thick and 50 mm wide. Boarding — from pieces of plywood boxes, fastened to the frame with screws. Leather remade: the width of the handlebars of the motorcycle is «Java» but race put a little higher and closer to the driver, whereby the effort it has not increased, and the control and landing become more convenient. Between the steering column and the panel above the front fork set rubber with organic glass (70×80 mm window for observing the speedometer on the move), rubber provides insulation. Tilt sewn from pieces of tarpaulin. On the left side — the low mechanical door latch at the bottom and top magnet. It allows you to open her legs a slight effort. The left window hinged and opens downwards and is fixed in the closed position the latch. Exterior plywood floor and the front bottom panel has an open space for cooling the engine. One mirror — the right side in the cabin, and the second — on the left side of the window from the outside. Motorcycle tank removed and replaced with another set — rectangular shape, on the trunk and is connected to the carburetor of a gasoline hose, and a piece of copper pipe.

Opens tilt back flick of the wrist, removing the clip from the corner of the windscreen frame. The rear window rests on the tank and frame tent folds.

The first tests were carried out at trinadtsatigradusnom frost and strong winds. Vigilantes-car inspector O. Grigoriev, the owner of the motorcycle, ventured to go to demi coat — so believe in design. Everything went perfectly: in the cab while driving heat, hands without gloves do not freeze. By the way, due to the heat from the engine is not misted glass even at 12-15 degrees below zero. There were doubts about the sail design. Tests have shown that the air resistance is not greater than the conventional embodiment with a splash guard and the windscreen. At a speed of 60-65 km / h excellent stability, control normal, even with a strong crosswind.

The appearance of our home-made on the streets constantly arouses curiosity: suitable for motorists, police officers. So we thought that readers would be interested to know about this homemade.

Morozov, head of the traffic police

V. Kotelnikov, chairman of the section

Gregory, combatant-traffic inspector in Voronezh

Replace you on the very hard work

One of the toughest jobs on the construction site — loading solution, sand, gravel on a stretcher. On large construction sites this operation still somehow mechanize, and in the countryside does not hurt either. I came up with a self-propelled loader, which allows loading the solution or bulk materials in a stretcher or wheelbarrow. The chassis, belt and conveyor, drive — that’s all. Engine — from the motorcycle Izh capacity of 27 liters. from. Using a chain transmission is driven scraper conveyor belt in synchronism with another conveyor and auger. Last capture solution or bulk material from the pile and delivers it to the scraper, and from him — to the conveyor belt. Speed ​​can be controlled in the range of 60 to 200 cm / sec. The loader is equipped with a gear on motorized wheelchairs, which allows him to move forward and backward, choosing a comfortable working position. There is also a steering transmission with traction to the front wheel, the hand brake on the wheel (this allows the machine to turn on a dime, braking one wheel). The rest of the components and mechanisms are collected from different machines — that was at hand from junk parts. Loader has worked well, and in the construction and distribution of feed. Ready willing to share with the technical details.

M. ALISOLTANOV Makhachkala


Sobral self-propelled mower exclusively of junk assemblies and components: frame — birch boards, steering and front axle — from an old wheelchair … Cloth cutting part of a horse mower has undergone minor alterations (facilitated). Behind you can attach a rake with 20 teeth. Wheel width is 120 cm, the transport speed of 30 km / h, and when moving equipment is lifted and mounted. I have been working for over 20 years as a driver, I have a first class because authoritatively declare — mowers patency is not inferior to the rover. The machine is tested in practice, and showed good quality. You can mow the grass, not only on level ground, but also on roadsides, in remote places. For private farming mower such a big help. Ready to share with readers the experience.

N. PO Art. Chernorechenskaya Krasnoyarsk region

PORTABLE Sandblasting

OUR PORTABLE sandblasters you clean ANY METAL PARTS rust, varnish, old paint and other contaminants. PRODUCTIVITY about a quarter square meters per minute. MACHINE manufacturing costs very low.

Sandblasting is particularly effective when you have to clean curved surfaces. There stationary sandblasting units, they are complex, cumbersome and affordable only to large businesses.

Our portable sandblaster produce in any enterprise. Scarce do not need anything.

This machine has been manufactured and within a year he worked at the Yaroslavl plant «Expanded clay.» I work reliably both within the department and in the open air pressure hose length up to 20 ° C meters. Use normal dry river sand. Personal protective equipment when working with conventional machine: glasses, dust mask, gloves.

Assembled unit on a welded frame. Mixer and shoe vibrator mounted on four springs and vibrate when the voltage across the coil core vibrator. This improves the movement of the sand storage container into the mixer. Some vibrations transmitted to the vessel itself and the drive that prevents the hang of sand in it. As a storage vessel used without alterations from the air tank ZIL-130. The vibrator is made of a conventional transformer MRF-250. The intake and exhaust valves — from the saturator unit.

Ryzhkov Yaroslavl

FALLING house does not fall

Galileo, by studying the mechanical features of the stems of plants, created a formula for calculating the static beam. It has been used until the beginning of XIX century. The great architect of the Italian Renaissance in the design of F. Brunelleschi dome of Florence Cathedral took a sample form the shell of bird eggs. The architect K. Melnikov in 1925 in the design of the Soviet pavilion at the International Exhibition in Paris, has designed its roof like the crown of the tree — the leaves of plates, fleeing from the rain, but not hindering the air and the sun. In our time, there were buildings, shells, flowers, leaves.

One of the main causes of plant structures of life — their «spring», flexibility, the ability to damp the load. For example, in the stems of grasses have especially arranged elastic hinges — dampers. It was observed that they play an important role in changing the forces and bending moments, thus very effectively using the space and the material does not break under very strong wind.

Kiev architect AI Lazarev designed high-rise building, «writing off» construction with the stem of cereals. This design with its damper device is particularly attractive for seismic conditions: elastic vibrations will help to avoid damage. The tower is designed from the drums, which are not bonded to each other tightly, and on the periphery, on the outside, covered with guys. Even bending, this design always works in tension (guys only stretch), which increases its resistance to wind loads. She barely swinging crack excluded because of its elasticity.

After examining the structure of twisted stems of the plant surfaces, support animal bones, shells of molluscs, and so on. E., The architects using continuous rotation of standard elements got twisted surface of the shell-shell. These so-called «turbosomy» may be used for the construction of high-rise buildings with a small bearing area (a. A. N9 718,569 authors S. Lebedev, VG dark). In addition, the thin membrane bends make the wind to glide over it, at least the surface cools and is not experiencing heavy loads: You can thin coating material savings without compromising its strength and heat resistance.

Grounds same columns fix hinges. Ropes will keep the column from falling, and themselves as taut as a string. Retaining the column will gain stability, the rope will become a stress-elastic elements.

Broad prospects are opened and before the transformable folding system (prototype — folding the leaves of plants — cuff, beech, maple leaf sprouting and covered with wide flat muscles animal bones).

The complex three-dimensional structure can be obtained from planar scans, putting them according to certain rules (a. A. №747955, authors S. Lebedev SV Ermakov). They can find the widest application in the national economy — building of tourist season and Pioneer camps, rest homes, a warehouse-ray facilities, restaurants, cafes, stadiums. If necessary, such forms of folded planes can be transferred to remote areas of the country.

Already tested convertible wooden structure designed for use in agriculture (temporary warehouses, greenhouses, folding in the winter), the construction of public buildings (covering over the pools, sports grounds, dance halls, etc.), In the building pioneer camps and tourist complexes, industrial construction, for example, is easily cleared plating shops. This convertible design is made up of wooden elements, the joints and the guys, it gives it the flexibility to take on various forms without additional elements (a. A. Number 755 972, the authors S. Lebedev, VV silence).

Architectural Bionics provides the ability to overcome the well-known gap between man and nature, which many say is true and in our days. She can do a lot to eliminate the harmful effects of urbanization, industrialization, for the construction of a harmonious connection with the demands of the population.

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