Close people

Close people

Agnes L. worked very hard, but never forgot about his family. The family was the center of the universe for it. For the well-being of loved ones poet did everything I could, and even more.

The closest and native

The first time Agnes L. married at a very young age: she was eighteen years old. Her choice was the blue-eyed handsome man, the poet Paul Barto, in whose veins German, English and Russian blood. This marriage of Paul Barto daughter from his second marriage Susanna says: «Agnes was more active and bolder. She chose Paul, called him her "Blue Prince", Won his his femininity. It was the first romantic love. «

Young people are fond of poetry, composing poems. The fruit of their joint creativity become poetry «girl revushka», «Counting», «Girl grubby». Paul and Agnes Barto was born the son of Edgar, whom everyone called Garik home. (At sixteen, the young man received a passport and changed his name to "Igor".)

Alas, the birth of a son not strengthened the young union. Besides poetry, young people nothing is tied. Parting Agnes L. experienced a painful, since she grew up in a complete family. Get out of this state only helped creativity. After the divorce, Agnes L. left itself the name of her first husband. Hard to break and this was given to Paul Barto. In the future, Pavel became known as the author of «Bird of poetry» and stories about animals. He was married three times, and family happiness found only in the third marriage. Friendship between the former spouses did not happen. The poet Yuri Sash recalled about their relationship in 1970, «L. Agnes was angry at him, he published some of their early poems, although she begged him not to do that.»

Unlike the first, unsuccessful experience of the poet’s second marriage was a happy one. It would seem that the representatives of different professions — Energy and poet Andrei Scheglyaev Agnes Barto — were quite different in character people. However, they have lived together for more than forty years and, according to close friends, almost never quarreled.

Scheglyaev are known Soviet specialist in steam and gas turbines, scientist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences. He taught at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, was the dean of the Faculty of power engineering; in its textbooks today are students. On Andrey often spoken of as «the most beautiful Dean of the Soviet Union.» In this marriage a daughter, Tanya, who are dedicated to the famous lines, «Our Tanya crying out loud …». Agnes L. and Andrey always supported each other, each of them has achieved great heights in his career.

The family lived in an apartment in Lavrushinsky Lane. From household trifles Agniyu Lvovna tried to protect, he is responsible for this nanny Domna Ivanovna. She came to the capital from the countryside to earn, and so it has remained in the family of the poet for life. To her opinion Agnes L. treated very carefully. Before you go for any event, the poet was interested in the nurse what she looks like. If Domna Ivanovna approve, so the house could go quietly.

What Agnes L. was not immersed in the problems of everyday life, it does not mean that it remained aloof from family affairs. Rather, it was a full head of household. Barto led household, when it was necessary to organize a family reunion, or do the construction cottages. If someone from the family became ill, she was doing everything just to the disease has receded. When, during the war Garik son was in the hospital, Agnes L. with great difficulty got out of his apples, which were then worth its weight in gold. The poet was carrying their son, holding a box in her lap, each apple was wrapped in a separate piece of paper. When help was needed absolutely a stranger to her people, Barto has acted in the same way: giving all power, just to help the man, got out of scarce drugs, for example.

The talented and capable young man, Garik dreamed of becoming a pilot. During the evacuation in Sverdlovsk, he enrolled in flight school and was going at the end go to the front. However, due to stomach illness he was expelled. On his return to the capital of the young man entered the Aviation Institute. However, he composed music and perfectly trained at the conservatory.

May 5, 1945 Garik tragically died. On that day there were no signs of trouble: the young man decided to ride a bike, and it knocked who went around the corner of the truck. The young man fell to the pavement and hit his head against the curb, death was instantaneous. He was eighteen years old. Eugene Taratuta, a friend of the poet, recalled that Agnes L., repressed grief, left to itself. She did not speak, did not eat, did not sleep. Tatiana Scheglyaeva in an interview, said: «This is the mountain left with my mother forever. Not a day that she did not speak about this tragedy. «

Strong in spirit, she still found the strength to return to work. Agnes Lvovna began to actively go to children’s homes. In 1947 it appeared the poem «Zvenigorod», which served as a starting point for the search for lost children in the war.

The daughter of the poet, Tatyana Andreyevna graduated from the Energy Institute and worked all her life in the Central Research Institute of Integrated Automation. She became a candidate of technical sciences, head of laboratory, was a leading engineer.

Tatiana had two children. The youngest granddaughter Natasha Agnes Barto dedicated the poem «We did not notice the bug.» Grandson Vladimir — poem about ruffs. It was rumored that the cycle of «Vova — a good soul» was also written for him. In any case, the name is often found in poetry Barto those years. Agnes L. was very close to Volodya, they often talked about literature, poet grandson showed drawings of the artist for their publications. Barto Vladimir taught to dance, it turned out well, but the ballet school, he do not. Over the years, the grandson of the poet became a mathematician, taught at the school.

Gen. children’s poet

At home, Agnes Barto often gathered academics, poets and actors — the elite of the Soviet Cultural Society. In many of the guests come, but in general — in the case of Bart rarely even celebrated their own birthdays.

«Agnes L. fend for themselves at once: got accustomed holding a pause, — said Victor Chizhikov book illustrator, author mascot XXII Olympic Games in Moscow. -When Well learned, the "She has enrolled a man to his soul". For example, my Olympic bear it considered creative success and, when possible, to help people think — how your family or just friends. Photo 1972, he flew at the close of the Olympic Games, the first called me: "I told you that it melted the hearts of the people"».

Barto and Rina Green families were friends. He was a poet and close with Faina Ranevskaya. Tatiana Scheglyaeva recalled how once Faina came to him to the country and found there Agnes Barto. We decided to wait, spread a blanket on the grass. Suddenly out of nowhere a frog jumped out. Fearing Ranevskaya jumped up and never sat down. Date then did not take place. When Agnes Barto came home, she tried to find her daughter, who came to what age a woman: young or elderly? The girl said she did not know. When Bart Ranevskaya told this story, Faina remarked: «What a lovely child! She does not even know I was young or old! «.

Although Agnes Barto and Andrew Scheglyaev were prominent public figures, special honors they did not use. The car, one for two, acquired after the war, the exhibition captured German vehicles. It was a «Mercedes» with a canvas top, one of the first of such models in the country. At that time, the famous «Victory» look much more presentable. Later in the family has a car «Volga».

At Agnes Barto never had even a single office. She worked in an apartment in Lavrushinsky Lane to the villa and the attic, where there was an old card table with eternal pile of books.

Cottage in the family, too, was not Barto state: it built at his own expense, on a site dedicated to Andrei Vladimirovich, as a member of the Academy of Sciences. When the site was chosen specifically took the farthest in the forest to the poet did not hurt.

For the rest Barto concepts did not exist even in the country. Tatiana Scheglyaeva remembered as the day after the celebration of the silver wedding Agnes L. village work. For her work has always been a pleasure, an outlet, an escape from troubles.

In 1970, her husband died Barto. Shortly before that he had a heart attack, and Agnes L. feared for her husband’s heart health; Meanwhile, it turned out that Andrei Vladimirovich cancer. The last few months of his life he spent in the hospital. Agnes L. was there all the time.

Barto surviving spouse for eleven years. Until the end of her life she continued to work actively. The last years of the poet began to fear loneliness: Try to communicate more with her daughter and grandchildren, friends. Until the last days of Agnes L. remained active and energetic lady. In January 1981, she had a great-granddaughter of Asya, that she could see. Even at its 75-le-Democracy in February, she danced. But a month passed, and Bart was taken to hospital, first suggested a slight poisoning. As it turned out, the poet experienced a heart attack. March 30 Agnes Lvovna felt better, it even moved into the ward. However, the April 1, 1981 she died.

Works by Agnes Barto not only will remain forever in the history of children’s literature. They will be in demand for years to come. After all, each new generation of young readers find them as their heroes.


The artist worked with May Miturich Agnia Lvovna and came to visit her family. He said: «I remember how we worked on the book "Swan Mountain". In the evening, along with Agnia Lvovna and her husband, who loved to draw, we sat in her cozy office, and I took out my illustration. After discussion, she put on the table "Cranberry" or brandy, but she almost never saw. After a while, Agnes L. leaves us with Andrei Vladimirovich. Our conversations often lasted well into the night. Even after his death Barto confessed to me that she knew then about the deadly disease of her husband. «

Miturich talked with Barto and in the last years of his life, «Agnes L. is often called simply to share their difficult feelings, a little mystical moods. I could only listen, empathize. She talked all the time about his son …. «

«We have not noticed BEETLE»

His grandchildren Agnes L. dedicated poems. «We did not notice the bug», for example, addressed the granddaughter Natasha:

We did not notice the bug.

And winter frame closed,

And he is alive,

He is alive yet

Buzzing in the window,

Violence in the wings …

And I call to help my mother:

— There beetle alive!

Let us open the frame!

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