Curlers and cabbage

Curlers and cabbage

Experimental verification revealed that the cabbage with the hole is much better preserved than the whole

To think that the life of cut cabbage is simple and serene, can only layman. First, inside of head is not soulless Stumpy, and the so-called stumps from the apical bud. Damage to the kidneys that lead to the death of all of head. Second, it continues to breathe and head cut off. Thirdly, breach of respiratory heat and cabbage comprehends «tumachnost», simply put, it is the inside black. Now that we have the minimum necessary knowledge, you can go to the point.

On bases made cabbage stored in bulk bins. Between Kocani, even small, enough room for air circulation and outer leaves do not have to be afraid, they have enough air. But the deeper, the denser the «packaging» of leaves in Kocani, and to the air terminal bud hardly comes, and heat transfer is broken. Here arises a simple engineering solution — to make drainage holes in Kocani, let them breathe. But for a long time on it no one dared. Holes in cabbage do? And then store it? .. Again, this can damage the apical bud. But in the end, at the Moscow Institute of National Economy. PV Plekhanov appeared invention: offered in Kocani cabbage prodelyvat from different sides drainage holes, but before reaching the apical bud. But there drawbacks. Since no through-holes, drainage is not very effective, and if they do the through, say, parallel to the apical bud, the head turns unstable during storage and transport can be a big loss.

It took another five years, and one looked at the Moscow inventor of cabbage, with a strong commitment. He says something like this. The cabbage has done a tunnel. And what is the tunnel without lining? The walls of the tunnel is necessary to strengthen, for example, as in the subway — Tuebingen. Without hesitation, I took AM Rukavishnikov his wife a couple of plastic curlers and even stuck in the drilling diameter at their head without disturbing the apical bud. Kochan put in the fridge, and on top prigruza made a thorough …

Between inventors and their wives sometimes appear complicated relationship. And now for the experiment was meekly given polholodilnika. While the cabbage it is, it tells you why. Rukavishnikov for some time ceased to run for Moscow in search of flowers. Buy a carnation in good time, in January, and the eighth of March wife teaches them fresh, as though from the garden. Flowers two months living in a plastic bag with the membrane, regulating their breathing.

So. Three months is «zatunnelennaya» cabbage, four or more, and everything is fresh, and most importantly, no infestation tumachnostyu …

At the suggestion of the Central experimental-design and technological research laboratory chemicals used in agriculture, where the invention was made on one of the vegetable bases Moldova three tons of cabbage laid deposited separately, dividing into three equal parts. One left control, the other to make a hole just before the apical bud, but in the third and did a through hole, and curlers found surprising purchase wholesale sellers that are not very marketable commodity. Summed up the spring was significant reduction of losses in the latter case.

Mechanized draining cabbage is easy as set up production of special inserts of plastic food. Inventor bother another: whether to buy the mistress’s wort cabbage. But if the psychological barrier would be insurmountable, it is a huge sphere of consumption drained cabbage — catering.

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