Data bank for PD-14

Data bank for PD-14

The issues of creation of a database of the characteristics of the structural strength of materials for PD-14 engine: the regulatory requirements of the certification documentation of the qualification of materials; test equipment; types of tests; necessary volumes of tests at different stages of the life cycle of the engine; workmanship samples.

PD614 Engine, the development of which is currently being actively JSC "Aircraft Engine" in cooperation with other enterprises "Criminal UEC"Must be certified in the IAC AR in accordance with Russian Aviation Regulations AP 33 and then validated in EABA in accordance with the European regulatory guidelines FSU".

Russian AP633 harmonized with European regulatory basis. One of the significant differences harmonized rules is the requirement for certification of the so-called special qualification materials aircraft engine [1]. The basis of the specified qualifications are testing samples cut from pieces of engine parts produced by serial technology enterprise supplier of blanks for the serial engine. Special qualification to be materials used for the manufacture of basic and very critical parts of the engine.

The special qualifications, the following test specimens [2 64]: tensile (stress-strain curve with the definition and characteristics of short-term strength); long-term strength and creep; low-cycle fatigue (LCF curves with the definition); many cyclic fatigue (with the definition of curves MnTsU, this characteristic is particularly important for materials forehead molasses turbine engine); the growth rate of fatigue cracks.

The result is the creation of a special qualification Data Bank structural strength characteristics of materials (hereinafter, the Bank’s data). It should be noted that the total volume of the strength characteristics of the material can be obtained from test results of a large number of samples sufficient to obtain statistically valid values ​​of characteristics of structural strength of the material. Namely, the material for discs "hot" Motor: the latter stages of the compressor and high pressure turbine 6poryadka 1800 samples; for single crystal alloy used for the manufacture of rotor blades theater more than 2,500 samples. If we consider that the engine PD614 special qualification to be 21, the material used for the production of 32 major pieces of sizes and very critical parts, it becomes obvious that the creation of a database of 6 process is very lengthy, expensive and time-consuming.

It was noted that the availability of a database of full is one of the prerequisites for the application of the most promising strategies III resource management for setting and increasing the assigned resources major parts (OD) of the engine.

Given the short period of time the development and certification of the engine and duration PD614 establishing a data bank, the following decision on the methodology of study resources ML: at the stage of the certification of the engine to apply II resource management strategy, which is based on the equivalent-cyclic testing OD at facilities and accelerating the stands; on the stage of development of operation, as the content of a database of the necessary amount of material properties and improve the reliability of the calculations by which the value is determined by the confirmation of the appointment of the resource to III strategy, go-to-use resource management strategies III.

This solution is allowed to divide the needed amount of research within the framework of special qualification of materials and engine PD614 into two phases related to the stages of the life cycle of the engine. In the first phase of a special qualification (for engine certification PD614 at the end of 2015) it is necessary to test about 18,000 samples; in the second stage (to ensure the transition to a resource management strategy III to the beginning of the development of the engine) test for about 27,000 samples. This volume of the test can be implemented in certain timeline only if the clock load test equipment.

Another important in the creation of the Data Bank is to provide consistently high quality sample preparation, which largely determines the performance and qualification tests necessary to obtain the minimum spread determines the characteristics of the structural strength of materials. For this purpose, "Aircraft engines" It is preparing for the commissioning of a unique robotic complex, which in addition to high quality samples will ensure production of 6006900 samples per month. This is the number required for the creation of a databank on schedule.

A few words about the equipment used to test the samples within special skills materials. The necessary high accuracy, reliability and durability of the equipment can only provide foreign specialized machines supplier firms such as Instron, W + B, Zwick, Rumul, ATS. This is a very expensive equipment. However, given the strategic importance of the principle of creating a data bank JSC "Aircraft Engine" established a research lab, which is equipped with nine machines of the above class. In this and subsequent years is planned for the acquisition of an additional 15 units of laboratory equipment.

Just undergone a significant upgrade testing laboratory FSUE "CIAM". Updating equipment Laboratory Testing Center FSUE "VIAM". It is accredited laboratories "Aircraft engine", CIAM and VIAM (laboratory accreditation is a mandatory condition for certification) is now in full swing test material samples PD614 engine in the first phase of a special qualification. Tune in all organizations the same: to perform the intended amount of research material characteristics of the engine PD614, ensuring in this part of its successful certification and thereby protecting the right to establish the Russian aircraft engines from the Russian Aviation Materials.

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