«Decide whether the» technically sound «standard time?»

Under the headline in the magazine «Atis», 1987, number 5 was issued a letter of employees MOUTH distance Nizhyn Southwest road. To the Editor received many responses to the letter. Here are excerpts from some of the letters.

Workers Brigade service devices ALSN Uralsk distance of Baikal-Amur Mainline write about the discrepancy normozatrat time routing repair decoder DKSV1. This they reported to the management of the road, but since then it took about two years, but no reply received.

In his letter, the comrades also reported the following. In the collection are specified standard time for a large number of operations, and on some of the same operation time allocated different. For example, the time by a single isolation relay is four times larger than the unit cell YES. It is not allocated at the time by a decoder DKSV1 rations, and they are there more than 300. In addition, the mechanical adjustment of a single relay contacts spent significantly less time than blocks. Access to a single relay contacts convenient and characterization without difficulty, which is not the blocks. The cells and SBC DKSV1 relay unit assembled horizontally, which makes the measurement of the armature stroke. The collection of time norms for mechanical adjustment of the relay decoder allocated 2 times faster than the same number of single relay. And on single relay, the optimal type of CRA rules of time.

In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Railways 06.06.86 № D17505 introduced a mandatory check of devices on locomotives ALSN during TO2 and the allocation of staff at the check in specifying said nothing. This work takes 4 times longer than prevention, for which the calculated state ALSN PKK. How to get out of the present situation, if still one electrician planned service 50 sets ALSN?

We all understand that the verification of TO2 made to ensure the reliability of the devices. However, paradoxically, this is the most reliable, is not favorable for the fitters depot. When piecework wage system the more faults, the higher the earnings locksmith.

We believe that not much thought into the organization of our work, and to increase productivity it is necessary to have a sound financial base and really reasonable standard time.

Employees MOUTH Kirov and Gorky road distances Shahunskoy indicate spelling collectors technically sound norms of time. They note that in the MOUTH not available in sufficient quantity gauges, benches, adjusting instruments. MOUTH different distances are not typical, equally equipped, so the standard time should be developed individually for each distance.

The letter also notes the lack of standard magazines for the mouth. The collection «signaling equipment», h. I have samples of magazines, but there are too many boxes as in a conventional journal impossible to fit.

Employees MOUTH Kherson distance Odessa write about the way that the so-called «new» stands for test equipment, much of which is already 20 years as a discontinued model, it is very inconvenient to work unsuccessful different location devices. Adjustment tool, coming at a distance, the work is simply not suitable. People are compelled to provide themselves with tools.

In a letter to employees MOUTH Kiev distance of Southwest Road it is noted that the time allowed to test equipment must be ordered, but not at the expense of quality. The charter railroad — they write — it is said that every employee personally responsible for the safety of trains, and under such regulations is impossible to guarantee the quality of products, for which, ultimately, cost lives. With the same opinions were made and employees MOUTH distance Petrozavodsk October Road.

Employees MOUTH Orenburg distance of the South Ural road reported that since the implementation of the collection of technically sound standards at the time electricians, controllers plan has risen on average by 30%, and in the Directorate of the Ministry of Railways signaling and communication is already preparing a new document on improving standardized tasks. «Where else to raise?» — Asking comrades and give an example.

Before checking unit SG76 given 14.734 norms and standards for new — 7,670 standards. It is well known that this is a very important unit and checks should be carried out efficiently.

In the MOUTH this distance people to cope with the norm, have to work during your lunch break to come to work early or stay after the end of the working day.

Note the lack of a permanent element base, tools, test benches workers Ekibastuz distance Tselinnaya road. Disturbs them and the poor quality of products manufactured Kamyshlovsk electrical plant. No device of this plant is not sent to the line without opening.

The comrades who signed the letter, did not wait for a formal response from the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Railways signaling and communication systems, and specific help and a serious attitude to their problems.

Employees MOUTH Apostolovo distance Dnieper road in his letter to point to the need to increase the time for adjustment of the relay AOSH2180 / 0.45 AOSH21, since the characteristics of these relays must be removed in three windings and put in 12 minutes, as it is written in the book, it is physically impossible. Obviously underestimated standard time for adjustment of the relay and PPRZ5000 IR5.

When adjusting the instrument virtually all the time does not provide for the replacement of relay contacts, particularly in the cells of BSDA, Bida, TSH65V and TSH2000V. Increase the time required for the repair and adjustment of the units set route.

The team MOUTH Navoi distance of Central Asian roads is only partly agreed with workers Nezhinskaya distance. Indeed, there is a deficiency of the adjustment tools, spare parts and instruments. However, the letter says, working time regulations, we believe that they are feasible. The new regulations have unrecorded time operations such as replacing capacitors, diodes, soldering, adding resistors MLT 256 blocks, but we found a way out of this situation. In the State of the RTU we electrician is not fully loaded, t. E. For each day there is 1 hour of free time, so all undocumented in standard time, this operation performs an electrician.

We think that in the other RTU can find such reserves.

We have given here only excerpts of the letters that came to the editorial office in which employees are asked to review the rules MOUTH time checking of signaling equipment.

All these letters were sent to the head of regulatory and research station on Labor TSSH MPS RD Chernyshova. That’s what she said.

The time allowances should facilitate the introduction of advanced technology works and ensure the overall growth of labor productivity management signaling and communication.

In accordance with the requirements of the provisions of the basic technical standardization work on the railways, the collection of primary material (photos of the production process) is carried out in the advanced workshops distances engineers Labor norms and workers groups in the valuation of labor services, signaling and communication.

The number of observations to develop time standards established in accordance with the provisions of the principal depending on the nature of the working operation (but not less than 5 cases).

Enterprises, on the basis of which the control check is performed norms of time in a production environment, heads of services selected signaling and communication systems, taking into account all the planned test coverage rules.

Norms time tested in a production environment by 26 signaling and communication 12 road: October, Belarusian, Moscow, North, Gorky, South-West, South, North Caucasus, South-East, Alma-Ata, Sverdlovsk and South Ural. In particular, in the South-West road test carried out at the Kiev and Darnitsa distances. Comments and suggestions of roads adjusted and taken into account when finalizing the rules.

The rules of time and economic benefits agreed with cupolas TSSH, TSNOT, TSZT, TSPEU, TSUSH, the Central Committee of trade union of workers of railway transport and transport construction.

In a separate instrument in the absence of network technology standards have not been developed. In this case, for example, instruments IVG TUC, VOTS220 local regulations must be removed in accordance with the basic provisions.

Given the comments made in the letter sent to the Editor «ATIS» normative research station conducts the following work.

On the Basis of the North road element by element standards of time units of the executive and typesetting ZTS groups and blocks automatic switching adjusted standard time, published in 1986, and sent to the Moscow, Gorky, Southwest, Southeast, October Road, which passed check 10 distances.

According to the results of this test indicating the MPS TSSHP54 / 20 sections V, VI, VII book «Typical technically valid standard time for inspection and repair of the equipment of signaling in the MOUTH» edition 1986, should be considered null and void. Instead, put into effect revised standard time.

In order to get a complete picture of downloads workers MOUTH, we recommend to calculate the state, including electricians reclaimers, given their load according to the norms of the collection, and compared with the actual contingent.

According to the head of the department of design and production technology Design Bureau of the Main Department of the Ministry of Railways signaling and communication I Yu fins on the basis of proposals Southwest and some other roads KB TSSH MPS in 1986, developed and transferred Yelets Electromechanical Plant MPS design documentation for the production of prototypes A set of tools to adjust the relay signaling. Trial operation of these sets is planned on three roads. Series production is planned for 1988

The aim is for 3 years to fully meet the new tool MOUTH all employees engaged in repair signaling relays. It was also decided on the processing of all other sets of tools manufactured Eletskii plant.

In addition, it is necessary to revise the standard forms of registers signaling relay parameters.

CB TSSH developing sets of measuring devices, including stands of inspection parameters relay signaling, MRC units, locomotive and other devices ALSN.

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