Courses of the Academy of driving «Mercedes-Benz» is traditionally held on the official training ground near Moscow FSO. For training provided vehicles with the latest technology security. You can help trainers courses selected on the basis of a special competition. At present, we have successfully started the winter program.

WINTER basic training

In everyday traffic can not exclude the occurrence of critical situations. The ability to quickly deal with them often will depend on your skills and experience. During the one-day basic training the trainers will introduce you to the world of traffic safety in winter conditions. You will learn the art of braking and control to a more confident driving in winter conditions and even in extreme conditions of traction to remain «on track.» Preparatory training for knowledge is not necessary, the only requirement is a valid driver’s license category B. The knowledge gained in the courses will be required for participation in the programs of the Academy of driving Mercedes-Benz next level.

SPECIAL EVENT -ZIMNY workshops in Sorsele

At 150 km from the Arctic Circle, in the Swedish city of Sorsele, organized a special driving course where you will find a real adventure. The acceleration and spread sideways movement at a speed of over 100 km / h on many kilometers, smooth as a mirror of the tracks — the acquisition of such experience immediately justify itself in terms of the domestic winter. Of course, stretching into the distance and the road, and the cars are optimally prepared for the extreme driving. Only the tires with studs anti speak for themselves. After traveling across frozen lakes and trails, you can warm up by the cozy fireplace, surrounded by the breathtaking landscape or soak in the sauna, then dived into the snow. In the evening you can enjoy a meal in the traditional Swedish Kotte to you with renewed energy the next day could plunge into another adventure — snowmobile tour across the expanses of Lapland. Of course, in the foreground of the winter special course is getting pleasure from driving, but nevertheless, here you will learn a lot in terms of security. After all, you will drive the car on thousands of square meters of Swedish trails, on the border of physical possibilities of technology. The event is one of the international driving trainings organized by the Division for the organization of special courses Mercedes-Benz in Germany. Event language — English.

For information on reservations, please call +7 745 26 00.

Conditions: 3-grade driver’s license. B. Duration: 5 days (4 nights). Available vehicles: * C350 4MATIC, C350 CDI


Price: 120,000 rubles. — For individuals, 130,000 rub., Incl. 25% VAT in Sweden, for corporate clients. Prices do not include airfare and visa fees.

* The crew consists of two people with a regular change of cars.


Do you want to learn even better control over the car after successful participation in basic training? Then the one-day training for advanced drivers, based on the content of the winter training base and deepen it, just what you need. Training for advanced drivers sharpen your instinctive actions that will improve the reaction and significantly enhance the ability of out of dangerous situations at high speeds.

Inna, as you know, you became «Miss Kaliningrad» in 16 years, and then took part in the «Miss Russia» and now «Mrs. Russia». Maybe we missed something. Tell us how to develop a career beauty queen?

Your information is correct, but not quite. I could not take part in the «Miss Russia» due to illness, had to leave the competition. Perhaps this was the reason for applying for «Mrs. Russia», which involved married women with children. Thus, I would make up for the failed experience of participating in beauty contests. As for my modeling career, she was short — in the 14 years my parents sent me to a model class in the 16 years I won my first title, then the disease does not allow me to participate in the «Miss Russia», but then I met with Yura . When I was 18, we got married at 19, I gave birth to Dima, and the family took the first place on my list of priorities. Is there in your family competition on the number of titles? I think that even if we assume that there is competition, the Jura never would have given me a lead. At home many medals, cups and other football trophies that my tapes and Crown lost on their background. So the husband — the unconditional leader, and so, probably should be.

How difficult is it to combine the title of most beautiful married woman, mother of two children and wife super footballer? No doubt there are difficulties in registration. The main problem — the lack of time, I can give yourself. Two little kids and all kinds of household chores take up a lot of energy, but a couple of hours a day when the children are asleep — for me as a gift. Naturally, you want to keep the brand and look good on a daily basis, to match Jure -sportsmenu and public man. However, in the first place is still family. I believe that this is the correct position of the modern woman.

In the circle of friends of your family more athletes or models?

Hard to say. Of course, many football players and athletes, but among my friends a huge number of beautiful women, whom he met another «Miss Russia» and a little bit later. So we can say that among our friends, and the same number of athletes, and spectacular women. I hope that in the future, take a walk on a few weddings.

According to our records, you recently offered to star in a movie in the role of the mother of the character Angelina Joe Lee. How true this information and when to wait for your appearance on the big screen?

I can confirm the information that the proposal was received. It happened right after the contest «Mrs Russia.» In Malta, flew one of the producers of the project under the working title «Saint Catherine». The film, he said, will be of a biography of the Empress, the main role is really going to invite Angelina Jolie, and I was offered to consider withdrawing the role of the mother of Catherine, when she was still a child. In principle, I can handle because I myself two kids, so that the role of the mother is familiar to me. The only thing you need is something to work — English, because to participate in the filming of his need to know at a high level. So it all depends on me. Which cars chooses family with two children, provided that the father of the family — football star and wife — a beauty queen? When I was 17, my dream was to get the rights and, of course, very much like to have your own car. In 18 years, I have acquired the rights, and spent some time behind the wheel. After the birth of Dima’s husband gave me a BMW X6, and I allowed myself to steer in his spare time. However, at some point is the desire to steer not exactly lost, but simply went by the wayside. So I was hardly a motorist. With regard to the choice of car I rely on Jura. He is a great driver and a passionate fan of BMW, so that every year we have a garage, new cars. Last new thing — BMW 7 Series. What holiday is considered the chief with his family (birthdays, Christmas, New Year, won the competition beauties or the next football trophy)?

Of course, the New Year! Birthdays of course we celebrate, and children love the holidays, but do not always get to meet the whole family (Yuri busy schedule of games and training). A New Year, fortunately, gives an opportunity to gather around the table all at full strength. This is a truly magical holiday. Given the opportunity to spend Christmas and New Year holiday together where you plan to celebrate the holidays?

Of course, here — at home! When living in London, was invited to her friends and family, but now celebrate in our house in Svetlogorsk. Coming to us a lot of friends from Moscow, Kaliningrad, from other cities, going to a big friendly company, and the night always turns in the full sense of the New Year. The main thing — is that going to really close friends, so New Year’s Eve in Kaliningrad for us — the main holiday. What do you expect from 2013?

I hope that the coming year will be as successful as the 2012-th, and even better. As for the big plans, I will continue its activities in support of children’s homes. For me, care for children has recently become the main purpose. I am confident that my victory, «Mrs. Russia» will attract even more attention to the problems of these children, and we can each find his family. It is very important that we do support children from orphanages, together with Yuri. We run events, draw, doing the cooking, organizing recitals. On this New Year one of the orphanages gave the bus. I hope that our work will bear fruit in 2013 and will help everyone become a little happier.

Your wishes for 2013 to our readers and the magazine «auto dealer»?

Journal I wish really big glossy future guests more interesting and colorful photo shoots! And all the readers — to find love and find their own happiness!

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