During the crisis requires cooperation

During the crisis requires cooperation

January 20 head of Kurgan Anatoly Elchaninov held a working meeting with representatives of non-profit partnership «Russian lift association» and General Director of JSC «Kurganlift» Nicholas Golendukhino, according to the information-analytical department of the Mayor and the Kurgan City Duma.

The theme of the meeting was the development of cooperation between the municipality and the manufacturers of elevator equipment.

As it became known during the discussions on the modernization of elevators of the city, the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services agreement with NP «Russian lift association», provides federal funding to upgrade the elevators. Among the conditions for the allocation of such funding — the transition to full payment of the maintenance of the house occupants, the use of lifting equipment produced in Russia, complete and timely development allocated from the federal budget.

— It is very advantageous for all parties offer. On the one hand, a part of anti activities elevator manufacturers and service organizations, including

«Kurganlift», will receive an additional order, on the other hand, the city will update the expensive lifting equipment due to the additional revenues — said Mayor Anatoly Elchaninov.

In this regard, the leadership of «Kurganlifta» charged with preparing information on the number of lifts and HBC HOA requiring replacement, a timetable for inspection of technical condition of the elevators in homes served by management companies to timely apply for federal funding.

The meeting also discussed the possibility of signing an agreement directly between NP «Russian lift association» and the municipality. As the representatives

Russian lift association, this document is more of a regulatory nature than financial. However, the existence of such an agreement will enable the manufacturing plant after the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of lift to supply equipment to the mound against future payments.

It should be noted that despite the lack of budget funds and delays in payments in the past year for a new lifting equipment, production plant fulfilled its obligations promptly and in full, thus avoiding large-scale stop elevators in


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