Efforts thread rolling can indicate misalignment thread rolling tool

German specialists conducted research as part of the project to create a control system for rolling machines showed functional dependence on each other forces resulting from the formation of the thread.

This raises the value of the forces subordinate to a single functional relationship, and deviation values ​​occurring in various models rolling machines, adjusted correction factor.

So there was a fundamental algorithm that allows you to create a control system for thread rolling machine, which has become a tool for setting thread rolling tool.

In the process of research also has been determined and the fundamental forces arising hierarchy. From the studies it was found that the greatest impact on the stability of the process of forming the thread having horizontal forces, the forces that provide the horizontal movement of the workpiece.

When conducting studies of the effect settings of the tool during the formation of the thread on the fastening products distribution power loads it was also found that depending on the nature of the equipment and change the nature of the values ​​of the forces. In practice, this meant that the adjustment of the instrument made in setup mode, do not provide a high quality product when the equipment starts to work normally. Technician, usually makes a preliminary adjustment of the instrument in setup mode, then runs the equipment in normal mode, monitors the quality of the resulting product and, if necessary, produces tailor the operation.

This procedure can be repeated several times, until a positive result is obtained.

This is due to the difference in the operation of the equipment at the adjust and normal modes. The speed of the slide, the intensity of lubrication in the deformation — that’s what makes a substantial difference in the power components of the formation of the thread.

Sensors IMPAX-SK with great accuracy are able to detect changes in the forces that arise in the process of thread rolling. Structurally, they have been combined with the adjusting screws in one unit. Thus, the two recorded vertical load sensor, two sensors register radial loads and two horizontal load.

Depending on the magnitude of the forces recorded sensors and positive or negative values ​​adjuster makes decisions on setting up the product. A visual display on the display monitor control values ​​fixed sensors helps the installer to make the right decision.

In the process of tuning the instrument fitter uses the data shown on the display, and depending on the current value of the adjustment produces thread rolling dies. It is important to note that the values ​​that capture sensors — are the values ​​obtained in the normal operation of the machine, allowing you to get a real picture of the distribution of forces.

Data from the sensors are supplied to the control system of a certain frequency that allows to control the whole thread rolling process, and not only at the stage of setting tool.

Again, that thread rolling on Fasteners is a highly professional work, which can handle only by specially trained operators with large production experience.

Creating a control system SKRollmaster®, according to its developers, it was to facilitate the task of preparing the staff for thread rolling machines, as well as reduce the time spent on setting up the equipment.

To this end, in addition to the algorithms used in solving this problem, in practice it has been identified and the mechanism of its implementation.

Management SKRollmaster® electronic system performs the following functions:

— measures the current value of horizontal, vertical and radial forces generated during the thread rolling;

— It captures the measurements of horizontal, vertical and radial forces at any one time the production process to subsequent adjustment adjustment settings;

— stores the received data in memory for possible later use;

— interprets the received image data in the current curves and displays them on the display of the control unit;

— It shows on the display control unit in the form of graphic curves combined current and saved values ​​of forces;

— It provides recommendations for configuring thread rolling tool at the rate of current values ​​and values ​​taken as a reference.

SKRollmaster® system can remember the settings that have been made. If the adjustment is carried out for the thread rolling tool on similar products, it is sufficient to use the serviceman before adjusting the settings to produce all preliminary operations. Then, after visual inspection if necessary, make corrections.

SKRollmaster® system does not allow to fully automate the process of setting up thread rolling tool. This is due to the fact that there are tool position at which the values ​​of the forces acting on value close to the optimum, and the resulting thread profile does not always meet specifications. It is this and does not allow all settings automatically.

For obvious advantages SKRollmaster® control system can be attributed to the possibility of its further development. By combining system SKRollmaster® expert system SKPart-master can create a data bank, received the information from each individual thread rolling machine. This single bank of data can take advantage of any serviceman working on thread rolling machine equipped with a control system SKRollmaster®. In this case, the setting thread rolling machine can produce fitter and less prepared, and the result of his work is of high quality.

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