Good deeds noted last year, beekeepers Koksinsky farm. Here, good people rose to some profession beekeeper became a family.

For 18 years of work in the apiary at FP Buhtueva not lost any family. Overwinter bees on the outside, under the snow. In 1962 he received from the 107 bee colonies by 90 kilograms gross honey. His wealth of experience Platonovich Fedot handed son Procopius. The son does not lag behind father to son got last season at 88.9 kilograms of honey from 140 families. The competition between father and son is continuing.

A. Kudryavtsev also inherited the occupation of beekeeper from his father. In the apiary he was born and raised, and has 17 years of experience in love. At 70.7 kilograms gross honey gave each of his 111 bee colonies.

Excellent results last season made another beekeeper sovhoza- Ivan Kudryavtsev. He received 128 families, 86.4 kilograms gross honey. It works on an apiary Ipat Ivanovic recently — 6 years old, but not far behind from the old and experienced beekeepers.

I would like to say to all beekeepers: «Take the example of our foremost!».

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