Great Life

Great Life

No girl in the world will not be able to resist the The Sims. Invite her to visit, offer tea, start the game. Create two characters and call them by their proper names. Try to achieve the maximum similarity is important. Explain the basic rules and Freeze nearby. From time to time intervene in the process to cut a joke or make a shoulder massage. The game, of course. The success achieved, believe me. All the girls love to play the daughters and mothers. A garbage thrown in The Sims with fantastic ease.

The Sims: Livin ‘Large — the first expansion for the mega hit Maxis. And it is hardly the last. The Sims confidently walks in the footsteps of Creatures … On a disk with Livin ‘Large fans will find 120 new objects as quite useful and necessary, and completely meaningless, but fun. A lot of new " Tilesets" will welcome individualists of all kinds. If desired, the average family home can be turned into Simpsons medieval castle, villa of Playboy Vegas or futuristic lab mad scientist of cheap series. Five new careers, nothing extraordinary, but at least some diversity; new characters, and — to the heap — and objects "Skins" (from the site plus the best examples of folk art) — here, perhaps, and all Livin ‘Large. Yes, almost forgot — the palette of relationships Sims added an action that is known and can be regarded as a fantasy … well, it’s just a game.

Some time ago I developed a theory of lodgment. Lodgment — it is a comfortable chair, a computer connected to the Internet, mouse in hand, a cup of coffee and a croissant with cheese bitten nearby. Once in the cradle, a man for the first time suffers. He feels that he is missing something important. What is real life, color and juicy, it goes somewhere nearby. But then he calms down, gets used. It becomes clear that the only acceptable existence is possible only within the cradle. During a stay in this cocoon, he gets the money. Outside the cradle feels insecure, he feels an inexplicable guilt, feels light, but almost narcotic desire to come back.

The only missing pieces in my theory was the time of day from 20.00 to 8.30. What happens to the person who left the lodgment on time? Why did he have the money, which are issued every month? What is the meaning of it, this man, existence? Answers to all these questions I received after the release of The Sims. Of course, he goes home! Remarkable The Sims became my cradle cap, the second half hourglass. Black fish with white eye on the Yin-Yang symbol. Everything fell into place. The Sims is the second place in sales in the United States, second only to Disney field of miracles "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", So — we are on track.

Fortunately, in The Sims no missions that need to take place, so the fact of the appearance Livin Large is not the usual in such cases, the irritation. The disc should be seen as … a new box of paints, or an extra set of blocks to a favorite designer. Fascinated by the people accept this gift with joy, and those who stayed behind, uncomprehending shrug and continue to wait for a rescue boat.

I am sure that the authors and do not set out to change the game. Fans of The Sims have formed quite a stable community, which needs no revolution. Meanwhile, one trouble has already happened: after the Livin ‘Large in the United States at the official website of the game Exchange closed swingers … or rather, The Sims Exchange. The format of the families of Livin ‘Large was incompatible with the internal data storage format on the site appeared perplexed pause … small technical problem, we apologize for any inconvenience.

On the other hand, called Livin ‘Large boring language is not rotated. Caught in a tight frame format, the developers were able to break away from the full program. In the game there were things for Sims who bored monotonous life, and exemplary customer wants adventure.

for example "Aladdin’s lamp". Wiping the dust, can inadvertently cause a gin and become the owner of the gold cup, whole fields of flowers or cherished pinball machines. With the same, however, the success you risk to burn your house, the floors dirtied some rubbish extraterrestrial origin or destroy relationships with its closest neighbors. Russian Roulette American.

Another joke by Maxis — compact laboratory "The young alchemist". Experimenting with different substances, your favorite hero could create a really useful tool that will replace him food, sleep, or the need for daily viewing TV series "The Simpsons". Oral use of an unsuccessful solution to make you invisible or, for example, will turn into a hideous monster raging, howling to be worn around the apartment, tearing cranes, clogging toilets, smashing televisions and cleaning their dishes. Do you recognize his younger brother? I’ll try to bring the tube to its neighbors and to treat potion that fool in a plaid shirt (I think his name is Vasily).

Most of all I liked the telescope: considering the evening star, you can accidentally detect a flying saucer and fall under the control of aliens. After "treatment" Strange sim turns into a completely different person. Can you imagine what a joy to loved ones facing.

Among other "unnecessary" objects is to provide a voodoo doll. Little doll solve problems in relations with unprecedented ease and gives its holder a lot of positive emotions. The main thing that your neighbor would not start a similar toy.

In other words, Livin ‘Large authors have tried to introduce more destabilizing items. Kind of extreme sports for lovers of leather sofas. Of course, among the 120 new projects, not all are so extreme. Say more, most of the things a lot less interesting than the gadgets that appear all the time on the site www.

Most important, I would even say, a key object in Livin ‘Large — this monstrous vibrokrovat went with his heart in the head. Along with the bed there is a desire Sims "playing in bed". Developers do not comment on this concept, offering each interpret it to the best of their own depravity.

But the real star of Livin ‘Large, outshining its radiance shaking the bed with a pink satin coverlet — a robot cleaner. Housewife’s dream and the dream of a happy player this thing worth some 15 lobaksov takes all the housework. Zhelezyaka removes debris washes floors, repairing utensils, preparing breakfasts and dinners, served them where she ordered, you straightens his tie before leaving the house and watering the begonias in the garden. It remains only to make those same 15 "Single".

C Select the way of life in Livin ‘Large is also okay. New features do not affect gameplay, but on the whole they are much funnier than the old ones. The Sims expands coverage, taking under his wing homegrown American misfits. You can try yourself in the role of The Big Lebowski (Dude, of course), devoted his life to contemplation, cleaning toilets and by giving to balls for golf. Computer related romance certainly choose career or hacker "Journalist game". The same job for a very non dusty. But the most interesting lives of the estimated future ParaNorman. Imagine yourself at the head of a whole religious sect, seated at the altar vibrating bed in an embrace with three beautiful neighbors and around — admiring flock and crawling robot cleaner for 15 thousand dollars.

In addition to all of the above, to the Livin ‘Large enclosed sea all kinds of wallpaper, which will please fans stand out from the crowd. Among the proposed "Skins" It occurs as a very decent and absolutely monstrous. Medieval motifs absolutely not fit into the modern architecture of the target building, but if you really go crazy on the basis of paranormal and alchemy, then do it seriously.

District 50 neighbors against five in the original version — for someone solid increase to pension and the opportunity to engage in purposeful breeding the perfect neighbor, and for someone — an extra headache. Fortunately, in the world of The Sims still reigns complete freedom. Do you want to — do not want to — we ask forgiveness.

The game did not run faster and still desperately in a hurry during a scroll; music remains old, and a TV and stereo system still produce sounds disgusting. Expensive! I’m at home…

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