Great powerful

Great powerful

Finally, the dream comes true — you have to acquire another iron. To move quickly through the city, without getting stuck in traffic jams, ukatyvat in cycling trip, or just to the bosom of nature. But before going to the field, do not want to learn how to use the newfound vehicle. Let each trip will be helpful and pleasant.

Choosing the Right Seat

This is one of the main points for the joy of skating. Firstly, if you have a bike, general purpose, and not a special female model, the saddle can be stretched and too narrow for you, because that is usually designed for boys. All, of course, individually and depends on the characteristics of the structure of the pelvis, but in general girls are shorter and wider options, the shape of which is better suited anatomically. So it feels for the most comfortable for you model.

And yet, contrary to the desired (which masquerades as common sense), the seat should not be too soft. If you’re going to fall into it, in a feather bed, then sooner rather than later, you will start to rub their own soft tissue. Choose moderately elastic seat that body rested securely in his ischial — «sedentary» — bones and weight on the fulcrum. There are also seats with a small ergonomic recess at the center to reduce pressure on the soft tissues. Try it — suddenly you will be comfortable at this.

Proper planting

While walking on the city bikes you can sit with a nearly vertical body when the wheel is raised above the saddle.

But the more intense your arrival, the faster and farther you want to race, the greater should be tilted, lowered the steering wheel below the seat. Housing cyclist who flies around the track, almost horizontal.

If the great sporting goal in front of you is not looming, but to maintain (and improve) health wants something even more important to choose the correct ride height. The more you took away, so, of course, initially frightening, but eventually useful. The lower — the worse the knees, and the rest is not so convenient. For example, if you have a back is not okay, you can just feel like pedaling at a low landing strains and pulls on the lower back. If you have such problems is not, so from this they will. Plus, when your knees in the bottom position is quite bent, and the top — almost touching the breast, legs much more difficult to put pressure on the pedals when climbing uphill or sudden acceleration.

How to avoid all this? To raise the seat up so high that you almost straighten the leg until the end, when the foot is at the bottom. Yes, we understand this is scary: you can not just stand on the ground with both feet, and slow down if the elk runs across the road from the sky or something had fallen. So that the effect gradually. Start with either a comfortable seat height, when you’re easy perching on large and easy to jump in if something happens. Then add on chut-hardly, at least a pair of millimeters in a week — and you will imperceptibly but surely assimilated, to get used to and humble. Then it becomes so convenient and easy that return to the same — ultra low — planting will not want to. Better to spend a little more on the selection of the height of the time at the very beginning and fun to ride over the years than in the near future to overload the lower back and knee joints, enlist hatred of innocent bike and throw it in the garbage.

What is the cadence and what you know about it

For the first time you hear? Under this beautiful non-Russian word is meant the number of revolutions per minute pedaling. When you’re relaxed skate in the park and pedals Do make a complete revolution in one second, your cadence is 60 rev / min. This is a good warm-up band. Gradually, you plant your feet and rotate frequently — most pleasing cadence at 80-100. Athletes go further pedaling twice as fast, but you’re so not worth the strain.

If your vehicle is equipped with bike computer, measuring this same cadence, just keep an eye on value. If this option is not — try to do about 1-1.5 revolutions per second, rarely exceeding this frequency.

Farther. Let’s say you got a bike with one asterisk between the pedals and one — on the rear wheel. Then you will always cut on one gear, pedaling more or less often depending on their physical condition, mood and inclination of the road.

But if a lot of stars, and on the steering wheel has a knob gear, everything is much more interesting. Lowering or raising the transfer, you change the distance that the wheel is rolled at a constant cadence.

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