Great social mission — to invent

Great social mission - to invent

The study draft Guidelines gives an idea of ​​how the next decade is qualitatively different from the past. A major new stage in the creation of the material-technical base of communism is characterized by a sharp increase in production and scientific-technical potential of our society. The development of science and technology should be subordinated to accelerate the transition of the economy to the path of intensive development. There is no need to prove that such a path is inconceivable without a large number of inventions and the effective mass of rationalization.

The task of the All-Union Society of Inventors and Innovators in the new etape- fully promote and encourage the mass technical creativity. It could be argued — not whether it was engaged voir since its inception? True, but we must take into account the new conditions. Our society is entering a higher level of development — and more complicated task. To understand and properly target the work of all organizations voir, all innovators «is useful to look at and analyze the experience covered.

You can start, though, with a mass voir. By the XXVI Congress of the CPSU society unites nearly 12 million members — is the mass organization of technical creativity. And what of the total number? It is to the people that promote invention and rationalization, and the direct authors of inventions and innovations. More than half of the members of society-the representatives of the working class and the collective farm peasantry, whose creative efforts every year by millions of innovations and thousands of inventions. Ho. unfortunately, the worse is the case with scientists. Sadly recognize inventions in a large number of academic institutions is unpopular. In the face of fundamental research inventions considered something of an afterthought. Some scientists persistently seek to publish their design, do not bother to check their patentability. We are still losing national priority, the opportunity to sell the license because of the inertia of these prejudices. And so, perhaps, not a sin to recall that the state spends on science each year more than 20 billion rubles. At this cost, it has every reason to demand that he did not bring unnecessary losses.

No doubt, the basic research needed. Many inventions are impossible without them. But first, and fundamental research in turn impossible without inventions, and secondly, they lose some extent sense unless crowned practical application, and which makes it possible to create invention. There are many examples where reasonably combined with one another.

Not by chance we are in a leading position in the world in the field of welding: Paton Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences has given the country a large number of inventions. much of which is practically implemented can refer in this respect to a good arrangement of invention works at the Institute of Solid State Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences, Institute of Cybernetics, superhard materials Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and others, but the fact that such examples are few today, and what a huge pool of highly qualified specialists lurking here for inventions!

On the question of prestige classes (science or inventions), we can not dwell on the promotion of technical creativity. We talk a lot about it. But things are measured by results, and results could be better.

…Offbeat engaged incomprehensible experiences, distracted, quarrelsome «but bestows close, and sometimes society the fruits of his work — that’s one of the most common stamps, which are often portrayed in movies, television, and some literary works. Most people to it once used to and are convinced that it is the inventor.

And among some administrators it is widely believed that the inventor — barrator, squabbler, tries to get into the pocket of the state and poison the quiet life.

And only those who are directly related to the invention and rationalization, it is known that the present inventor — a man of high professional training, a strong sense of public duty; innovator, which gives the public more than it receives in return.

Material costs in the invention and rationalization give great effect. Just last year, every ruble spent for these purposes in the country gave 17 rubles 40 kopecks economy. Not every research institution can boast of such a return. The system of research institutes and design Minstroydormasha this figure an average of no more than 7 rubles. And it’s far from the worst example.

Why still tenacious decrepit idea of ​​innovator? The explanation for this is, apparently, to seek and promote the formulation of technical creativity take, for example, the Central Television. Together with the voir it organized a series of programs «inventor.» The idea was good, but what came out! The date of transfer the selected working hours. To whom it was designed! On housewives? Is it any wonder that the popularity of transmission is not earned, and quietly died. A TV, with its huge audience, would be of great help in the promotion of invention show innovators, business leaders who are actively promoting innovation are themselves inventors!

Obviously, one of the major challenges facing the voir is all possible assistance to the prestige of the invention and rationalization Here it is necessary to use all available means.

Speaking of stereotypes ideas, I do not inadvertently highlighted the role of propaganda. There was a period when on invention and rationalization was considered a conditional economic effect. It seems to be no real savings, and one sound. The mistake will soon be corrected. And what then notional savings when the result can be what is called a hand touch. For example, in the Chelyabinsk region in the past five years innovators mechanized manual labor is not releasing «conditionally» 7332 workers. You can bring other examples, but they are well known. Yet still there is a perception that the effect of «conditional» So sometimes say: «Yes there rationalization! This money has not been seen! «Meanwhile, could be more than 6 billion rubles received from the implementation of the Tenth Five-Year Plan, to put into the pot. Money is something real, or what the enterprises to cover the unproductive losses? ..

Check the operation of the enterprises of the Ministry of Light Industry of Uzbekistan for example, showed that almost all of the savings derived from the introduction of inventions and innovations, went to cover losses from marriage, claims, fines and other reasons …

Voir uses different forms and methods of work, some of them obsolete and discarded others develop. Voirovskaya work is incompatible with the routine must constantly look for new ways to respond quickly to changing conditions. Here is an example of the socialist competition of innovators. Socialist competition has long been known, time-tested.

But it turned out that. Taking personal commitment, an innovator as it competes with himself with his conscience. Tensions obligation or too low — only he knows Take, as a rule, so that certainly perform.

I had at the time to consider and propose some form — the contract to competition. This innovator enters into a contract with a friend at work, on the competition and raises its obligations — one on your own. It happens to the competition is working innovator foreman or even master. That may not be going to take commitment to make rationalization proposals, but have nowhere to go: to subordinates uncomfortable fact that this form is more effective — there is no dispute. But while it’s still in the development stage. For engineers and technical workers a higher form of the competition are the personal creative plans. Here, the engineers take into account not only the technical proposals, but also lectures, other forms of community service. Hundreds of thousands of engineers have such plans, but still not all.

One of the important issues in the new five-year period is the issue of the reduction of manual labor, and the importance of invention and innovation work in this business is great. If we look at this problem in the country over the last fifteen years, it would appear that the workers, the percentage of employed purely manual labor, was less than 7.7, and they account for 32.8 percent. Shift! But between the absolute number of these workers barely decreased fact that. If the increase in production volumes is nothing new in the production process is not made in proportion to the growing number of workers in the primary and secondary production, including manual labor.

So it happened that in the last ten years in the country electrician increased by 40. 32 riggers, storekeepers — 29 ka, ka painters 25 percent, and so on. D. To solea statistics reflect clearly as is the case with manual labor, it is necessary in some indicators (eg installed power) workers engaged in a purely manual labor, to take into account separately. In the meantime, these workers make up one third of the total number of industrial personnel, and only part-time work and a sock in the country employ more than 1.2 million people. Inventors and Innovators can largely help in addressing this problem. For 1979 and half of 1980 in the country’s economy has been used 724 thousand innovations and inventions. designed to reduce manual labor. This will free up 280 thousand and 630 to facilitate the working conditions of thousands of workers. It seems like a lot, but the possibilities are far from exhausted. To further our success we were greater. you must use careful analysis to identify the real impact of invention to rationalize the growth of labor productivity, reduce losses. that «eat» the cost savings from the use of the invention can be properly aim the innovative idea to solve specific problems.

Rightly argue that the cause of the inventor or innovator to solve a specific task is difficult, almost impossible, if he is not ready to this district. Granted, the creative process, including technical, difficult to regulate and manage it properly, we have not yet learned. The way out is. to well-established, important for the production of technical problems brought to the wide range of work, then surely there will be people who will be able to solve them. If I may say so, voir task is to increasing the mass of the movement, increase the likelihood of an ideal combination of innovator and objectives. The inventor working on the problem. can create or create the invention, but respect for him, and in any case must be high. No wonder in its time one of the major scientists has been observed that the maturity of a society is characterized by its attitude to the inventors.

Talking about issues such as the effectiveness of invention and rationalization, it is impossible not to notice one feature. The process of using the inventions the company would be more planned and directed, if we had armed inventions developed economies. Knowledge of the necessary conditions for the use of an invention, the effects that it will bring, and with the prospect of long-distance, would help us to avoid many of the negative phenomena.

We say that the criticism helps to speed up the development of society. Invention and rationalization, in essence, — the specific criticism of the art and the organization of production. So we should be more attentive to the creators of new technology, create conditions for them to work.

Soviet inventors and innovators together with all the people of our country meet the XXVI Congress of the CPSU labor successes. In discussing the draft «Guidelines for the economic and social development of the USSR in 1981 — 1985 and for the period up to 1990», the innovators in the meetings of the primary organizations voir at conferences and plenary sessions expressed their willingness to make a creative contribution to the successful implementation of the planned planov- Ahead of us are big business .

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