Hell’s Angel Charlie

Hell's Angel Charlie

September 11 will start the sixth season of the biker-gangster series "sons of Anarchy". A native of Newcastle Charlie Hunnam — the main and most attractive face teleshedevra, and his beard is not running the most.

In his first Hollywood on 18-year-old heartthrob Charlie Hunnam landed in the hospital. In the second day of the Madonna she invited him to a restaurant. Rewinds 15 years forward — and find Charlie Hunnam on the set of the TV drama shamelessly men of today. Anyone who follows the activities in detail banditstvuyuschego motorcycle club «Sons of Anarchy» will not lie: Charlie — Brad Pitt modern TV. Especially that last July, there was a long-awaited breakthrough actor on the big screen — as the protagonist of the new monstrous blockbuster Guillermo del Toro’s «Pacific Rim.» So from what still carved out of the rock superstar of the future, and only dreams about to dump away from Hollywood and quietly grow hemp at the beds?

The creator of «Sons of Anarchy» Kurt Sutter noticed Charlie Hunnam as one of the hooligans in the famous apologia vesthemovskoy fan of the company «Green Street». But now that a native of Newcastle sleeping areas difficult to imagine without leather jackets, motorcycle and tattooed the logo «Sons of Anarchy» on the entire back. «When I’m riding the bike, I know more often than when I just walk down the street — complains Charlie Hunnam. — Well, while I perceive only one role. But in certain circles, I obscenely famous: if I appear on the biker gathering and begins shaped bedlam. «

Despite the apparent total kalifornizatsiyu, Charlie Hunnam still cherishes and nurtures a silicon inner core: «I was born among people who would rather be allowed fists into the matter, rather than run to call the police. My father — a northerner to the bone, grew up in Newcastle and there never will not go away. In the States, people accustomed themselves to panic, almost collided with the minor problem. Headache? Throws handfuls of aspirin. Slightly hungry? Drag ass in the «McDonald’s» and guzzle as they can at maximum speed. If I have a headache, I drink a glass of water. «

The actor became famous at home as a teenager — the role of young gay Manchester, one of the trinity of the main characters of the British series «Close friends». After the premiere the first series of the American agent called to Newcastle and called begins TV star in Los Angeles. 18-year-old Charlie came alone, staying in a hotel on Sunset Boulevard, bought a hot dog, took a taxi to the beach and … terribly burned. The evening ended in a hospital ward. The next day, swallowing pills temperature, Charlie answered the phone. A woman’s voice assistant introduced Madonna. «In response, I shouted:» I do not know who came up with the idea postebatsya, but go to hell, I’m not in the mood. » The voice said, «I was not going to make fun of you, sir.» Then it dawned on me that this is indeed one of Madonna’s entourage. «

A hundred auditions that Charlie visited in his first Hollywood three months ended zilch, but he decided to stay. Years passed, periods of unemployment grew longer: Charlie Hunnam not removed for two consecutive years, then, after the «Green Street» and a small role in the dystopian «Children of Men» — two and a half. Then there were the «Sons of Anarchy»: «When you’re on the go, you capture the feeling of complete freedom and the merger with the world. Feel the scent of flowers, and the smell of garbage. You — part of the world, not a rat in a box. I will be 35 when the show is over. My dream is to buy a small ranch to grow fruit and vegetables, their grass. Fry fresh eggs, write scripts, once a year in the movies. Start a family, dogs and cats. » These children are here now, my mother went to anarchy.

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