«Hot Swap» sound at Kazan airport

K. azanskomu airport in general and in particular the new terminal required a modern passenger information system sound, which would be integrated with other systems of the airport, for example, a fire system, evacuation system, table-at-summer departure, and others. Another important argument in favor of seeking a modern and productive system was an increase in passenger traffic by 21% compared to 2011.

The airport was considering various proposals from several companies, but chose a hardware company Vocia Biamp. This is easily explained by the fact that the system allows you to build a decentralized Vocia paging in a complex set of buildings, can be easily integrated into other systems of the airport, has all the certificates of conformity to standards of fire safety and alarm systems. Vocia also has an important functional advantages: the ability to transfer and convert text messages into voice. The voice can be male or female, to speak Russian or English with simultaneous notification to twenty zones.

The task was to install and run the system in a short time. The advantage of working Vocia via Ethernet made it easy to introduce new equipment into the existing network structure of the building.

The system installed at the airport «Kazan» can automatically adjust the level of the desired signal (voice messages, music) on the level of background noise. Given the fact that at different times of day passenger traffic is constantly changing, this feature provides acoustic comfort for passengers and performs norm NPB (fire safety standards), which indicates that the signal level should be above the level of background noise by up to 15dB. Furthermore, it provides the ability to record messages from the microphone and its transfer station with a delay, if the area destination is busy at the moment of transmission.

Paging stations support multi-level priority to provide identification for the individual operator PIN-code and reproduce the signal «gong» with independent adjustment relative to the microphone.

In addition, the platform allows the flexibility to expand Vocia system without malfunction. For example, now the old airport terminal closed for renovation, but as soon as it is ready, it can be combined with an existing network via a special «warm transition» between buildings, as covered by the sound notification. «Hot» replacement devices. In case of failure of any module can be connected to a new for a few seconds and without reprogramming the system reconfiguration.

The airport has installed more than 500 speakers RCF (including sound columns), messaging servers, the system «Text-to-Speech», devices compensate for background noise, paging stations, devices for emergency management in the 20 zones multi-channel power amplifiers and microphones beyerdynamic.

An important factor in the choice in favor of Biamp Vocia began a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, legendary reliability, and excellent after-sales service in operation twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

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