Autumn — harvest time. It is the most abundant and nourishing to go. But the harvest is important not only to gather but also to maintain, preserve vitamin reserves in the long winter months.


Onion removed from the ridges necessarily in a dry sunny day. Readiness is determined by the pen: it must lie down and turn yellow. In many areas it for better ripening bulbs specifically knocked — crush his hands to the ground, trying not to break the pen.

Torn onions spread in the sun for 2-3 hours, warmed to the bulb. Before laying on storage onions should be drier for 2-3 weeks in a well-ventilated warm room. This can be a porch, summer kitchen or attic. And can be dried in the sun, but only if there is no risk of fog and rain.

Onions spread in a single layer. The larger the bulb, the more time is required for drying. We dried out bulbs pen is easily separated from the turnip. Store bulbs in a dry place in baskets, boxes or hung in nets, braided in plaits.


Tomatoes shot in various degrees of ripeness: green, milk, brown (pink) and complete. In the food used fully ripened fruit. But for all the pieces fit and others. For example, it turns from green tomatoes very tasty eggs, and milk are better suited for savory snacks.

Most often harvested tomatoes brown. They reach maturity in the container, but to transport them more convenient than ripe. Collection of brown tomatoes promotes increased growth of the remaining fruit on the bush.

At the beginning and end of tomatoes harvested fruiting one once every 3-4 days during ripening mass — in a day. Shoot them better without the stem, so they do not hurt each other during transport and storage. Before severe frosts remove all remaining fruit on the plant.

Fresh green tomatoes are good for 2-3 months in a cool place in wooden or plywood boxes, pour sawdust. Instead of sawdust, you can use shredded peat. You can put boxes in a dry cellar, cellar or basement. At moderate temperatures, tomatoes will slowly ripen until December. Ripe tomatoes and spoiled regularly need to choose from the boxes.

By the way, our ancestors were able to keep fresh cucumbers in a tarred barrels. To this end, the barrel tightly stacked flat clean cucumbers, were sealed keg, poured resin and pritaplivali in the river. Without oxygen, as is known, oxidation does not take place …


The hardest thing to preserve fresh cucumbers. The optimum temperature — all from +6 to + 8 ° C. If it is higher, cucumbers lose their useful qualities or even fade.

After harvesting cucumbers not wash. They are placed in a pot with water tails down. Cucumbers should be water 3/4, it must be changed every day. You can wrap cucumbers in a damp cloth, put in an enamel pan and put it in the refrigerator. Lid cover is not necessary. And another way: put a plastic bag at the bottom of damp cheesecloth, then — cucumbers, close the top with a damp gauze and store in the refrigerator. These methods can be stored fresh cucumbers 2 weeks.


Taste and useful qualities of root crops is largely dependent on how much time and quality were harvested. Early-maturing varieties dig in 2 months, middle— 3, and later — through 4. The main sign that it is time to clean carrots — to begin to turn yellow tops. At this time the roots have accumulated nutrients, but have not yet cracked.

Carrots should be clean, dry in the sun. It is desirable in September, after a few sunny days. When podkapyvanii shovel should be placed vertically, 5 cm from the row that you do not accidentally cut the carrots. With one hand holding back at the root of the earth, and the second pull of the tops. Fold pulled out of the ground roots row in the garden to have a little dried out the land. When dig carrots, shake off her from the ground and cut the tops. Cropped roots once lay in storage.

If you leave carrots with tops more than 2 hours to begin withering root.

FRUIT temptation.

Belated or premature picking apples affects their appearance, taste and length of storage.

Apples are harvested at different times, depending on the characteristics of the aging grade. Maturity summer and autumn varieties determined by the fall off of the first fruits. Winter lay and collect deposited long before the onset of maturity.

To pluck the fruits correctly, you must firmly grasp the apple, the index finger should lie on the stalk. Apple lifted up and turn to the side. Ripe apples are separated easily.

Fruits of one kind, but different sizes stored in different ways. Therefore, after harvesting they should be sorted out immediately. For storage suitable only healthy fruit without damage. They lay in boxes, pouring peat, sawdust, sand. You can create a layer of paper. Store in a subfield, dry basement or cellar.

By the way, the duration of storage of apples hanging on the age and apple and lighting conditions. It is better to store the fruits collected from adult trees, which had enough sun.

I am going mug.

Everyone knows how much can be scratched until gathering gooseberries. And leave the berries on the bush too sorry. I would like to share their way as much as possible to simplify the task and did not hurt too much hand. It would take a half-liter aluminum mug and canvas gloves.

The upper edge of the cup opposite the handle, it is necessary to cut large teeth. About 2 times greater than that of the saw. On the one hand put on a glove, raise a branch gooseberry. In his other hand holding a mug and take her teeth on the underside of the branch. All the berries will be in the circle. However, then they will have to sort out, shake out the litter, leaves. But it’s not as scary as thorns.

Pepper and eggplant.

Peppers and eggplants save fresh as long as tomatoes, impossible. Even in the refrigerator they are a little more than a month. As a rule, the peppers are best eggplant.

Unlike tomatoes peppers and eggplants, for storage, it is impossible to tear by hand. They need to be carefully cut with scissors or a knife, along with the stem. Stow them in the stage of technical maturity. Overripe eggplant taste bitter, and peppers are perishable.

Eggplants and peppers removed every 4-6 days. Ripe fruit — elastic to the touch, have a distinctive color and luster.


Early cabbage and other cabbage varieties ripen in August. Stow it when it reaches a weight of 400 g and more.

Red cabbage stored in a cool place 3-5 months. The late varieties of cabbage are longer. They were taken to clean up in October, in the first decade.

In Brussels sprouts in late July — early August, pinch out the tip of the stem. This limits its growth and allows a larger form kochanchiki. Stow them in 2-3 hours, vylamyvaya first lower, then the upper as growth check. This increases the yield.

Stebleplod kohlrabi removed when they reach 6-8 cm in diameter. Overgrown become tight inner walls, deteriorating taste.

Cauliflower better pritenit. Otherwise, it could fall apart or turn yellow. Bits 4-5 are cut off together with leaves when they reach weight 250 g

Broccoli cut with a part of the stem (10-20 cm), which also goes into the food. To begin harvesting when the heads reach the size of 8-25 cm in diameter, before blooming buds.

Chinese cabbage clean sheet twice. The first time thin out (4-5 leaves), the second time pulled completely (9 leaves).

On a note! After cutting broccoli and cauliflower of lateral buds will grow new heads (4-6 cm in diameter).


Winter (arrow) taken to remove the garlic in early August, the summer — in the end. It is important not to miss the moment to do it before the heads begin to fall apart, otherwise it will be bad to lie.

In winter garlic signal the beginning of harvesting is the disclosure of wrappers on the bulb, and yellowing of the arrows. First collected intended for planting the bulb.

Arrows are cut 1 cm above the bulbs associated snopiki and hung under the roof to completely dry. After that, the bulb threshed and planted simultaneously with winter garlic.

Garlic dig fork, shake off the ground and spread out to dry in the shade or under a canopy. In the sun Bulbs zagrubeyut and acquire a greenish color.

Store garlic in a box, carton or other container with a moisture content of 75%, without changes in temperature.

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