In search of hidden metal

In search of hidden metal

The walls in modern homes are full of wires, plumbing and heating pipes and structural elements. Meeting drill with the reinforcing rod is likely to lead only to the need to alter spoiled hole, although this is due to the loss of precious time. But if the worker touches the drilling or wiring damage the pipeline, the consequences can be very sad.

How to be? Well, when the team has possession scheme of all communications within the walls of the house, but in most cases, it somehow does not. And here to the aid of metal detectors, the use of which, as practice shows, not everyone knows how to professionals involved in the repair and decoration, installation of kitchens and so on. D.

The detectors are a class of measuring equipment and available as a separate ad-hoc device and as part of multi-purpose devices. The principle of operation may be different from the conventional electromagnetic detection (the most inexpensive price category of equipment) and up to the ultrasonic method, which allows you to find almost any irregularities in the wall.

But, as in many other cases, the presence of the device in question does not in itself guarantee success solve the problem, the main thing to be able to use it. Very often you can hear, say, bought a detector, and it does not work. In fact, such statements from the «experts» are often heard in the address of any instruments, but with respect to the detectors expression «something for nothing is impossible» is particularly popular because of their use like playing a musical instrument it requires some skill and ability.

Thus, we consider the most simple and inexpensive electronic detector «Interskol» ED0,2. The device creates an electromagnetic field and measure if there is a sensor in the vicinity of the metal, it distorts the specified field and the unit immediately informs the user about it. The detector is controlled by a single button.

To get started, it is necessary to take it in hand, after removing the jewelry and watches, to bring to the site of the wall, exactly where there are no metal objects at a distance of 4050 cm from it, press the key located on the side of the chassis and hold it. After some time, during which the calibration is performed beep sounds, it means that the detector is ready for operation. Next you need to move it to the place where you want to detect the presence of pipes or wiring and carry along the test site, without releasing the button. At some point, you will hear a beep, and the built-in LEDs start blinking it shows that the metal is nearby.

Usually the device is first carried out several times on the same line, noting the place where it starts sounding and lights. Then, do the same procedure in the perpendicular direction, and also noted the pressure point detector. As a result, the operator can very precisely detect the most likely region in the presence of a metal wall.

It so happens that the device delivers signals continuously and it seems as if all the investigated wall is all-metal, although this is clearly not the case. So, we need to reduce the sensitivity of the device («rough up» sensor) should release the calibration, bring the detector to any metal object and then perform the calibration. The fact is that it reacts to the electromagnetic field, which may vary considerably in different locations. But spending a little more time to calibrate and further search of the metal in the wall, the operator finally convinced that the path of the drill will not meet any objects.

The range of company’s products «Interskol» there is another device — UPI10: universal measuring instrument which combines ultrasonic tape measure, thermometer, as well as metal detectors and wiring, which, in fact, make it interesting to consider in this article. Working with the scheme UPI10 constructed substantially identical to the above described principle of using the previous detector ED0,2, except that in this case the device does not «can» tune themselves. Including the need for treatment, here you need to select the desired sensitivity using the control buttons. At the front of the unit has a carriage, switching the laser pointer. When the device is used as an ultrasonic roulette token has the form of a point specifying the location to which the measurement is carried out, and in the mode of the detector beam takes the form of a plane. Finding metal or wiring, the device beeps, and the marked laser to study the surface of the line shows the plane of deposition of metal structures or electrical wires. After the detector along the same place, but in the perpendicular direction, the operator is the intersection of two planes, showing where to drill impossible.

It should be noted that the detectors are often used to search for items or mortgage, for example, the frame of drywall constructions, helping to get the screw in the rail when the blind. As a result, the installation process is much faster and cheaper, t. To. Dowels instead of the «Mall» or «butterfly» you can use the usual screws.

And most importantly, the cost of purchasing such a device pays off very quickly, one might even say, almost immediately, as the only hit of the existing drill pipe or wiring entails

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