In the headquarters of the elected «Popular Front»

In the headquarters of the elected

Last week in SAMARA founding conference of regional branches of the public movement «PEOPLE’S FRONT» FOR RUSSIA «. About two hundred delegates unanimously voted for the establishment of organizations and select the three co-chairs


All-Russian People’s Front (ONF) was created on the initiative of Vladimir Putin (at the time Prime Minister of the country. — Approx. Ed.) In May 2011 as a coalition of social and political organizations. In 2013 it was decided to reorganize the movement and its legal registration. To do this, set up organizing committees in the regions of preparation for the constituent congress of the Popular Front. In the Samara region a committee headed by the chairman of the Public Chamber, President Viktor Soifer SSAU.

The very founding congress held in Moscow on Russia Day, June 12, which were adopted by the charter and program, as well as the elected leader of the movement — it was Vladimir Putin. Name of the movement is also corrected: ONF renamed «People’s Front» for Russia. » Immediately after registration of movement in the Samara region started to prepare for the formation of its regional office.

At the inaugural conference, held last week, attended by about two hundred delegates. Opening the meeting, Victor Soi-fer said that in June was established broad non-partisan movement.

«President Vladimir Putin and the leader of the» Popular Front «has set the main goal — the consolidation of the entire population of the country for the prosperity of Russia. One of the tasks of the movement will be building a constructive dialogue between the authorities and society, «- said Soi-fer and offered to move to a discussion of the first item on the agenda of the formation regotdeleniya» Popular Front «for Russia.»

As a result of the creation of the regional branch of the new social movements have voted all present at the conference. Also at the meeting elected a regional headquarters of the «Popular Front» For Russia «, which includes more than thirty people.

Among them are such well-known people in the Samara region, as the general director of «TsSKB — Progress» Alexander Kirilin, rector of SSU Gennady Kotelnikov, Chairman of the Board of JSC «SMARTS»

Gennady Kiriushin. The basic backbone of staff accounted for teachers, doctors, intellectuals and social activists.

Also, delegates unanimously elected three co regotdeleniya. They were President Gray, chairman of the regional Public Chamber Victor Soifer, chairman of the Regional Federation of Trade Unions and Chairman Paul Ozheredov Samara Youth Union Regina Vorobyov.

After the conference, it was reported that in September, in Togliatti may see the local branch of the «Popular Front». The journalists said a member of the central headquarters of the front, the president of AvtoVAZ, Igor Komarov.

«Support of the» Popular Front «in Togliatti is a serious, and in September we will come out with an initiative to create a territorial branch in the city,» — said Komarov. He did not rule out that the department can join members of public councils.

«We have no restrictions, what structures can be integrated into the» Popular Front «. The main thing — that it was the people who are interested in changing the situation in Russia. I think we will discuss with representatives of the community councils participate in the front «, — said Igor Komarov.

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