In the People’s Democracies.

In November — December 1955 in Leipzig, the regular session of the governing bodies of the OIR.

International Broadcasting Organization (OIR) exists since 1946. The structure consists of its seven broadcasters USSR Soviet Socialist Republics «of the people’s democracy, as well as Finland. In recent years, broadcasters have entered FID of the German Democratic Republic, the People’s Republic, the Mongolian People’s Republic, the Korean People’s Democratic Republic and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

The session, held in Leipzig, heard a progress report on the activities of the Administrative Council a report on the financial activities of the organization and the approved program of activities and budget for 1956 RAE.

Chairman of the FID for 1956 was elected Director General of the Czechoslovak Radio Frantisek Nechasek, Vice Chairman: Deputy Head of the China Broadcasting VEI Ji-jae and a representative of the Finnish Broadcasting Rnssaien. There was also a Session II Programme Commission heard a number of reports on radio broadcasts (Radio Romania), the literary radio reports and stories transmitted by radio (Radio of Hungary), on television programs in the GDR, broadcasting for children and youth (from the experience of the Soviet radio). All these reports were presented by delegates with great attention and provoked a lively discussion.

At the regular session of the Technical Board 16 reports were read. Great interest was aroused by reports on television technology — «Mobile TV station" .Some Methods for measuring transmission tubes to the transfer of the image. Soviet specialists were read five reports «including» Methods for assessing and measuring the diffuse sound field indoors"»Distortions television image receiver when powered by an autonomous network and their solutions".

The technical commissions, elected offices during 1956-1957. Chairman of the Bureau for this term was elected the chief engineer of the State Radio Committee GDR — Probst. The next regular session of the FID decided to convene, in February 1957 in Sofia.

Sessions RAE governing bodies that took place in an atmosphere of exceptional efficiency, in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding, demonstrated the unanimity of its members.

Competitions radio operators skorostnikov-Czechoslovakia.

Central Radio Svyazarma 28-30 October last year held

II Czechoslovak competitions on reception and transmission of telegraph characters. The competition was attended by 35 people, including three women. We are fighting for the championship participants in international meetings — the master radio amateur sport

Chinchura G., J. Mrazek, W. Mauch, Marie E., and J. Gudets NYAKYI and young athletes I. Kos, L. Zoh,

A. Pleschinger V. Krzhenek, F. Zlatnik, V. Vitsgush, I. Shkopova, Mr. Bogatov and others.

Compared with last year’s competition sportsmanship Czechoslovak radio operators has increased significantly. 200 characters and is no longer meaningful text in a minute hand recorded six people, on a typewriter — ten people. 200 figures and more with writing on a typewriter and took ten people.

In the course of the competition were given new Czechoslovak records. 185 letters and digits 123.84 per minute gave way on automatic I. Kos, 80 digits per minute passed at a normal telegraph key B. Krzhenek. 240 letters per minute recorded by hand G. Chinchura. The same, but with a large number of errors recorded J. Mrazek and E. Marignac. 240 characters are not meaningful text per minute recorded W. Mauch.

According to the points championship in the men’s competition won by G. Chinchura (Bratislava), among female Shkopova I. (Prague).

Organize a team to train in the II International competition skorostnikov-radio operators, to be held in Czechoslovakia in the year. It includes G. Chinchura. J. Mrazek, E. Marignac, Zoh L., A. Pleschinger, J. Kos

Krzhenek B. and I. and G. Bogatova Shkopova.

In the towns and villages of China’s radio service towns and villages in China is becoming more widespread. In 21 provinces, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, as well as in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai in the spring of this year, will create 225 broadcasting units. Office for broadcasting eased for these purposes 450 thousand yuan.

In the provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Gansu Radio Committee made plans to expand radio network in rural areas in the 1955-1957 years. In Zhejiang, for example, plans to create more than 50 broadcasting centers and set more than 10 thousand radio sets collective listening, which will serve about 300 thousand peasants.

In addition to broadcasting the Central People’s Broadcast Station and local radio stations, rural radio centers organize special programs on agriculture.

To mark the eleventh anniversary of the liberation of Romania in Bucharest, it was commissioned the country’s first experimental television station. It is built laboratory workers the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. This experience was used by radio amateurs and professionals of the Soviet Union.

For shared television viewing televisions installed in the parks of culture and rest named after Stalin’s name on August 23 at the Technical Museum and the Freedom Park, the store «Electrical Equipment» and elsewhere in the capital. Workers are showing great interest in television programs experienced television center.

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