In your heart

Script writers — Boris Vasilyev, Cyril RAPOPORT directors — Shulamith Tsybulnik Galina Shigaeva operators — Mikhail Ivanov, Igor Mom artist — Eugene STRILETSKY composer — Alexander Zlotnik verses sound technician Robert Rozhdestvensky — TATIANA Chepurenko

Roles performed:

Tamara Zernov — OLGA Bityukova

Pyotr Trofimov — Yuri Grigoryev

Gregory Zernov — Dmitry BRUSKIKIN

Katerina — Olga Sumskaya

Onishchenko — MICHAEL Golubovic

Drobot — Vasily Petrenko

Polikashkin — Sergey Head artuchilischa block of wood — PAUL KORMUNIN chief of staff — ANDREW-armed Major GRAD — Nikolai Oleinik

Olechka — Alain Kostyleva

Dovzhenko Film Studios, 1986


Color. 8 pieces, 2163 m. R /

Number 1300386

3.6 / 3

One of the directors of the film «In his heart,» Shulamith Tsybulnik says: «The woman in the war. For a long time this issue will be one of the trembling in art and artists will always haunt its incomprehensibility. The woman, whose very nature is designed to grant life to continue living in the world, taken up arms … only great love, love for the motherland and hatred of the enemy can turn weak, delicate woman in a soldier’s soldier. It happened with the heroine of the film Tamara Grain. «

The war quickly broke into her happy life of a young wife and mother: in the first battle was seriously injured her husband. Having sent his little daughter to her mother, Tamara has decided to stay with him in the hospital as a nurse. But during the evacuation of the hospital Gregory missing. And she went to the front.

In one of the fights of medical instructor Zernov knock out a tank. On it was printed note in a piece of combat, and it helped her to enroll in the School of Artillery. After graduation lieutenant Grain was entrusted the command of a platoon. Here, Tamara has shown remarkable strength of character, will, flexibility of mind, strength of spirit.

Suddenly Tamara received a letter from relatives of her husband Grigory lived, and it should look in the rear, in the village of Voronovka. Went there, she learned that the forty-first year there was a bombed hospital train, the locals picked up the wounded out of them. Adjusting, they went to the front or to the guerrillas. And Gregory chose to stay behind the stove at the beautiful Catherine. When it came to these places, the Soviet Army, a former officer, betrayed the oath, had to atone for the blood of his guilt. Soon Tamara received notice of his death.

The war ended. The young widow married Peter Mills — the same commander who was her «godfather» of the battle, where she has lined tank. The younger daughter, who do not remember his real father. The family lived modestly, but in friendship and harmony. And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, there was Gregory. That «death notice» was a mistake …

At the end of the film, when Gregory will leave, never to come back no more, it will finally become clear and calm person Tamara, a person twenty-four women, who knew love and betrayal, victory and loss, awards and wounds. She stood, keep a clean heart, does not forgive lies and meanness.

The film is based on real events in the life of Senior Lieutenant Tamara Sychev, which during the Great Patriotic War, commanded a platoon of anti-tank guns.

Tamara takes the role of the Grain young actress Olga Bityukova familiar to viewers from the pictures «Hippodrome» (Natasha), «Silver revue» (Alabina), «Love. Waiting. Lena. «(Olga),» Georgia without marking «(Julia),» Through the years «(Vassa).

Shulamith Tsybulnik of the film and Galina Shigaeva belong to different generations. Spectators remember ribbon S. Tsybulnik «Quarantine», «Inspector of Criminal Investigation,» «Everyday Criminal Investigation.» For G. Shigaeva film «On the call of the heart» — a debut in the big cinema.


Promotional material for this film should be primarily targeted at young people.

In the text, select the topic and genre film. Remind some tapes of themes, such as «The Dawns Here Are Quiet …» «On those who remember and love», «Wartime Romance» and others. The picture can be included in shows devoted to the military-patriotic education of youth on «Glorious daughters of the Motherland», «The soldiers are not a woman’s face.»

Rent a movie is recommended to theaters in several cities (desirable youth) with discussion. Among the activities you can bring veterans of World War II.

Particular attention should be paid to the young actress Olga Bityukova. In the local press under the headings «The actors and roles,» «Actors of new films» put her small creative portrait. In the preparation of the text will help you Published: K. Ganelina. Olga Bityukova. — «Soviet Screen», 1985, number 14; Olga Bityukova.- «Sputnik moviegoers.» 1985 October.

RECOMMENDED USE: for Kinopanorama and television transmission — h. 4 or 6.

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