June 30, 1979, Lenin’s decree on inventions 60 years

June 30, 1979, Lenin's decree on inventions 60 years

Inventors and Innovators SOVIET UNION

Dear comrades!

Lenin’s ideas contained in the decree, determine the root principles of development of invention under socialism and opened up tremendous opportunities for the mass of technical creativity of workers.

Over 60 years of Soviet inventions has come a long and glorious path.

Under developed socialism, inventors and innovators are at the forefront of socialist competition for the improvement of production efficiency and quality of work, their creative work contribute to the successful implementation of labor collectives of national economic tasks.

The growing problem of communist construction require that inventors and innovators continue to have been among the right-flank of technical progress, quickly create and deploy in the production of advanced equipment and technology, aggressively sought to reserve for further growth in labor productivity, improve product quality, saving material and energy resources.

The CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers expressed the firm conviction that the numerous group of inventors and innovators of the country will increase efforts for the successful implementation of the decisions XXV Congress of the CPSU, the acceleration of scientific and technological progress will contribute to the creation of the material-technical base of communism.

USSR Council of Ministers

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