Compete on equal terms with the popular European cars «Sid», okay on the outside and cozy inside with a decent road performance and adequate price tag, I learned in the first of his generation. The only thing that is perhaps not enough «KIA» — individuality. The current «Sid» has become much brighter, and buyers have appreciated this change: a new car enjoys even greater success than its predecessor.

Yes, Europe, yes, expensive!

Like the first «Sid», the model of the second generation of Korean only by the name of: Vehicles designed specialists technical center in Western Europe and release a factory in eastern Europe. Outwardly, «KIA» is impeccable — the design team knows his stuff is great! However, he is able to enchant not only the exterior: interior landscaping puts «Sid» on a par with the most sturdy and respectable European cars. And his favorite hobby — not class generous (at least at first glance) equipment — Koreans used a hundred percent.

In short, the tools to win market share from «Sid» abound. However, perfection in this world, as we know, does not happen; Here and «Kia» has in its rich arsenal of not only the advantages but also disadvantages. And chief among them — the price: the notion of «budget car» with this machine does not fit already.

Even the basic «Classic» is 609 900 rubles. And for that money you get a car with a 1.4 liter engine, meanwhile, «Cruise» and «Focus» at the base of cheaper engines and have a 1.6-liter. However, despite a modest amount, the motor «Sid» gives to the surface 100 forces the most simple «Focus» has just 85 liters. from. Yes and equipping the «KIA» is very generous: six airbags, ABS, power accessories, air-conditioning and a sound system with a remote control on the steering wheel is already entered in the database.

It combines «Classic» with a 1.6-liter engine. However, the extra two hundred «cubes» of working volume marketers «KIA» was rated already 50 000 — I think it’s overkill. But buyers have nowhere to go, either regularly pay or resign themselves to a mediocre dynamics.

Oh, if you’re determined to pay more for a more powerful motor, is to look at the version of «Comfort». She is 30 thousand more expensive, but worth every ruble spent on it. She has appear heated front seats and steering wheel, plus elektrootopitel interior, which in the cold season will supply the car even before the engine has warmed up to operating temperature. «Comfort» and put fog lights with cornering illumination, the central armrest of the sofa with a pair of cup holders, the ability to change the force on the steering wheel, and many other pleasant things.

In addition, it is with «comfort» start «automatic» version — the most accessible of them will cost 729,900 rubles. In principle, and it is in these times is a reasonable amount for a comfortable, modern machine «golf» class — the majority of similarly equipped competitors is about the same or slightly more expensive.

Only in showrooms are usually richer set. For example, in the «luxury» has alloy wheels and climate control. A «Prestige» looks quite different because of the strip diodes in the headlamps and lanterns, it has ESP and Brake Assist, which in Europe are put even basic «Sid». Finally, the «Premium» means the electric lumbar support front seats, automatic parking sensors, xenon, and a panoramic sunroof … feast for the eyes! However, such a machine is under a million. Admirer «Kia» cold reason for the same money chooses respectable «Optima» or the more practical «Sportidzh.» It is difficult to get used to the idea that the «KIA» ask both the «Volkswagen» or «Audi» of the same size!

Yet now, in the wake of novelty, «Sid» sold in record numbers — more than three thousand cars a month. Although up to the leaders — «Focus», «Cruise» and «Octavia» — it is still far away. By the way, dealers have announced discounts of 30 000 rubles.

inside and outside

«Sid» can rightly be considered the most spectacular car in the wide range of «Kia». It is a kind of optimal balance between geometric verified «golf» frivolous and full-bodied «Astra». The brightest dash car — lights sprawled on the wings. However, the profile also did not disappoint — famously window line rises to the rear pillar. Smart, fast, and most importantly-not in the Asian succinctly: there in the guise of «Sid» hitrovydumannyh podvypodvertov, with which sometimes beyond measure addicted Koreans and Japanese.

At the gas station I found yet another confirmation of Europeanization «Kia»: Fuel tank flap lock actuator lost cable and lever in the cabin. Now access to the neck is opened by lightly pressing on the circular cover in the wing.

Car and praise for the way the doors close. Even portal trunk comes into contact with the frame seal with dignified noble cotton, not cheap plebeian clatter. Convincing!

Inside so comfortable that the interior and leave you do not want. Pattern on cloth seats, soft plastics around devices, curtain covering the front cup holders on the tunnel — it worked extremely soundly. Especially good «Sid» in black polished decor and a color monitor with a vivid, spectacular graphics.

Ideal? Alas. Someone who is familiar with the internal arrangement of «golf» or A3, the Korean car does not impress. Punctures, as always, lie in the details.

Designers Lord, thank you thank you for the human padded eyeglass case with a soft cloth! But why do you regret finish for the glove box? And in the door pockets flock, sure I would look great. But with the best specimens of all classes so. Perhaps the Koreans want to offer our customers something special — like a bottle opener, as the former «golf» or scraper for ice as the «Octavia»? Alas, these highlights from «Sid» no.

The right front seat definitely not worth planting high (over 190 cm) passenger — he will head to prop up the ceiling. The situation would have saved chair height adjustment, but for some reason it is provided only in version «Premium» price under a million. Instead, passengers will be satisfied with the sofa: the shape and position of the pillow allow not feel tired in a long journey. Shoulder room enough for a third rider, but molded back row just under two. An intermediate have to sit on a very hard and fairly high ledge, and the ceiling will be dangerously close to the top. And yet — on the center armrest in the optimal «comfort» the designers have not forgotten, but saved on air.

Trivia? I agree. But they do not allow you to put «Sid» on a par with honors «golf» — class.

behind the wheel

Most convenient to the driver’s seat yourself will feel the one who chooses «Premium»: only this version has a lumbar adjustment. But not simple, and the electric! Also, I think a trifle? How to say … Actually, I have long noticed: if the machine has some sort, even unimportant at first glance factory option, but in reality it always finds its weight, for surely eliminating any noticeable drawback. Basic and quite comfortable (seemingly!) The chair a couple of hours, the journey begins producing «push out» appearance. Only in the «premium» it can «bend» so that it perfectly takes me in his arms. But the range of longitudinal adjustment, thank God, is impressive regardless of the set: a colleague growth under two meters sat behind the wheel without problems.

More like pleasant like rubberized keys are rocking on the steering wheel. In fact, almost all of the buttons and the handle within reach of the driver are arranged in their places. It remains to complain about except that the location of the keys of the ESP in the immediate vicinity of the central locking buttons and seat heating: you can accidentally catch it with your finger, and thus deprive themselves of an essential element of active safety.

However, there is a «KIA» more serious disadvantages. Cover center armrest is controlled only by length, but not in height. And it is somehow lower than the door armrest. As a result, the driver’s left elbow always above the right — and close to scoliosis. Another downside: the handle «hammer» rubs against the end of the driver’s seat. Only in the «Prestige» and «Premium», where the parking brake is automatic, you will never have this problem.

By manipulating keys windows, I was overjoyed: finally have time lag relay, which allows the glasses to complete the movement even after the ignition key is removed from the lock. However, the algorithm of its work appeared slightly flawed: it is necessary to open the door — and the car is de-energized immediately, but why ?! A wiper blade altogether alien tact: when the ignition is turned off, they stop where necessary. Believe, I submit to the car unnecessarily high standards? But because of the price and demand.

But for visibility it can be safely put «excellent»: «Sid» makes it easy to do without Parktronic. Is that trehdverke belt line stretches too high — requires maximum attention not to miss a low obstacle to starboard.

Finally, for the silence in the cabin and the absence of vibrations «Sid» is not a sin and a gold medal to write. I often caught myself on the fact that more often than usual to glance at the tachometer: whether the engine? And this praise worthy of any version. Shine!

on roads …

As I expected, 1.4-liter engine «Sid» is not enough. At low and medium speeds the engine torque is very modest. Lack engineers have tried to compensate for a very short main pair, but this decision affected the convenience of torque control: to move from first to second gear come earlier than would be desirable. And how a temperamental character «Sid-1.4» can be considered only when driving in the city of light and turned off air conditioning.

A more powerful 1.6-liter «four» make «Kia» noticeably quicker and smarter, though it is not immediately evident. Up to two thousand revolutions machine very slowly, but it is worth adding gazku, the motor will start to bubble. After 30003500 / min «Sid» has already driven quite aggressively and yet remains remarkably quiet. In general, the dynamics of the machine «on hand» is quite convincing. Uncomfortable unless deliberately slowly uphill: involuntarily «replay» the clutch.

Yet a key advantage over the weak powerful motor is speed control convenience — we, of course, it is a machine with the «mechanics». In short, if I even think to buy a «Sid», then clearly it would have chosen this version.

But the majority are said sales mile «automatic». Smooth gear AKP outstanding. Yes, this «Kia» deprived of the vitality that finds «manual» «Sid». But the «machine» is a great start off. In general, however, quickly come to understand that the tandem motor box is clearly set on a quiet ride; and when you need to how to accelerate the gas pedal to work as if manipulating a switch. And after 4000 rev / min din of the motor starts to dominate over other sounds.

However, all this does not come as a surprise. Another thing — handling. When driving light machine’s behavior is predictable and reliable, and the boot becomes frighteningly dangerous. Having determined on the couch a couple of well-fed fellow, I was struck by how changed the habits of «Sid»: feed aspired to lose stability in the corners where the car just tenaciously held on to the path.

The bends «Kia» willing to be at the wheel and tenacity pleases, but at the junctions of asphalt insidiously seeks stern out. For the most part well behaved machines Semi rear suspension. However, «Sid» back bar is not installed, and an independent «mnogoryichazhka.» Anyway, dampers clearly would not prevent large power consumption. Vividly laxity suspension manifests itself in the «speed bumps.» At a speed of 20 km / h «Kia» drives them peacefully and gently, but is dispersed up to 35-40 km / h — get ready for a hard blow almost to the limiters.

With effort on the steering wheel, too, not everything went smoothly. In comfort mode, the information on it zero in the «sport» the steering pleased heavier, becoming almost perfect. But on a slippery road wheels suddenly turn into the slip instead to «dissolve» the wheel remains as tight.

…and without

On the primer without the need to better not to meddle. If you know exactly what you have to do it periodically, it is better to choose a different car — or at least «Sid» with automatic transmission «on hand» is especially clearly felt the lack of torque at low revs. There is a risk quickly burn the clutch. And do not forget to turn off the ESP — Electronics does not hesitate to choke the engine.

Another feature — the low position of the body above the ground. Under the front subframe, I intend to just 142 mm, the same distance separates the hard front mudguards from the ground. Under the thresholds in the base tape showed 190 mm, and the front bumper skirt is raised by 160 mm.

Finally, you need to be especially careful when parking in reverse. The bumper and the muffler fixed by the standards of cars are high enough, but the tow hook welded to the body quite mediocre. Heartbreaking clang out of the bumper can be heard even in a very harmless situation.

ship bags

Trunk «Sid» can be opened with the key fob, and rubberized button on the lid of the fifth door. The most capacious cargo hold with a low threshold and a wide opening has a wagon. In three- and five-door cars racks although equal in size, but «Pro-Sid» opening slightly narrower, and the ceiling above the trunk hanging below. Putting the couch into any car, you can arrange the cargo area measuring meter and a half. So even trehdverka I’m willing to admit is quite practical.

Construction of the optimal 5-door hatchback is especially attracted by the presence of fastening Velcro ribbons and hooks located on the sides and on the inner side of the shelf. So securely fasten fragile luggage is not difficult.


In the past year, «Sid» honorably withstood the crash tests «EvroNCAP», joining the group of standouts. It is gratifying that in Russia in the passive safety Koreans did not skimp: in all versions is hidden by six airbags, seat belts with pretensioners there-of, and active front headrests.

But with the active protection of all is not so rosy. As you already know, ESP and brake assistant has only two luxury versions of «Sid», with the «mechanics» of the same and does not get it. What is very regrettable, because if you overdo it with the speed maneuvering, then slide the rear axle starts too abruptly. So we’ll have to learn quickly to catch the moment «ascent»: even on wet asphalt tires «Hankook Ventus-Prime-2» machine is easy to go astern. Such overtures ESP is able to kill in the bud, and therefore there is stabilization in all European specifications «Sid».

Brakes only add fuel to the fire. Without brake assist, they can not always ensure proper deceleration. This is especially noticeable when braking on rough roads where «Sid» far beyond the scheduled stops. Honestly, it’s better to completely remove from the car ABS, you install it on a «cut off» system.

operation, maintenance

But with the service «KIA» is no problem. The company boasts a very wide network of service stations that stretches almost 80 cities of Russia. Most stores in the Moscow region — 38, as well as in St. Petersburg — 13. To carry on THAT «Sid» should be once a year or every 15 000 km. In this case, save the warranty of five years or 150 thousand. It is interesting that the cost of the work varies from dealer to dealer, although the overall maintenance costs similar to the cost of maintaining affordable European cars are.

The only pity is that the terms of the warranty are registered is not without pitfalls. For example, the replacement of brake discs, clutch, muffler or the wiper blades may be denied due to natural wear. But even if the dealer does not detect any wear and tear, you should still keep in mind that the guarantee they will end after 12 months or 15 000 km, and pounding stabilizer free replacement only up to 30 000 km. However, similar nuances attractive at first glance, the service today is not one practiced only Korean brand. Still a shame that in many European countries, the factory warranty on the «KIA» is 7 years, and the conditions of a free replacement of parts is much more loyal.

We decided

The popularity of «Sid» rests on three pillars: design, quality finishing materials and assembly, plus a generous equipment. However, a truly safe, bright and comfortable machine becomes only in the most expensive version of the «Prestige» and «Premium». At the same time, in any case, for liveliness nature could use a more powerful engine and other chassis settings. Today, when the selection in the «Golf» class wide as ever, «Sid» will not just be a bestseller. But the prose of life has proved many times that sometimes worthy of love and less prominent characters.

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