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Third Master of Orion

Sensational news for all fans of the global space strategy! Hasbro Interactive (stomach which rests the once brilliant MicroProse) announced its intention to proceed with a series of glorious Master of Orion. The game, which tried unsuccessfully to beat all and sundry, in the long years of existence has acquired a lot of fans, many of whom had to procreate and grow a beard. These same fans began to demand MOO3 immediately after the release of the second part and finally succeeded! According to official data completely, the third series of the famous game will be released in the third quarter of 2001.

Game: Master of Orion III

Developer: Quicksilver Software

Developer website:

Publisher: Hasbro Interactive

Publisher website:

Release date: 3rd quarter of 2001

News, much less joyful: SimTex, developers of the original game, nothing to do with the sequel are not. Responsible task of procreation «Orion» Publishers put on the guys from Quicksilver Software, which recently lit in such «successful» projects like Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus and Star Trek: Starfleet Command. Apart from the unfortunate name and dubious graphics these games are distinguished as a complete lack of gameplay.

In the course of operational investigative journalism found out that there is a Quicksilver on the software market since 1984 and deals with things other than games several orders of magnitude more serious — the creation of training programs for children and database management systems for thick dyadechek. Readers retirement age will certainly remember netlenku Castles, strategy game very original sense in which we were forced to first build and then destroy the medieval castles. This Quicksilver. In addition, many have to remember clone «colonization» — Conquest of the New World, not to mention the weight of the different variations of «Mahjong» for all kinds of operating systems, excluding a special version for the Japanese market. In other words, we have experienced professional losers, held in his body crooked limbs unborn Master of Orion 3.

What will it be, our long-awaited baby? The game will be turn-based, but moves will be made by all players at the same time and at a certain time limit. I hope that this limit can be increased to infinity. It promised a new, more complex plot and three times grew galaxy. But the main thing — the new «Orion» more attention will be paid to the political and social life. Fighting and economic growth — it’s interesting, but not all. Political intrigue, the collision of different forces within the Empire, revolution, rebellion, betrayal — all this will MOO3.

Tactical battle will gain a new life in real time. Obviously, the authors try to portray something in the spirit of the fashion Homeworld taking into account the experience gained in the course of work on the Fleet Commander. I do not know which is better — RTS strategy game in space or flat in the box … Frankly, both options already quite tired. Several fixed formations and the ability to get into the rear of the enemy army unnoticed — it’s all about what the committee members of Hasbro informed public. Narrow community try to find out other details in the process.

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