NEWS heavy and extreme music

NEWS heavy and extreme music

At the traditional meeting of the Association of Feng BonFest, which took place in the homeland of the singer AC / DC Bon Scott (Kirrimuir, Scotland), it was decided to collect 50,000 pounds for the installation of a bronze statue (in full size) of this famous resident Kirrimuira. Ronald Belford Scott was born in 1946 and lived here until 1952, when his family moved to Australia. Over the immediate execution of the order took sculptor John McKenna, also a big fan of the band Bon Osprey in general and in particular.

STATUS QUO announced the addition of drummer Leo his Cave. He quickly rehearsed with the group the entire program, and his debut performance took place on May 25 at the Festival Wolkenkratzer in Frankfurt. 34-year-old Leon also plays guitar and bass. June 10 Status Quo released the soundtrack to his first 90-minute feature film called ‘Bula Quo!’, Where the band members play themselves. The soundtrack is a double album and it will be presented to processed or live versions of ten classic hits Status Quo, including version "Living On An Island", Styled Fijian folk music.

THE DOORS keyboardist Ray Manzarek died on the 75th year of life. The musician died in a clinic in the German town of Rosenheim, surrounded by his family. Manzarek was the cause of death of cancer of the bile duct. Ray Manzarek, along with Jim

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach is one of the members of the new TV contest ‘Sing Your Face Off’, which will be aired on the television channel ABC. Leading the show will be actor John Barrowman (Torchwood ‘,’ Arrow ‘), and the five contestants will be among the celebrities every week to learn to perform the hits of famous singers. Opponents of Bach will be the comedian Jon Lovitz, basketball Landry Fields, the star of children’s television " Disney" China Anne McClain and former star of the TV series Lisa Wrynn. Released ‘Sing Your Face Off on the air is not declared.

Morrison founded the band The Doors in 1965. The team was one of the most prominent representatives of the psychedelic rock of the late 1960’s and has had a marked influence on the subsequent development of music. From 1967 to 1971, The Doors recorded six studio albums, most of which were later recognized classic rock. After Morrison’s death in 1971, Manzarek briefly became the frontman, but two albums issued in the next two years, is not a success, and in 1973, The Doors have ceased to exist. After the end of activity Manzarek The Doors released solo albums, and played a few bit parts in movies.

Former drummer died KROKUS Dani Crivelli. "Our sincere condolences to the family and friends" — Reads the statement of the group. Dani has recorded with the band one of the most famous and popular of her albums, ‘Heart Attack’ (1988). Well, while they themselves Krokus is still alive and has recently introduced a new drummer. Musician from their hometown of Solothurn Flavio Metstsodi sat behind the drum kit. He worked with the Swiss team and Fox with Stefanie Heinzmann. Well, I grew naturally on the music of Krokus: one of the first albums that he appeared — it was their ‘Metal Rendez-Vous’ (1980)!

ICED EARTH drummer Brent separated by Smedley "family reasons". "I have a family who for many years and whose fragile health, so I need them here in. Jacksonville … I just can not take on obligations related group busy schedule, so I decided to ask for permission to leave his post" — Brent said. He was replaced by Raphael Saini (Chaoswave), which will act in concert with the band this summer. Iced Earth named their new album ‘Plagues Of Babylon’ and plan to release it in October by Century Media.

Participants STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Pobert DeLeo (bass), Dean DeLeo (guitar) and Eric Kretts (drums) put the claim to the former vocalist Scott Weiland, stating that he ripped off a tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band for its chronic delays in the presentation and omissions promotions. They also argue that Weiland refused to communicate with and generally tried ostalnymishuzykantami "steal" this tour. "The group has gone through serious disagreements and fault Weiland has missed many opportunities" — Alleged in a lawsuit.

Razbzhuyu Kurt Cobain in a clip NIRVANA "smells like Teen Spirit" Japanese bass Zen-On put on the internet auction eBay. The price of the lot is 150 thousand dollars. There is no guitar neck, and she was placed in a protective frame, trimmed with velvet. The seller, a collector of guitars and curator group Motley Crue, indicated he is open for a reasonable bargain and a counter-offer price. The tool comes complete with documentation that accompanied its sale in 2012 at auction Christie’s, dedicated to the history of cinema and music (as we mentioned in the news №71). Then the guitar (also exposed without fretboard) Bid organizers hoped to gain from 24 to 40 thousand dollars. The final price of the auction did not disclose. On samom’dele guitar Cobain did not belong — it Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, etc. found in 1991 in some komissionke specifically for the filming of the video. In (the filming of Kurt Cobain took the bass instrument and smashed it. The remains of the guitar took it one of the invitees to shoot a video of teenagers who grew older, wiser, and sold the instrument at auction Christie’s. Exposed on eBay f pa comes with a certificate signed by him.

MOTLEY CRUE A fan jumped on stage at the concert of May 4 in the hall Spectra Place in the Canadian city of Estevan (Canada), and knocked guitarist Mick Mars. When the group sang a song "Primal Scream"He slipped on stage, faced with Mars and began hugging Vince Neil, after which it was tied up and taken away. Neil said into the microphone: "Perhaps we will return". And the band left the stage. A little later, they came back and finish the set. With Mars, all right, but his bodyguard Reno got two broken ribs. But Marsuzhe young and not very ill — he was 62 years old, he had ankylosing spondylitis. Because of this bone disease, normally linked flexible cartilage slowly grow together tightly — the spine, ribs … Mars sick 19 years and complains: "Seychas.- hard for me to even move her head up and down and sideways. So I can not drive and do such cases. Medications not, but doctors say it may be able to remove part of the bone … but it will still grow a back, but I’ll be glad to any improvement. If I could just move my head a little and stand straight, I’d be happy". However, Motley Crue April 21 opened the biggest tour of Canada in its history, a concert in the city of Penticton. Also recently Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil was asked to comment on the statement of bassist Nikki Sixx that the next studio album will most likely be the last, and after a farewell tour team fall apart. He confirmed everything: "Next year we are going to release new material, and then will be a farewell tour — we once again swept across the world, and then declare its dissolution". He said that the farewell tour will take place in 2014 — 2015 years. The reasons for such a decision, he simply said: "The time has come, that’s all". About a year ago Vince opened in Las Vegas strip club called "Girls, Girls, Girls". Cause he’s got going well. However, he intends to continue to sing songs of Motley Crue with his solo band and releasing solo albums. Nikki has his own radio show, and Tommy Lee wants to be a DJ … Last year, Motley Crue released a new song "Sex"Which was written during a series of concerts in Las Vegas. That, the first series of concerts in Las Vegas, held in February 2012 and consisted of 12 sold-out performances with pyrotechnics, aerial acrobats, special effects, the girls and the mass hits from all periods of the band from the first apboma 1981. Motley Crue in Las Vegas in September and October will give a dozen more such concerts.

Bassist 3 DOORS DOWN Todd Harrell was arrested for drunk driving, which caused a car accident that killed another driver. The accident, which police believe the culprit Harrell, occurred on April 19 in Tennessee. Bassist allegedly sat down behind the wheel drunk, at high speed crashed into a pickup truck who was riding in front of him. He lost control and flew off the highway. The driver of the pickup was killed. Harrell refused bail at $ 100,000 and is in custody. On the band’s website on April 20 there was a short message in which artists express their condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased driver. Harrell, along with lead singer Brad Arnold and guitarist Matt Roberts became in 1994 one of the founders of 3 Doors Down. The fame brought the team released in 2000 single ‘Kryptonite’ and the album ‘The Better Life’, which went multi-platinum. Total musicians recorded five albums, three of which went multi-platinum, and the two made their debut on the Billboard charts right from the first place.

Lena Yada wife DISTURBED frontman David Draiman and Device, a Japanese-American model, actress, professional surfer doubles and professional wrestler, decided to become a mother, and more! Couple waiting for their first child. Draiman and Poison were married September 25, 2011 in Texas. Draiman since it is not about pity — on the contrary, pointed out the beneficial effects of marriage on the creative process: "I think that when you suddenly become a family man, you have more reasons for concern, not only yourself, there are new relations with the world, a new life, new fears, new hopes and dreams. I think it will work very much on inspiration as a catalyst". Nevertheless, Disturbed are on indefinite leave from the end of 2011. In December 2011, Draiman said in an interview that during etogvpereryva plans "impregnate their wives and have a baby ^". It said ueyaelano!

After the big tour "Made In Germany 2oCiJSev12 » with Rammstein Deathstars Swedes finally start writing material for a new album. They came back home and ready to record, scheduled for July in the Studio Bonus. This will be their fourth studio album; name it, they have not yet invented. Along the way, the Swedes parted ways with guitarist Ketom Casino, which has decided to focus on other things. He gave a low bow to all the fans group and its participants for a nice time. Without it DEATHSTARS turned into a quartet — but a replacement, most likely will not look. And so come down …

Frontman Christian metalkorovoy group AS I LAY DYING Tim Lambesis arrested in the town of Oceanside, California and sent to county jail Vista. He did not Christian — tried to organize the contract killing of his wife, who currently lives separately. The musician was detained in one of the shops of Vista Way in Oceanside on May 7 after trying to negotiate with the killer (played by undercover police) about the murder of his wife. Information about the singer allegedly looking for someone who could commit murder for hire, came to the police on 2 May. The representative of the Sheriff’s Department San Diego confirmed the arrest of the musician, saying: "Aiming came to us late last week, and we reacted quickly. I believe that we will prevent more tragedy". But As I Lay Dying planned in May this year to go to the North American tour, however, in connection with such casus, it is not known whether the planned concerts will be held. Moreover, the later in the court, Tim pleaded not guilty and was released on bail of three million dollars. But if found guilty, he could face nine years in prison! After the hearing, the defense lawyer said that his client was the victim of "bases". But the prosecution claims that the musician once dropped in the gym, he wants the death of his wife. Then I met with him undercover agent, and the question of whether he wants to his wife disappeared, replied in the affirmative. Then he handed the envelope to the agent, which are thousands of dollars in cash and instructions, including a photograph of his wife, and the address of the code for the gate and the date when it can be "kill"Those days when he took the children, saying that it would be his alibi. On June 10 pre-trial conference is scheduled, and a preliminary hearing will take the tenth of July. Tim’s wife, Meggan Lambesis, filed for divorce in September, citing the "irreconcilable differences". Spouses at that time had been married for eight years and took in a family of three adopted children from Ethiopia. Meggan claimed that the recent behavior of her husband emerged "changes": "In particular, he became obsessed with bodybuilding, he spends a lot of time in the gym, swinging and hanging out, and does not deal with children". She also accused him that he spends too much money and talking to former girlfriend.

SOULFLY have signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Entertainment, a new division of the label Nuclear Blast, which was created by the owner of Nuclear Blast Markus Staiger and former head of department on work with the artists and repertoire via Roadrunner Monte Conner. Grurpa already started recording their ninth album, which has no name. As a producer, made famous by Terry Deyta (Pantera, Deftones, Soundgarden). Deyta previously mixed by albums Soulfly, but never produced the group. The drums for the new album will record the 21-year-old son Max Cavalera Zion, who recently toured with the group for North America and previously played with SOULFLY on a tour of Brazil in February 2012. In general, he began to contribute to the music even before birth — Zion heart (or rather, the fruit of which would later be called the same name), can be heard in the intro to the classic composition Sepultura "Refuse / Resist" from the album ‘Chaos AD.’.

HIM tour of North America, which was to begin on May 3 in Los Angeles, has been canceled — vocalist Ville Valo discovered bronchial asthma and related pneumonia. Ville on the eve of the first concert, backstage, there was quite a serious attack, and he could not speak. Later, he called a doctor to the hotel, he found the symptoms of pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics. But the situation has not improved, and had to cancel the shows. Management reports that the Ville for several months in a stressful situation — record the album, working on the design and advertising campaign for three different labels. Money for tickets to all concerts will return to point of sale. But HIM come back to North America in late summer when Valo cure.

Leif Edling, founder of CANDLEMASS, currently recording a full-length album from his new project Avatarium. He said that while composing songs together with guitarist Marcus Dzhidellom (Royal Hunt, Evergrey) and last winter recorded a few demos. They expressed interest in a few labels, but so far they have not signed any contracts and continue to record their debut album. Recorded participated drummer Lasse Skold (Tiamat) and singer Jenny-Anne Smith.

Drummer Darren Minter left the thrash band HEATHEN. He said: "With great regret to announce that after 25 years of playing drums in a Heathen, I left the band due to unforeseen circumstances and not to come with them to Europe with concerts in a few weeks. My replacement will be announced in the coming days … parting was friendly, and we do not have one group of hostility or negativity".

The authorities decided to confiscate the Indonesian capital of Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo bass guitar that belonged to the musician of METALLICA Rob Trujillo. The fact that Widodo turned bass Trujillo, became known in early May. According to the governor of Jakarta, the tool with the inscription «Giving back! Keep playing that cool funky bass! »(« I return the favor! Play this coolest bass! «), He gave a promoter, through which Widodo negotiated with Metallica about the concert in Jakarta. Widodo demonstrated tool on local television and told me that is a big fan of Metallica, as well as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Napalm Death. Anti-Corruption Commission of Indonesia suspected that the gift could be a bribe, and the instrument withdrawn from Widodo. After verification, it was decided to confiscate the bass guitar in favor of the state, as such a gift speaks about conflict of interest and could lead to a bribe. According to the Commission, the promoter knew Widodo is a fan of Metallica, and could expect to make concessions after such a gift. The phrase written on guitar ■ also talks about possible concessions between the promoter and the Governor of Jakarta. About that, what would be the fate of the guitar bassist Metallica, are not reported. Did Widodo agreement with a group of about a concert in Jakarta, is also unknown

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