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How to combine two jobs?

In pursuit of additional earnings do not forget about the rest, friends and personal life!

How to stabilize the family budget if the company reduced the working day, and with it a salary? Find a second post! Many would not refuse to work part-time, bring an additional income. However, before agreeing to work on two fronts, calculate your strength!

Pitfalls and undoubted advantages

From this type of employment as part-time work, the winner remains in the first place, employers. Judge for yourself: sometimes the services of an expert — an accountant, a designer, a lawyer or a journalist — we need every day, and periodically, and it is more profitable to hire part-time or to work on a flexible schedule. And what about getting off work concurrently by the staff?

• Additional income. This is the main reason why people are willing to sacrifice free time for another post.

• The chance to look at the different specialty. If you decide to change profession or specialty, job-sharing will provide an opportunity to «check yourself» aptitude.

• «safety net» in case of dismissal. Professionals working in two companies more confident about the future. If one of the employers for whatever reason not be able to pay salaries, no money «part-time worker» will not.

• New knowledge and experience. Work on two fronts is good and that allows to expand not only the size of earnings, but the scope of its activities and circle of friends.

• Time to rest. Holidays in combination provide at the same time with the release of the main job.

However, going to work part-time, be prepared for some unpleasant moments that may arise.

• «Time» pit. Agreeing on a second job, be aware that you often have to simultaneously work on two projects or to face the pads in time.

• Lack of free time, fatigue, downed mode of the day!

• fallback. If during your part-time at the post will be the main worker, you have to leave.

If you weigh everything and decide that they are willing to put up with all these difficulties, agree to such work.

Present dokumentiki

If you are asked to confirm their work experience, the second job may show a degree of education, vocational training certificates, certificates of completion of courses and even literacy. To present the work book, you do not have to: it should be kept by the employer on the basic work.


Part-time — is the employee who has signed an employment contract with another company. Only in this way you will have all the required by law to social security: not less than the minimum wage, paid leave, and contributions to the Pension Fund. So, you find a second job, a contract was signed, but whether or not to inform the head of the main enterprise? If both work on time, do not intersect, then why your superiors unnecessary anxiety? After all, it is not clear how such information will be accepted. Another leader, perhaps, appreciate your ability to keep up with all of the other, on the contrary, earnestly desire to earn extra money to treat and regard it as damage to your direct responsibilities. And in order to expand the safety net it can be a circle of your duties. And then you will be difficult to take on any additional commitments.

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