«Our strength is our partners!»

«Trading house» Sherbinskaya elevators «, Ryazan for several years is the official representative of» SCHLZ. «

His achievements says First Deputy General Director Alexei A. Gruzdev.

Q: Alexey, when there was your organization, what are the main areas of its work?

AA Gruzdev: Trading House «Sherbinskaya lifts» was formed January 13, 2004 in order to increase sales and to provide warranty service elevators Scherbinsk lift production plant in Ryazan, Tambov and Orenburg regions, in the Republic of Mari El, in Cherepovets, in Voronezh.

As part of the city and federal programs for replacement and modernization of elevators, our company has been actively involved in the supply of elevators in all these regions. In 2007 SCHLZ acknowledged our trading house his best regional representative.

Question: Please tell us more about what makes us «» Trading house «» Sherbinskaya lifts «to achieve such significant success?

AA Gruzdev: Firstly, our work is highly supported by the interaction with Scherbinsk lift the plant and its offices: LLC «Central management of» SCHLZ «Company» North-Western administration of «SCHLZ», LLC «Ural-Siberian management of» SCHLZ » . For seven years our Trade House sold more than 1,200 elevators and modernization packages. Secondly, the success of the company is ensured by the fact that in our work, we always adhere to the principle — consistently fulfill our contractual obligations to partners.

Q: Among the objects to which your organization has put Sherbinskaya elevators, which do you consider the most important?

AA Gruzdev: For us, all objects are significant, a lot of them. Nevertheless, I would like to highlight some of them which, in my opinion, deserve special attention. Ryazan is a shopping mall «Nisa» and the elite residential house built by «White City.»

The shopping center «NISA» set freight elevator PG-0505 MW (AC) load capacity of 500 kg, the dimensions of the mine — 1700 x 1700 mm dimensions of the cockpit — 1000 x 1500 x 2300 mm, opening the door — 950 x 2300 mm. It is especially necessary to emphasize the increased height of the cabin, thanks to which the customer is easily solved the problem of delivery of non-standard sizes of household appliances (refrigerators, three-chamber profiles, etc.). This confirms the real possibility of the plant in the implementation of complex technical requirements.

The luxury residential building in the streets of Liberty set passenger lift brand PP-0601SCH. Coupe and the car door of the elevator finished with textured stainless steel ceiling — polished stainless steel, the lighting is made in the style of «starry sky». Residents of the home are proud of this original design of the elevator.

Question: This elevator has some additional functional benefits?

AA Gruzdev: calling and mandative posts manned elevator push-button switches of the German company SCHAEFER. As is known, this company — a world leader in the production of peripheral electronics elevator. The components of production are installed on the Eiffel Tower and the residence of the sheikh of Saudi Arabia. Our customer has chosen to your liking shape, color, illuminated pushbutton switches. They, by the way, are equipped with Braille to elevator could easily be used by people with disabilities.

For the administrative building «House of merchant Nosov» Tambov Trading house «Sherbinskaya lifts» put an elevator without machine room PP 0411SCH (MP), the size of the mine — 1700 x 1600 mm, the size of the cabin — 980 x 1250 x 2100 mm. At the stage of the project the customer did not see the possibility to install a lift, as there was no area large enough to accommodate the machinery space. Nevertheless, our company is to satisfy the desire of the customer to equip the building lift, thanks to the delivery of the elevator without machine room. As a result, the customer has won twice: first, in a building elevator is installed, and secondly, reduced auxiliary areas, thereby greatly saved means. When installing such an elevator factory has paid special attention to ease of maintenance of the winch and control cabinet with strict implementation of safety regulations.

Q: What is the uniqueness of the equipment manufactured by the Scherbinsk lift?

AA Gruzdev: JSC «SCHLZ» is the first plant in Russia has adjusted release of elevators without machine room, staffed winch German company «WITTUR».

Lift: Discover the secret of your achievements.

AA Gruzdev: The secret is simple. Our strength — our partners:

♦ Open Company «Liftremont Service», Ryazan, director VD Chernichkin;

♦ Open Company «Ryazanlift», Ryazan, director Y. Bespalov;

♦ Open Company «Gorspetslift», Ryazan, director SA Petrin;

♦ Open Company «Tambovsoyuzliftmontazh», Tambov, director VV Sharapov;

♦ LLC «Lift-Installation», Orenburg, director of the VI Biryukov;

♦ Open Company «Inlift» Yoshkar-Ola, Director TF Hazanova;

♦ Open Company «CherepovetsLiftServis», Cherepovets, director of PN Tasenko;

♦ MUP «Orskliftservis» Orsk, director of EV Tikhonov.

I invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation for lifts, construction and design organizations.

I express gratitude to the magazine «Elevator» for informational support of our company.

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