«Perhaps this is such a game. What to expect from the authors Moa yi? «Received from the BB with evening newspapers, did not help to take the plunge. Love and hate are replaced each other with surprising regularity for four days. Finally, on the fifth day, I said to myself: «Stop corruption!» — And shot a guinea.

And after all the «Other War» (the «ET») was, is, might be a good potentsial.Zhivopisnye unique location, lovingly traced and good looking even obsolete 800×600. The colorful characters. System development, posing as ordenonosnogo schastenesuschy S.RE.CIAL Non-standard environment: World War II, is no fantasy and dragons. Mysterious storyline that promises an unforgettable adventure in the besieged Leningrad. Humor varying severity — just a huge amount of humor: in descriptions of items in the dialogues in scripted scenes.

And all this with a flourish crossed incompetent AI.

Or for a good start? Certainly. Small fit just fifty locations microcosm «DV» extraordinary flavor, not serious and, in the eyes of your correspondent, is a parody of RPG. Explore a world of fun and easy. In what other game you happen to visit the camp of Yugoslav partisans and find out what the head of a small Nazi soldier Corporal soprotivza undermining the dam — a box of local plum moonshine? In what other game you will make the company drunken German deserter, who, in spite of the high content of alcohol in the blood, good shooting and keeps a diary so hilarious content that reading his mere pleasure? Where else from defeated enemies as 1ooGa falls raw potatoes, cheese-with-mold, bread crusts (I just have not lamented by feeding them to his manual nemtsu- Secretary), pot-bellied bottle with alcohol, bandages and syringes, even? In this light, our Aryan look more like homeless people at the station, quietly hunted vyvo-rachivaniem inside dumpsters. Another slap in the eyes of the interventionists.

It seems in this game is a mockery of the genre. At any peaceful location there are about fifty active objects, and one-governmental purpose of which — in the eyes graze on glavgeroy and become another occasion for jokes and by-sensible targets for their sumasb- homogeneity and comedy may well compete with the best specimens of the unforgettable and unrivaled Space Quest. There is some non-linearity, which depends directly on the parameters of the character: making each puzzle can be several more in the unforgettable Quest for Glory. Upon learning that the church has a secret hole in the basement, you can choose how to pull the penetrated. Your hero — a giant of thought? Then, after examining the painting, chair and floor, he easily guessed what tiles should be pressed to open the passage. He — a mountain of muscles with the brain the size of a pea? Also it does not matter

— A jab with his fist into the wall, and here it is, the door, I beg of Pan.

Role system, responsible for the different skills of the character, as well as additional opportunities for interaction with the outside world is its uncomplicated Dost ordinances slowly, gradually, as the reduction of Nazi population. Also loves jokes: the podsunet perk «Copper forehead», allowing better transfer the wounded, then offered to teach alter-ego catchy swearing (remember Morte from Planescape: Torment?), It is still something such otchebuchit why life is heroic becomes fun, easy and cloudless. In short, here it is, the RPG-happiness — reach out and take it.

Alas, not meant to be. This ointment tar too, and its taste is more than palpable.

Proctologist called?

Fake Call say? No, the error can not be — a patient there all the symptoms, the doctor will come directly to the address and is already causing the rescue squad medics. Unfortunately, surgery is necessary. You look — as it behaves? Poke a mouse

— Runs. Hold the Ctrl key and poke his arm — once gives cock or shoots. For continuous firing must constantly push the left mysheknopku — yes the same old Diablo first private pepper! It would seem easier to nowhere, easy and convenient — but no. What is good «Diablo» — the death of the Pole. Standard combat situation: foes a sort of flea superluminally jumping between trees and actively pour you lead (the most cunning beast manage to escape the edge of the screen to fire intermittently from there, fraudulently using their impunity), and you are standing stump stump and frantically try to make the first successful shot desperately promahivayas and praying to God that at the sight in the heat of battle is not turned up «their» because no friendly fire.

Good heavens, what tactics can exist in such a bedlam? Only one — bustle Clicking the enemies, run away from the cursor in the manner of cockroaches. Moorhuhn Polish.

And it’s not the worst.

The fact that none of the local character does not want anything though skolko Brain Bashers. What to write off such a scenario, I’ll never know. Whether Slavic logic is fundamentally different from classical works and for some their own laws, whether developers have a distorted view of how it is to be artificial intelligence. Think about it: you can easily ruin a platoon of Nazis just ran past them — the poor man overwhelmed with all the neighborhood with grenades, and then do the same to them and undermine. Honestly, our brothers from the Mirage still has a lot to be learned.

MOZGOVED on the wire

Or take this one «lazy mode», ostensibly designed to make life easier for the people who does not have hyper-trofirovannymi Jedi reflexes that Lee. About insidious invention! In theory, by putting in the settings RATIO-sponding check grateful player must receive automate rovannyi geimpley the manner of Fallout:

Tactics. In practice, the protagonist in the brain simply invested the same primitive script that turns the balls and rollers in the skull NPC. The final result is horrible and not viable.

A classic example — melee: your protagonicheskoe I sensed myshekursorom under the Nazi occupiers, effectively snatches from the air bayonet and whooping carried to the location of the enemy.

Last comes the same way. In the end, both characters, led by artificial idiot change places without causing each other at the same time not a single scratch. You frantically looks at this outrage, disbelief, and fighters, meanwhile, run one after the other how much in vain. A vicious circle is not broken up until one of the actors of this tragicomedy, not stumbling over uneven terrain.

Then he catches the second, and so begins the long-awaited mordobitie.

You sigh with relief, leans back in his favorite chair, but then one of the fighters, following the dictates of a mysterious script, suddenly decides to run an opponent from behind. Finish. Dumb. In such a collective chorea may engage any number of characters — it all depends on the frequency of use of skill disarm. Horror.

What shooting?

There is no sadder story in the world.

Having received the go-ahead to fire, the protagonist (and all his companions, too!) Breaks the bat and hurried to the foe, standing at arm’s length. After that, rightly decides to shoot with such a ridiculous distance stupid and climbs into a melee. You pumped skills of using all sorts of «trunks», wasting precious experience points to improve the accuracy and speed of recharge — and all for what? That’s right, to have the good fortune to run into a crowd of enemies and make good the nearest of them in the face with the butt. Meanwhile, the local village shop for huge money offer to buy a sniper rifle. Harassment of clean water.

In combination with the above mentioned problem almost impossibly sloppy management of the situation appears quite deplorable: personally there is no way to fight, and trust management computer safe — is fraught with frequent reboots. The phenomenon, you say? No, dear, you are not a phenomenon you lt; «Unfortunately, medical ethics do not allow us to give the doctor’s conclusion on these sacred pages» gt ;. And medicine is powerless.

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