«Practice Expert»


Price: 290 rubles.

The drill is cylindrical, has a very simple design — even slots for the removal of the core is not, it will have to beat through the axial hole. Blister packaging, it must be said, is quite informative when compared with counterparts from other manufacturers. In particular, it recommended range specified speed drill (600-800 rev / min), there is a direct indication that the drill is designed to work on porcelain stoneware. When drilling rack drills «Practice» showed a low result. It should be noted that representatives of the company from the beginning and have recommended to check drilling mode manually buildup, arguing that the only way to make the drill work properly. Further tests have shown the validity of this assumption.

In manual mode, «practice» has done 29 holes, then went beyond this limit in fifteen minutes. When drilling the first core is constantly annoyed — he was stuck inside the drill, and to beat him, had to be removed from the drill chuck — side slits in the housing is not provided. But after about 12 holes on the inner surface of the diamond drill bit worn out, and the core itself began to fall. By the end of the test zasverlivatsya significantly more difficult than in the beginning, and had more pressure on the tool. That is, the wear to the point was already noticeable, but apparently the drill does not look quite so «jaded» — diamonds on the work surface much more. If more pressure on the tool, the tool continues to operate, hence the conclusion that this is the case when you need to work effectively higher specific pressure.

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